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Qin Feng thought that she would warm him once, but unexpectedly, she to treat him even more ruthless.

The damage was more ferocious than rejection at the beginning.

Qin Feng was dumbstruck. Sister Flower continued: “I am Xiao He’s elder sister. You treat me in this way, is your conscience eaten by a dog? You are a beast! “

Qin Feng was very kind, and he had never been scolded in this way. All the things he did were for others, only this time, he was selfish, he wanted Sister Flower to be with him, but she was so heartless.

In fact, Qin wind had expected it to be like this. However, he kept looking for trouble for himself and got the same result, he was rejected and rejected. And Sister Flower was getting more and more ruthless.

He was relieved and thought, forgot it.

Perhaps, this was life, the short beauty was just a bright firework, it could be watched, but if you wanted to hold the firework in your hand, when it had burned out, ashes would make you dirty.

“Sister Flower, I am sorry.”

After saying, Qin Feng went back to the guest room, slammed the door and went to sleep.

And when Xiao Jinhua returned to the main bedroom, she leaned her body behind the door. She was so sad that her tear could not help falling down. How longing she was that she wanted to be hugged by Qin Feng once. But she knew that men were greedy animals, and if there was a first time, there would be a second time. She wanted to let Qin Feng despair completely so that he could focus on his job when he returned to the military zone. So she needed to be ruthless.

Long pain was worse than short pain. Although it was painful, it only last several evenings. If she was not ruthless enough, Qin Feng would start to think about it again. At that time, it would be more difficult to get out again.


When Sister Flower came to bed, she gazed at the stars outside the window in the dark, sighed and recalled some of the past events. Although there was not much good time with Qin Feng, the essence was always concentrated. It was not necessarily for two people to stay for a long time to have strong feelings, but depended on whether they could connect their hearts with each other.

Obviously, in those months, they were inseparable, and their relationship was as good as that both of them had almost become one.

In this way, she thought and thought, then she fell asleep, when she woke up, it was at noon.


Qin Feng made a decision, he plan to left Sister Flower temporarily, threw himself wholeheartedly into the next tense task. If he could forget her, it would be the best, but if he couldn’t forget her, it would depend on whether Sister Flower had already had a boyfriend. If she was happy, Qin Feng would bless her sincerely and never disturbed her.

He knew that after all this trouble, everyone in Tianhe knew the relationship between Qin Feng and the party secretary, they also knew Xiao Jinhua’s relationship with Qin Feng. Therefore, she should not be bullied anymore.

When Qin Feng left, he left a letter with a card on it. It was the five million that Ji Jiangshan gave him. Qin Feng had never spent it. After a brief description of him, Qin Feng just said that the money was account for his investment, so that he could draw dividends from his share. If there were any lost of this investment, Qin Feng would let Sister Flower pay back with what she owns.

When leaving, Qin Feng elaborated cooked dishes for Sister Flower, that’s all he could do. And then he was awakened by an emergency orders of the military zone at 9 a.m., it’s said that a S cla.s.s task required the golden Special Forces to take action immediately, whoever were delayed for it would be punished by military law.

Qin Feng had no reason to refuse. Of course, he walked so resolutely, because Sister Flower had completely hurt his fragile heart.

When she woke up, she saw the letter from Qin Feng. Her tears drenched the paper, she gasped and said, “Qin Feng, don’t blame me. I want to stay with you forever, but I can’t be so selfish. You can go back to the army to do great things. I sincerely wish you well. I will bless you every day, and you will come back safely. “


Shark Kun had clearly felt the fluctuations in China. First, his capable subordinate called Du Yanlong were killed, followed by the rebellion of Meng Zhaolin, a dealer in the Tianhe region. And Alizha, who was sent to arrest Meng Zhaolin with all those mercenaries, but escaped death by seconds, and came back in a mess.

Shark Kun knew that there were no problems of the official leaderships of the Chinese government for the time being. All of them had shared the profit with him. They had kept their tacit understanding for many years and would not change it easily. They were all gra.s.shoppers on a rope. Once they got on the board, no one could retreat.

But the “fleas” below were troublesome for him. They couldn’t make things successful, but they could make things worse.

Shark Kun couldn’t bear it anymore, he sent a person to check the information of Qin Feng. Looking at the head portrait of Qin Feng, Shark Kun punched angrily at the table and said, “He, an elite of China’s Special Forces, he must be terminated!”

There were three or four subordinates around him, all of them had been loyal to Shark Kun for many years, and a fat man who had been cut out in one ear said, “Boss, I would like to sneak into China and kill him with my own hands.”

“No, you can’t. We have controlled the southern region for many years and we are quite certain about that area. In recent years, we had slowly affected the north. Facts have proved that our control is far from enough. Otherwise, we have failed to send people into Tianhe several times. This time, we have to think of a good strategy and we should not beat the gra.s.s and frighten away the snake again.”

Shark Kun said.

“So what should we do?”

Ya Yatu were anxious to say, “I lost this ear in the north of China. I hate that place. Sooner or later, we would let all the people there take drugs.”

“Don’t worry. Tomorrow, the top leader of Special Forces will come over. His surname is Gu, you’ve met him.”

Then, Shark Kun showed a grim smile. “Hem, there is an old saying in China, the higher roffical position brings stronger presser. He could a.s.sign a task to Qin Feng, so that Qin Feng would be besieged by us. What do you think it will be?”

“Ha ha ha…”

In the bamboo house in the deep forest, there were several people laughing with joy. The birds in the forest chirped and swayed, as if they were cheering for their hosts.

And outside the entire bamboo house, there were courtyards one by one, within a few kilometers around it, there lived Shark Kun’s people.

This was a new place they found. The topographic map of their last living place was found by Qin Feng, so they changed their living place immediately. Although Shark Kun knew that Chinese government could not really send troops to besiege them. Even Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand would not take a big action to destroy Shark Kun. There was a hidden agreement among these countries, not only Chinese leadership would accept bribes. At least 1/3 of all the money Shark Kun had earned over these years was shared with others.

In many courtyards, there were many children who were wrestling, fighting and using marijuana. Some of them were ten years old, some were only six or seven years old, with the same feature on their faces, that is, their faces were full of acne.

This was not acne, but a poisonous pox because they had been smoking marijuana for a long time. They were the future of the ShKun group and the so-called “boy scout”. There were tramps, orphans, idiot, and descendants of Shark Kun’s subordinates. These children had been living in such an environment that they had no ability to argue about marijuana. When they grew older, they would understand the dangers of marijuana, but they would had been addicted to marijuana.

Most of them were as thin as firewood, but their heads were big. They were fierce when they were young, they felt ordinary about killing, promiscuous s.e.x, gambling and poisonous powder. Their bone condensed a ferocious force. In Shark Kun’s eyes, such children were pure blooded killers. They could be controlled by marijuana, and Shark Kun could let them do whatever he wanted them to do.

Even in a courtyard, a group of children were surrounding in a circle and watching two boys in the inner side “gambling”.

Instead of playing mahjong, poker or dice, they played guns.

A revolver was placed on the table. Two people stood face to face. A lot of money was placed in front of them. The boy in a red coat picked up the gun, pointed to his head, and slammed the trigger.

Puff, no bullets.

Because there was only one bullet, and the bullet hole in the left revolver was seven, when the bullet was put into the bullet hole, the cartridge clip would be rotated crazily. No one knew where the bullet would be, and at which time the bullet would come out if the boys pressed the trigger?

The bet was a life.

It was hundreds of dollars at a time. Fortunately, the boy in red coat won the money from the boy in yellow coat. It was the turn of the boy in yellow coat.

He pointed to himself and he was so nervous that his eyelids had been jumping. He knew that the chance of getting a shot was getting bigger and bigger, and that bet was a life. No one knew how many times the boys pressed the trigger when the bullet would come out? But for the money on the table, that could buy enough marijuana for one month, he had to bet on it.


It was a m.u.f.fled sound again.

The yellow coat boy was lucky to escape. He was wild with joy.

In terms of probability, if no bullet was fired for two times. It had a high probability to fire a bullet in the third time.

In this case, the boy in red coat was under great pressure.

The onlookers were cheering, dancing with excitement, and the scene became more and more tense. They had witnessed countless times when a bullet came out and smashed a brain directly. Brain tissues and brains were quite familiar to them.

This time, if someone fell down, no one would feel sad. On the contrary, they would be very excited and thought that this was the man’s fight.

The boy in red coat could choose to quit, but all his money would be lost to another side.

He didn’t want to give up the hard – earned dollars. When he thought he could smoke marijuana happily for a long time if he had that money, he made up his mind.

It was uneasy for him to pick up the revolver on the table, such an old pistol was eliminated, only seven rounds of ammunition at a time, it’s useless in real war, usually it was used as knick-knack.

The cold muzzle pointed to his temple, he gasped. He glanced at a towering tree and the fine sunshine that was came through the dense branches and leaves. As if there was any indication that guided him move forward, he immediately pressed the trigger.

Bang, a crash came out.

The bullet pa.s.sed through him and penetrated his brain directly.

Blood spattered, splashing on the face, body, and even the mouth of a few boys, but none of them was afraid of it. Instead, they were supporters of the boy in yellow coat. They jumped as if they won a champion.

And the boy in yellow coat was excited, he pushed away the boy in red coat who had died on the table. Regardless of the blood on the money, he put all the money in a cloth bag, on the other hand, he did not forget to take out some small change and threw them to his supporters.

The birds in the forest were flying with the sound of the gun. And in this ten thousand year of constant dense forest, the last lamentation of the boy in red coat, did not dissipate for a long time while the wind was blowing gently.


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