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Read My Pick Up Artist System Chapter 160 Tunneling through the Northern ice wall/Wildling ou

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Read WebNovel My Pick Up Artist System Chapter 160 Tunneling through the Northern ice wall/Wildling ou

Chapter 160 Tunneling through the Northern ice wall/Wildling ou

Paul was certain the final part of the interview would expose Ben’s faults, ending this charade once and for all. “Laura…” As if summoning his champion fighter…he called out to the beauty who had been silent this entire time.

Without saying a word, she rose from her seat and moved to the chair next to Ben’s, crossing her legs in an elegant motion as she turned to face him.

He blinked. ‘Is she f*cking Mystique?’

Despite sensing the difficulty of the situation, Ben couldn’t help savoring the sight of her legs in those black stockings and heels. He tried to focus on the interview but hesitated because he was uncertain what was happening. ‘Is she going to give me a Fatal Instinct p*ssy flash?’

Too bad for him that it wasn’t that kind of interview, because he never followed through on the Brazzers thing.

With everyone in place, Paul smirked as if he couldn’t wait for Ben’s failure, and explained. “This is Laura. She’s an employee at the company. You’ll be interviewing her in front of us to allow us to see your interviewing ability, or the lack thereof…”

Jacob and Bob both shook their heads. Ben wowed them with his performance during the previous questions, but understanding theory was one thing, and being a good interviewer was another. Interviewing was a crucial part of many jobs in a media company, but it was a skill one could only develop through experience. Not only did Ben not have any experience, but there was an even bigger issue—the person he was interviewing!

Laura was a famous glacial beauty in the company, the kind anyone would have difficulty holding a conversation with. On top of her intimidating looks and aloof demeanor, there was another problem—she was Paul’s daughter!

Both of them could see Paul didn’t want Ben to get the job, let alone a family member who understood him best. It would be surprising if she didn’t go out of her way to make things difficult!

Ben gazed at the beauty. Her formal posture and cold face under the were clear indications of her stoic nature, and that she wouldn’t be giving Ben a warm reception…because her face was cold…

Even thinking of the daily dad joke didn’t stop him from scrunching his eyebrows subconsciously… ‘This is the type of woman I have the most trouble with.’ Ben always found older professional women troubling even to talk to in bars, let alone during a formal interview. Still, he could only try his best. “What should I interview her about?”

“About working in this company, or something else if you like.” Paul couldn’t care less about the topic. His smug smirk made it clear he believed the result was inevitable.

Laura pushed her up, then placed her hands in her lap as she watched Ben. She didn’t share in her father’s complete disdain of him. His performance thus far led her to believe he was an interesting young man, but that was it. Since her father didn’t approve and wanted him gone, she was clear of her role in this exercise. Although she’d remain professional, there was no way she would be open or forthcoming with answers, and that was enough to fail him here.

Ben knew he didn’t have any experience with interviews, and an uncompliant subject made it even more difficult, but he could only start. “How long have you been working at this company?”

“1 year.”

“Do you enjoy your work?


Ben swallowed. He recalled his experiences building attraction and comfort with women. ‘I need to ask open-ended questions. Those should encourage her to speak more.’ He asked the next question. “What kind of work do you do here?”

“Operational and administrative a.s.sistance.”

“Could you be more specific?”


‘Was that even a f*cking answer?’ Ben didn’t know how to get this beauty to open up, and his forehead was getting sweatier as this went downhill.

Bob sighed. ‘His presence has no authority…a shame…’

Jacob shook his head. ‘Benjamin has no experience, and he’s too young and average-looking to create any influence on Laura. She’s not taking him seriously. This is the end…’

Paul showed a lob-sided smirk. ‘My daughter’s an excellent judge of people. If she doesn’t like him, there’s nothing more to say…’

Ben knew he couldn’t continue like this. ‘I won’t be able to get her to loosen up with normal questions. She seems like the difficult type and has her guard up on top of that. Is this hopeless?’

He clenched his armrests as his chest felt the great frustration of his impending failure. This was a rare opportunity, one he couldn’t afford to waste. Yet, this was a trap, and he didn’t see a way out!

‘No…I have a chance! Even if I can’t do it the normal way, I can go through her backdoor…’ Ben was considering two-holing…

He narrowed his eyes. ‘Normal conversation won’t work, but I still have the system to help me!’ It was still two-holing in a manner of speaking…

While continuing to pepper her with questions she gave aloof answers to, he tried to formulate a plan. First, Ben tried to recall if he brought any items that would be useful on her.

‘Club Rat’s Fake ID? No, not unless she’s into Danny DeVito, or things that look like chodes in general…’

‘Fart Bomb Pheromones? It would only work on females so I could use it to have her run out, postponing the interview, but that wouldn’t solve the problem.’ Ben set fart bombing her as the backup plan…

‘IOI Watch? She’s not attracted so it’s not giving me anything. Wait…’ That led to him realizing he should open her attraction status. Although this was an interview and not a pick up attempt, Ben knew that between men and women, there was always a s.e.xual dynamic, no matter the environment. That was why in every movie, the leading man would always end up kissing the leading woman, regardless of the setting or the plot. Well, it was the s.e.xual dynamic, and shameless studio execs…

[Target’s current attraction level: disinclined]

‘She started out even lower than normal, which verifies her standoffish demeanor. If I can raise this, I may get her to open up to me.’ There was a goal now, but Ben still needed a method. Since items were no good, he went through the skills he could use.

‘Squirtle Hydro Pump? No, this isn’t the time to finger bang-bang her into my life…’

Despite thinking that, Ben’s hand twitched…as if Squirtle held a different opinion…

‘Elementary Body Language Reading? In theory, it should be useful, but all she’s giving me now is icy indifference… I don’t need a skill to know that.’

Then, on his next thought…Ben found it—the method to solve this crisis. ‘This is it…I’ll only get one chance, but if I use it well, it’ll be the key to breaking her defenses!’

It was his big d*ck.

Ben smirked in his mind. ‘The tall tree attracts wind.’

He thought maybe if he popped a chub…and she saw it through his pants, she might give him a chance?

Then, he realized it would be visible to the interviewers…and decided it wasn’t worth the risk. ‘Fine, let’s keep it pg-13.’ Since he couldn’t lure this big fish with his meatworm…he decided to try another idea. ‘This’ll work. No…it has work! Open your legs to daddy!’


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