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Read My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ Chapter 199 – Childe Qian Ye (1)

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Read WebNovel My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ Chapter 199 – Childe Qian Ye (1)

Chapter 199: Childe Qian Ye (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Lin Feiyu looked at Lou Yu and Su Rong, asking while trying to swallow his pride, “Brother Lou Yu, what are you and Su Rong talking about?”

Lou Yu said with some kind of exhausting tone, “Nothing. Just some trivial things in the lab. You know, in such a hurry I can not prepare everything. So it might be simple.”

Lin Feiyu nodded, “I know, brother Lou Yu. You know I’m not a picky person.”

Lou Yu smiled, feeling a bit relieved, “So glad that you can understand.”

Lin Feiyu gave him a smile and said, “I’m going back to my room then.”

Lou Yu nodded, “OK.”

After turning around, Lin Feiyu could no longer hold his sadness. Lou Yu had never treated him like this before. Everything he had given him was the best.

Lou Yu would do anything for him only to make him happy.

Lin Feiyu couldn’t help frowning, even doubted whether it was a mistake to let go of Prince Feng and tried to mend the relations.h.i.+p with Prince Yu.

If in those years he chose Lou Yu, now he should have been the third crown princess now who had a talented husband everyone was dreaming of.

If he hadn’t have given up Prince Feng on impulse, now he should still be his crown princess. Even if Lou Feng didn’t love him, he would still marry him.

A momentary slip, he lost everything. Lin Feiyu couldn’t help thinking that if it hadn’t been Mo Fei, Lou Yu wouldn’t have changed his heart so quickly. If it hadn’t been Mo Fei, Lou Yu wouldn’t have taken him as nothing. Anyway, this was all because of Mo Fei!

Lin Feiyu clenched his fists, feeling extremely complicated in his heart.

Time flies! The potion preliminary came on the appointed date.

Over a thousand contestants gathered together, making it quite a lively scene.

Standing by Wu Gouyue’s side, Mo Fei looked around curiously.

Lin Feiyu then moved next to Wu Gouyue, looking quite confident on his face.

A middle-aged man wearing a black suit walked toward Wu Gouyue, bringing a pretty woman with him.

On seeing him, Wu Gouyue looked kind of displeased, with light anger lingering in her eyes.

Mo Fei couldn’t help fixing his eyes on the young women by the man’s side. Her brows was like a painting, quite enchanting, having an hour-gla.s.s figure, a slim waist and long legs, which conformed to his perfect fantasy of an ideal wife. But the problem was: He had no feelings for her.

Mo Fei couldn’t help frowning. Apparently this woman was his ideal woman. How could he have no feelings? Is it possible the baby-bearing potion has changed his s.e.xual orientation?

Mo Fei popped his eyes out, feeling kind of panicked. He looked at this woman up and down and down and up but still had no feelings. But when he thought of Lou Yu in his head, he immediately felt his heart was pacing up and face burning.

Noticing Mo Fei was sizing her up, the young woman said impatiently, “What are you looking at? If you keep staring at me, I will dig out your eyeb.a.l.l.s!”

Mo Fei who had no interest in her became even less interested on hearing she was being so rude.

It might be not possible to find a woman to bear babies for him. And it was quite possible he had to shoulder the responsibility to bear babies for someone else. On thinking of that, Mo Fei immediately felt frustrated, feeling that his future was totally grey.

“Fine, fine, I won’t stare at you then. Anyway there’s nothing there.” muttered Mo Fei disappointedly.

On hearing Mo Fei’s words, the young man felt extremely angry.

Wu Gouyue gave Mo Fei a faint ‘well-done’ smile, making him feel baffling.

“Wu Gouyue, so you bring those two whelps for the compet.i.tion?” ridiculed the man in black.

“Age is never a problem, as long as they have the abilities.” said Wu Gouyue confidently.

“Ability? What ability? The ability to win the last place?” said the man in black with disdain.

Wu Gouyue frowned and then said disapprovingly, “Just wait and see.”

The man in black smiled and said wickedly, “Last time your two students pa.s.sed the preliminary by sheer luck. This time I’m afraid your students even couldn’t pa.s.s it.”

Wu Gouyue’s face darkened. On hearing the man in black’s words, those contestants and teachers around all cast their eyes at Mo Fei. Noticing people’s eyes all nailing him, Mo Fei felt quite embarra.s.sed.

“That’s not your concern. You should worry about your own students.” said Wu Gouyue drowsily.

The man in black forced a smile and then gave Mo Fei a hostile look.

At this time Nalan Tianwu moved before Mo Fei with an unfriendly expression, showing kind of jealousy in her eyes.

Mo Fei straightened up and looked at her, saying alertly, “What’s up?”

“You are Mo Fei, right? Don’t think you are really something since you can sing and dance and play some musical instrument. That’s just to entertain the rich people. Not real talent at all!” said the young woman while looking at Mo Fei murkily.

Mo Fei blinked, “Girl, though it’s only used to kill time, it won’t bring you any bad if you master it. You know, multi-skills are not pressure.”


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