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Read My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ Chapter 439 – New Discovery (1)

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Chapter 439: New Discovery (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Crispy roasted wings?” Mo Fei looked at Mo Yi with bright eyes wide open.

Mo Yi nodded, “Yes!”

Mo Fei gave Mo Yi an envious look and said, “Zheng Xuan is really versatile. How did I never see before he is such a good man, who casts Lou Yu behind three blocks away and Qian Ye three hundred blocks away.”

Su Rong picked his eyebrow, looking at Qian Ye strangely, “The third crown princess said you got cast behind 297 blocks away by Lou Yu.”

Qian Ye, “…Rongrong, you are so good at maths.”

Su Rong smiled brightly and said, “No, no, no, that’s only for compliment.”

Qian Ye rubbed his nose, secretly thinking: Mo Fei could play Lou Yu down. But why drag me into this? I am totally innocent, OK?

“Try to learn.” Su Rong said.

Qian Ye sincerely looked at Su Rong, “I am learning.”

“It’s a pity you got no progress at all.” Su Rong was full of regret.

Qian Ye, “…”

Mo Yi smiled helplessly, saying, “Young master, Zheng Xuan is not as good as you said.”

Mo Fei said disapprovingly, “Yes, yes, he is that good.”

Lou Yu folded his arms, face darkened, “What’s the big deal of making crispy roasted wings? If you want, I can grab it from him for you.”

Hearing the words of Lou Yu, Mo Bei, Bi Yuexin and other people’s face had been infected with some strange color.

Zheng Xuan looked at Lou Yu with black lines on his forehead, a sense of hostility flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Mo Fei looked at Zheng Xuan’s gloomy face and then gave Lou Yu a stare. “I think Yiyi’s suggestion is not bad,” he said. “Let’s go to the Blue Sky roc’s nest.”

When Xiao Jin heard Mo Fei’s words, he jumped up and down in excitement.

Lou Yu nodded while saying, “All right, let’s go.”

Although Xiao Jin said, in the nest of the Blue sky rocs, only two eggs were left, Lou Yu still wanted to take the chance, thinking there might be more.

After making the decision, Mo Fei and others set out for the nest.

After hitting the road, Mo Fei helplessly found that not only Mo Bei and his people, even those from Mingyue College were following them.

Mo Fei helplessly held his forehead, secretly thinking: Why all following me? Actually I don’t know the way either.

Mo Fei looked toward Bi Yuexin and said, “Senior sister Bi, you should have something else to do. If you take a different path, we won’t delay you.”

Bi Yuexin said disapprovingly, “Mo Fei, if we stay together, we still can take care of each other. You know, it’s so dangerous in the secret realm. We should watch each other’s back.”

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly and said nothing more. He couldn’t stop anyone from following him!

As those people arrived at g nest, they got intimidated by the scene before. All the Blue Sky rocs were already dead, none left, and the nest was also in a total mess.

Finding that his prey fell into other’s mouth, Xiao Jin roared and jumped due to great anger.

Mo Fei’s soul force swept around the nest, and said, “It seems the level nine Blue Sky roc that escaped has been gnawed, only a pile of bones left.”

“We are one step late. Those star aura herbs in the medicinal land were all stolen.” After making a circle in the medicinal land, Zheng Xuan said with great regret.

Mo Yi took a deep breath and said, “Fortunately, we are one step late. The first one who came here to mop up may be a level ten star beast. If we encountered it, the result would be disastrous.”

Lou Yu nodded while saying, “Yiyi is telling the truth.”

Dai Rao used his soul force to sweep the whole nest, and then said with great disappointment, “But the other side has mopped up too clean, nothing left at all.”

Mo Fei said disapprovingly, “I don’t think so. Let’s look carefully. Maybe we’ll find something. Hasn’t this nest existed over a thousand years? How could it be so easy to mop it up clean so easily?”

Dai Rao’s soul force again swept around this place, still got nothing.

“Senior sister, there is nothing here. Why should we follow them?” Zhao Wen complained in a low voice.

Bi Yuexin lightly swept Zhao Wen an eye, “If you don’t want to stay with us, you can go.”

Zhao Wen lowered her head, did not say anything more. After burning the blood essence, her strength quickly regressed, now she had no s.p.a.ce to be willful.

Qian Ye squinted, his eyes beaming with gold light..

Mo Fei looked at Qian Ye and asked, “Have you found anything?”

Qian Ye raised his hand and pointed forward. “Something is calling me in this direction.”

“What’s in there?” Hearing the word of Qian Ye, Mo Bei asked, with his head slanting to Dai Rao.

Dai Rao wrinkly frowned, “It is like a wall.”

Squint eyes, some doubt tunnel: “just a wall?”

“Let’s go check it out.” Mo Fei said after considering for a moment.

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Chapter 440: New Discovery (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Qian Ye nodded and several people walked in the direction Qian Ye pointed to.

Mo Fei and others pinched their noses, walked through a long channel, inside of which was the excrement of those rocs.

Then they came before a wall with a strange smell, which really gave Mo Fei a headache, “Are you sure this is the right place?”

Qian Ye nodded and said, “Yes, there is something wrong with the wall. Lou Yu, come and help me break it.”

“Why me?” Lou Yu said with dissatisfaction. The wall really stinks!

“Nonsense, who else could it be? You are the most thick-skinned among all of us.” Qian Ye said reasonably.

Lou Yu grinded his teeth, “I have no interest. You do it yourself. You are also thick-skinned enough.”

Qian Ye, “…”

“All right, Yiyi, wash it first.” Mo Fei said.

Hearing Mo Fei’s words, Mo Yi gently waved his hand. In a split second, the water suddenly scoured down from above.

“Okay, now that it’s clean, all three of you can do it.” Mo Fei swept over Lou Yu and others.

Lou Yu, Qian Ye, Zheng Xuan, the same time, hit on the wall. At that very moment, the wall appeared a crack, gravels rolling down, a hidden dark room revealed.

There was a stone platform in the middle of the dark room. There was a lotus-shaped metal on the stone platform, with a phoenix spreading its wings to fly drawn on it, and a golden egg in the center of the lotus.

Mo Fei asked Qian Ye, “What attracts you?”

Qian Ye pointed to the front and said, “That one.”

“Phoenix Blood gold” Zhao Wen couldn’t help exclaiming.

The legend of the Phoenix Blood gold got changed from mutated phoenix blood, rare and unusual. Zhao Wen could recognize the Phoenix Blood gold was because of Tang Qiansheng, Tang Qiansheng was also the gold star magician, the Phoenix Blood gold was something Tang Qiansheng had always been dreaming of.

The light of all the people in the chamber suddenly became burning hot.

Among the people, only Qian Ye can use this thing, but one this thing was brought out, the tenth level gold star magicians would be crazy for it.

Qian Ye waved a hand and the Phoenix Blood gold was already hovering in front of him.

Zhao Wen hurriedly said, “Qian Ye, are you trying to absorb it?”

Qian Ye looked toward Zhao Wen and asked blandly, “Do you have a better idea?”

Zhao Wen immediately said, “If you give it to the grand elder of Tang, whatever you ask for, he will agree. Given your current strength, the Phoenix Blood gold is of no use to you. You are wasting it.”

Using such a high-sounding excuse, actually in the heart, Zhao Wen was thinking once they got out of here, she’d immediately inform Zhao Family to rob it.

Qian Ye wore a cold smile, quickly melted the Phoenix Blood gold into the body.

As Zhao Wen saw disappeared, she immediately felt both anxious and disappointed.

On the forehead of Qian Ye appeared a phoenix mark spreading its wings. After the fusion, the phoenix mark hid under the skin of Qian Ye.

“Qian Ye, you…” Zhao Wen looked at Qian Ye angrily.

Qian Ye smiled faintly and said, “I think it is more important to enhance the strength now, now the secret realm is so dangerous, if we die here, everything you talked about goes for nothing.”

Qian Ye pursed his lips and snorted, thinking to himself: Zhao Wen that idiot! She must have gone crazy trying to suck to those a.s.shole elders of Tang family using the Phoenix Blood gold!

If they really offered it to those elders who ‘eat people without spitting out the bones’, it was quite possible they would get nothing in return.

Xiao Jin held the golden egg and bit it with his teeth excitedly.

The eggsh.e.l.l was so thick that Jin could not bite it open

Mo Fei took it from him, “Stop that already.” The metal that was holding this egg is Phoenix Blood gold, one could imagine the value of this egg.

“The egg of the Golden Wing Roc.” Xin Mingyue looked at the egg in Mo Fei’s hand and exclaimed.

Golden Wing Roc is an existence equal to dragons. If someone could cultivate one, the outcome would be scary.

“There is no breath of life.” Dai Rao said.

Xin Mingyue squinted, “is it a dead egg?”

Dai Rao nodded, “I guess so.” Even if it were a dead egg, Dai Rao’s lips were pressed, the value of it would still be enormous.

“What a pity. If they were alive, I don’t know how many big shot would be crazy for it.” Xin Mingyue said with full regret.

Lou Yu said disapprovingly, “It’s not a pity at all, anyway we’ll eat it. It’s better that it’s a dead one. If it’s alive, it’d be sinful when we eat it.”

Others, “…”


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