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Read My Secretary is a Little Sweet Chapter 200 – Reputation Ruined (Part Two)

My Secretary is a Little Sweet is a web novel made by Xia Qingshan.
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Chapter 200: Reputation Ruined (Part Two)

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Xie Zhuojun became indescribably grievous and sad at the bottom of his heart. He even had the impulse of killing Shangguan Rouxue.

“You can be vicious and pretentious, and I was tolerating that, because I thought that at least you loved me for real and were true to me. But it seems that everything is false. You are so jealous of Shangguan Ning that you want to get everything that belongs to her. I am just a tool for you to beat Shangguan Ning. Shangguan Rouxue, why don’t you just die? What is the point of your living?”

Shangguan Rouxue had gotten quite anxious the moment she saw Xie Zhuojun today, and it increased when she heard what he said.

“You misunderstood me, Zhuojun. I had never planned to get Sister’s husband. I only love you! And I didn’t do anything on purpose today. I just heard from others that he is the President of Jingsheng Enterprise so I just wanted to get to know him. Doesn’t mother say that our company has got unsold products piled up? I just wanted to make Jingsheng Enterprise cooperate with our company.”

But Xie Zhuojun didn’t believe what she said. Shangguan Rouxue had met Jing Yichen numerous times, and even if she didn’t know who he was, she would still remember what he looked like.

“You are still talking nonsense. Have you ever said anything real since I got to know you?”

It felt terrible to live in a world of lies.

Xie Zhuojun felt that it was just a nightmare which he was stuck in. He had been spinning in the same place for four years in a row but it felt that he had been all over the world.

“Zhuojun, you mustn’t misunderstand me. I have only loved you in my entire life, and I have been true to you. I have done everything for your sake. I didn’t get together with you because I was jealous of Sister, but because I love you! That is why I tried my best to approach you.”

“You love me?” Xie Zhuojun sounded sorrowful and mocking. “If you love me, then why are you still seducing other men? And why do you refuse to give birth to my baby and tried to kill him in this way just now?”

“I didn’t!” Shangguan Rouxue tried to explain anxiously. She was very worried now. “I just told you that I didn’t do that on purpose. I love kids so much. How could I ever want to hurt our baby. You have misunderstood me, Zhuojun!”

Xie Zhuojun sneered. “Alright then, from today on, you must stay at home and take good care of the baby until it is born. You aren’t allowed to go anywhere until the delivery.”

Shangguan Rouxue got astonished. “That won’t work. I need to go to the TV Station and I need to visit my parents and help my friends.”

Unmoved, Xie Zhuojun stared at her with a pair of cold eyes. “That’s it. You are staying home from today onwards.”

Yang Wenshu came to visit Shangguan Rouxue when she was forced to stay at home after two days.

The itch had already stopped, but terrible scars remained because of her scratching. Pits covered her face and she looked very scary.

Therefore, she wore long sleeves and long pants and a huge mask, covering up her entire face.

Shangguan Rouxue threw herself into her mother’s arms. “Mom, Zhuojun doesn’t want me to go out. He is forcing me to stay at home to give birth to baby. Please save me!”

“My darling daughter, don’t cry! I have visited your grandmother and she has agreed to help us. Xie Zhuojun will be nice to you and Family Xie will love you. As for Shangguan Ning, she will definitely die.”

Yang Wenshu’s grandmother was the famous Family Yang in A City, with the third biggest property in A City, just after Family Jing and Family Ji.

However, Yang Wenshu was not the real daughter of the old lady of Family Yang, but the child born by the old man with some other woman. That was why she was never liked byFamily Yang. She was a love-child and she didn’t have any position or was worth mentioning at Family Yang, who had other children.

But Yang Wenshu never wanted to speak with her real mother. Instead, she regarded the old lady of Family Yang as her real mother. She treated her well and she followed her everywhere she went. So in other people’s eyes, she seemed to be doing well at Family Yang.

Besides, after she married Shangguan Zheng, the Deputy Mayor, Family Yang started to become friendly with her. After all, Deputy-Mayor was a nice t.i.tle.

The old lady of Family Yang didn’t like the b.a.s.t.a.r.d of her husband’s mistress, but she cared about her reputation a lot. Seeing that Yang Wenshu had become so horrible-looking, she didn’t find it proper to leave her alone. What was more, Yang Wenshu put efforts upon giving her many presents every year and her daughter Shangguan Rouxue was quite popular as a famous hostess in A City.

The anger which she had when she was young, had already gone down. The Old Man was already dead and his mistress had been forced to die as well. She was the only living one and possessed a large amount of money.

“Really? Grandmother agreed to help us?” Shangguan Rouxue sounded quite surprised.

“Yes, your grandmother has agreed to take the revenge. Just wait at home for the good news. I may need to go abroad to cure my face, so you better take good care of yourself. Also, Xue… I suggest that you keep the baby, and give birth to the child. Because… the Station staff visited home and left a termination letter, saying that they want to end the collaboration with you and you will not be hired ever again.”

Shangguan Rouxue almost pa.s.sed out after hearing the words. She couldn’t stand on her feet.

How could that possible! Didn’t Jing Yiran already help her to solve the problem at TV Station?

She said anxiously, “Mom, TV Station asked me to return for the program earlier. It has just been two days and they changed it again? I must go and ask them what it is going on. Who is setting me up behind my back. Mom, please come to the hospital with me and get rid of the child. I am still too young to give birth to a baby and turn into an old-looking woman. My future as a star will be ruined!”

Her mother said, “Xue, you don’t need to ask the big boss anything any more, because… what you have done with the Head of Station is known across the entire Station. It is said that the wife already knows everything and she got so furious that she pa.s.sed out. When she woke up, she sent someone to deliver the termination contract to us.”

Actually, not only the TV Station, but also everyone across the streets and alleys knew that Shangguan Rouxue became a hostess because of her body not because of her ability.

“What?” Shangguan Rouxue paled further. The hope inside her was disappearing little by little.


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