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Read My Secretary is a Little Sweet Chapter 493 – To Live or Die Part Two

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Chapter 493: To Live or Die Part Two

Jing Zhongxiu held two different att.i.tudes towards Jing Yiran and Jing Yichen in his heart.

That had something to do with their mothers. Zhao Qing had been the only wife whom Jing Zhongxiu ever accepted. He and Zhang Rong were not a real couple. The only reason why he tolerated Zhang Rong for all of these years was because of Jing Yiran’s existence. He had made a huge compromise for that son of his.

Jing Zhongxiu had, on many occasions, wanted to kill Zhang Rong so as to take revenge for his wife. But even if Zhang Rong was killed, Zhao Qing could not come back to life. That would also make Jing Yiran motherless and he might hate his whole family while growing up.

However, even though Jing Zhongxiu had allowed Zhang Rong to stay alive, Jing Yiran still hated the Jing Family.

And this kind of hatred reached its peak when Zhang Rong died.

Jing Zhongxiu spoke coldly when he thought of Zhang Rong. “I have found out the cause of Zhang Rong’s death. It was a trap set by Yang Muyan. She is very good at creating misunderstandings. You don’t need to care about the Ji Family any more. Even if it means a war with them, you must kill this woman before she causes more damage.”

Jing Yichen nodded. “Okay, I understand.”

He had also not planned to let Yang Muyan stay alive, as well. Even if he killed Yang Muyan now, there would not be any conflicts arising between the two families because Ji Bo had already sought refuge with him.

“I have ordered Lu to keep an eye on Jing Yiran, and he has been told about the cause of his mother’s death. If you want to get the shares back, go and find Lu.”

“Okay, I will do so in a couple of days.”

Jing Yichen was not in a hurry to get the shares back, because Jing Yiran was not in a status of interfering with the normal operations of Jingsheng Enterprise. He could let him stay alive for two more days.

He wanted to spend several more days with Shangguan Ning and the child. Shangguan Ning had been in a weak state after childbirth. She had lost a lot of energy and needed to rest.

Jing Yiran would not be able to escape anyway.

At Jing Yiran’s small villa, Lu pa.s.sed on Jing Zhongxiu’s message to him.

“Your mother was killed by Yang Muyan. She purposefully arranged the death in the same way as Mrs. Jing’s death, so that you could think that Jing Yichen was the culprit and you both could turn against each other. She is indeed smart to be able to use your biggest weakness.”

Lu sounded very calm, because she had nothing to do with either Zhang Rong or Zhao Qing. She was just Jing Zhongxiu’s. .h.i.twoman. Also, she had no emotions or sense of love.

“You both have been at each other’s throats for a long time. All that Yang Muyan did was to add hot oil to the flame, otherwise you would not have broken up with the Jing Family at such a high speed. I always thought that you are brainless, but what I had not expected was that you could be so stupid that you fell into the trap of a woman! After you got tricked by her, you tried to hit Jing Yichen like a crazy dog and fought against the Jing Family. You were an idiot for giving up the cozy days!”

“You are lying!” Jing Yiran groaned furiously as he lay in bed like a mummy.

He had been heavily beaten by Lu and wrapped up in a layer of bandage so that he couldn’t move even a finger. Lu tormented him because he refused to go and fetch the contract from the bank.

Jing Yiran was indeed a strong being who would not die even after so much torture.

Lu threw a look at Jing Yiran whose veins were popping out on the forehead and snorted. “What is in it for me if I lie to you? You are a dead man anyway. I am just telling you the truth. Don’t you think that you are ridiculous to have collaborated with Yang Muyan and become her slave? She is Jing Family’s worst enemy and you dared to work with her? So dumb-headed! Your mother would have jumped out of the coffin and strangled you to death if she knew that you share such a great relations.h.i.+p with Yang Muyan!”

Jing Yiran just couldn’t stand it any more. If he could move right now, he would definitely beat Lu until she collapsed!

“Jing Yichen sent you here, right?! He killed my mother and has no way to escape the blame. I am not Yang Muyan’s enemy and my mother was not her enemy either. They did not even know each other. She would have found a better scapegoat rather than someone who had no connection with her. You are the one who is stupid. Do you think that everyone else is stupid too?!”

Jing Yiran did not believe that Zhang Rong would have been killed by Yang Muyan, because Zhang Rong had a very narrow social network and she barely went out of the house after she got married to Jing Zhongxiu. Her circle was so small that no matter how many people she knew, she couldn’t possibly have known Yang Muyan.


Jing Yiran laughed wildly as he laid in bed. He sounded mocking yet miserable and laughed until he got hoa.r.s.e.

“Jing Zhongxiu sent you here to pa.s.s on these words, or maybe Jing Yichen did? They are using you and you are working for them like a worthless bodyguard. Won’t I know how my own mother died? Jing Yichen is trying to kill Yang Muyan through me. I am not going to fall for this trap!”

Lu stared at Jing Yiran in astonishment after hearing his furious accusations.

She stared at him as if she was looking at an idiot.

“You have truly overestimated yourself. I guess I overestimated you, too. I work for the Jing Family, because I owe a lot to Jing Zhongxiu. You don’t need to worry about me being a slave to them!”

Lu came to Jing Yiran’s bedside and sat down with a sharp blade in her hand. She let the tip of the blade slip over his extremely handsome face.

No blood gushed, but the cold tip of it made him s.h.i.+ver involuntarily.

“I had thought that you were an idiot, but it seems that you are worse than an idiot. You are a dead man. There is no need for me to lie to you! Jing Zhongxiu just wanted you to know the truth before your life ends. You have underestimated him!”

A touch of respect flashed across her eyes as Lu thought of Jing Zhongxiu’s ability. Then she asked in a mocking tone, “Also, you said that they wanted to use you to kill Yang Muyan? That is probably the biggest joke of this century!”

She had been having fun torturing Jing Yiran in the past two days. She got quite pleased when she saw his twisted face, so she started to talk more than usual.


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