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Read My Secretary is a Little Sweet Chapter 602 – A Hunch

My Secretary is a Little Sweet is a web novel made by Xia Qingshan.
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Chapter 602: A Hunch

Shangguan Ning had not expected that Tang Shunian would be so sensitive. But he turned out to be way too smart!

He knew the cause of each of her movements!

No wonder even Jing Yichen got trapped by him!

Shangguan Ning did not try and offer any more explanations or ask anything about Jing Zhongxiu, because she was sure that Tang Shunian would not say the truth.

However, what Tang Shunian said had startled Shangguan Ning, and she suddenly got a terrible hunch.

She hung up on Tang Shunian and called Jing Zhongxiu, immediately.

The Buick car that was leading the way started to go off the highway, taking her towards a narrow path. She understood that she was not faraway from the destination now.

She needed to tell Jing Zhongxiu about this, as well.

The phone went through instantly. When Shangguan Ning heard Jing Zhongxiu’s voice, she said hurriedly, “Dad, you must be careful! Stay with your bodyguards. Tang Shunian has just said something weird and I am afraid that he has got a special plan against you!”

She had come to rescue Jing Yichen with Jing Zhongxiu, and could not allow Jing Zhongxiu to lose his life in the process. It would make Shangguan Ning very sad and she would blame herself for the rest of her life.

Jing Zhongxiu was not surprised. Dozens of years ago, he had destroyed the Tang Family, making Tang Shunian fall into h.e.l.l from heaven. Tang Shunian hated him to the marrow, otherwise he would not have tormented Jing Yichen to make him this angry.

It was expected that Tang Shunian would want to take revenge.

“Don’t worry, Ning, I am fine here. I have ten snipers and Lu as well. Nothing can threaten my safety. I understand what Tang Shunian is up to, and I will guard myself.”

Jing Zhongxiu felt his heart fill up with warmth. Shangguan Ning cared about his situation even at this moment. She was more a daughter than a daughter-in-law.

Shangguan Ning could not explain the hunch she had after she heard what Tang Shunian said. It was an ominous feeling, one that could not appease her even after she heard Lu’s name.

She was worried that Jing Zhongxiu was just consoling her and had not taken Tang Shunian’s intention seriously. He was a very scary and intelligent man with a deadly intent. He was not going to deal with Jing Zhongxiu by a common method!

Suppressing the panic inside her, Shangguan Ning’s trembling fingers clenched the phone tightly and she repeated her words in a stressed tone. “Dad, you must believe me, I have a terrible feeling about this. You must be very, very careful! Ten snipers may not be enough, try to get more!”

There were many times when someone in the family got a premonition for another. It was common among identical twins. But if two people were in a close and sincere relations.h.i.+p, then that hunch could also turn out to be authentic.

Shangguan Ning was worried about Jing Yichen, yet she hadn’t been uneasy. But after what Tang Shunian said, she became quite anxious.

A horrifying feeling engulfed her.

Jing Zhongxiu knew Shangguan Ning well and regarded her as his own daughter. He had been looking after her well-being for long and knew that she was a stable person. She might get anxious and angry, but didn’t panic easily. She had stayed calm even after knowing that Jing Yichen was caught.

But at this moment, her voice had changed.

She was terrified!

He had seen Shangguan Ning being this anxious once before. That was when Jing Yichen got shot in the chest and lay on the operation table with an unpredictable future!

Jing Zhongxiu didn’t treat her words lightly. He said, “Ning, I understand what you mean. I will gather more people around me and won’t take unnecessary risks. I will be fine, I promise.”

Shangguan Ning got slightly a.s.sured when she heard his words.

As long as Jing Zhongxiu was fully prepared, Tang Shunian’s plan would not work.

If Tang Shunian had known that his casual words were being taken so seriously by Shangguan Ning, and even Jing Zhongxiu believed her, he would have regretted having said them.

“Dad, stay where you are. Yichen should be safe right now. I have come to negotiate with Tang Shunian. As long as I give him money, he will take me to Yichen. Wait for my message!”

Shangguan Ning was reminding Jing Zhongxiu not to look for Jing Yichen yet.

But Jing Zhongxiu could never agree to this proposal.

He would not allow Shangguan Ning to go in alone. He knew how cruel and twisted Tang Shunian could get. If Shangguan Ning fell into his hands, she would surely die or at least suffer gravely.

“Ning, you must not go there alone. Take Lu along. With her next to you, you will be safe. I will arrange for some more people to be with you outside the cellar. I don’t want you to get injured.”

Shangguan Ning rejected his offer immediately. “No, keep her with you! Tang Shunian says that only I am allowed to meet him.”

“No, listen to me, let Lu be with you. She has her own method of getting in.”

Jing Zhongxiu was more determined than she was. He did not allow Shangguan Ning to turn him down and asked Lu to go to her.

Lu was physically stronger than most people, and had great potential. She was powerful and could attack without getting hurt. She was able to deal with most of the crisis single handedly.

Shangguan Ning’s phone signal had been tracked, so Jing Zhongxiu knew where she was. He had noticed that she was approaching the place where he was, so he asked Lu to wait for Shangguan Ning outside.

If Lu ran at full speed, she could be as fast as a car, and still would not get tired . After all, her body exceeded the limitations of the human race.

Shangguan Ning did not dwell on the issue any longer, but asked him for money in a slightly guilty voice. “Dad, I need 100 billion yuan. I have made a deal with Tang Shunian and this amount is needed.”

She felt that she had been a bad negotiator. It was a tremendous amount that would affect the root of Family Jing.

However, Jing Zhongxiu did not hesitate nor did he question the negotiation process and said, “Okay, I am asking the Swiss Bank to transfer the money to you. Keep me posted.”

For Jing Zhongxiu, money was not the issue. He did not care about the 100 billion yuan. As long as this money could lead Shangguan Ning to Jing Yichen, the money was well spent.

But he was worried that even if Tang Shunian got the money, he would not take Shangguan Ning to Jing Yichen.


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