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Read My Senior Brother is Too Steady Chapter 108 – I’ll Take the Merit, You Take the Blame

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Chapter 108 I’ll Take the Merit, You Take the Blame

“Thank you for your advice, Brother Changshou!”

At the edge of the forest, Ao Yi, who had horns on his head and the figure of a young man, bowed deeply to Li Changshou.

He had violated his principles as a dragon and made such an outrageous request to Brother Changshou…

Although it was a matter of mutual benefit, it was indeed his inordinate desires that made things difficult for Brother Changshou.

Brother Changshou has too little experience in the Ren School, and he pursues a reputation of being quiet and pa.s.sive. The matters of the South Ocean Sea G.o.d Sect can only be carried out secretly. I have to keep it a secret.

Although Brother Changshou did not say it directly, Ao Yi was not a stupid dragon. How could he not guess it?

Now, the Sea G.o.d Sect of the South Ocean has already begun to rise. There are Magihumans who disguised as Divine Envoys, and there are also meaningful doctrines that promoted enlightenment. They also had the experts from Ren School as their backers!

Ao Yi had seen the abundant incense merit with his own eyes. It was definitely real.

What did the dragon race lack the most now?


In the distant ancient times, the dragons and phoenixes had gotten laden with endless negative karma because they destroyed the Primordial World.

The phoenixes immediately perished and suppressed the Immortal Volcanoes.

The dragon race’s ability to reproduce was relatively strong. They used countless treasures to suppress the race’s destiny and used the bodies of countless clansmen to fill the tumultuous Nine Polluted Springs of Heaven and Earth. Only then did they barely survive…

In ancient times, the dragon race had secretly formed good relations with the humans that had yet to become stronger. They had become the totems of some tribes. Thus, they had secretly acc.u.mulated some merit, which helped to ease the dragon race’s predicament.

Therefore, the Dragon race had a deep understanding of how important merit was and how terrifying negative karma was.

Although it was difficult to say it, Ao Yi still did it.

“Brother Changshou, can I come to the South Ocean Sea G.o.d Sect to help? I can be a Guardian and earn some merit to protect myself too.”

In fact, Ao Yi wanted to gain some merit for the dragon race himself.

What surprised Ao Yi was… the fact that Li Changshou quickly agreed.

However, he could tell that Li Changshou wasn’t too willing to agree to his request.

Ao Yi also understood. After all, Li Changshou was not the real person in charge. He was just the a.s.signee who had been pushed out.

Li Changshou must have thought highly of the relationship between the two of us. That’s why he reluctantly agreed to let me come to Anshui City in half a month’s time… to listen.

It just so happens that I will be returning to the East Ocean Dragon Palace to look for my father and have a good conversation with him.

The dragon hatches the plot, whether it succeeds will depend on the heavens!

Ao Yi’s heart was filled with enthusiasm. He thanked Li Changshou and bowed again.

Li Changshou bowed repeatedly and pondered for a few moments. He tactfully expressed his worry…

Soon, Ao Yi swore an oath immediately and recited the Grat.i.tude Incantation. He swore that he would never tell anyone else about the connection between Li Changshou and the Sea G.o.d Sect of the South Ocean.

Li Changshou heaved a sigh of relief.

Ao Yi sighed in his heart.

Ao Yi was definitely going to befriend Li Changshou!

Li Changshou shook his head as he watched the little dragon leave quickly on a cloud.

In the future, I should treat him, the Second Sect Master better.

Since you have entered the South Ocean Sea G.o.d Sect, how can I just let you be a Guardian?

Li Changshou had already made the necessary arrangements. He directly appointed Ao Yi as the Second Sect Master of the South Ocean Sea G.o.d Sect and the Azure Dragon Guardian of the sect!

Later, he would settle the administrative matters and teach the Divine Envoys a lesson. He would add a statue of the Second Sect Master next to each of his statues and give 20% of the merit from incense offerings from the Sea G.o.d Sect to the dragon race!

If not for the fact that the Heavenly Dao had already recognized him as the Sea G.o.d of the South Ocean, he would not be able to change the sect master unless he destroyed his sect.

Li Changshou wanted to imitate the ancient human sages and give the position of Sect Master of the South Ocean Sea G.o.d Sect to some expert from his own sect.

The merit from incense offerings could not be given to the dragon race and allow them to take advantage for no reason.

After casting the Earth Escape, Li Changshou began to get busy. The most crucial step had already been taken. Next, he would have to see the reaction of the dragon race.

What is up with this incident?

I’m the original body of the Sea G.o.d who had come to destroy the Sea G.o.d Sect but my plans had been interrupted one after another. Due to the involvement of various factions, I fell into a crisis where I’m in danger of being exposed…

Li Changshou had thought about how the Immortal Du Sect and the Ren School would react if his ident.i.ty as the Sea G.o.d of the South Ocean was exposed. He wondered if he could cozy up to the experts of the Ren School and resist the schemes of the experts from the Western Sect.

However, he continued to deduce, and the final outcome was death.

Not to mention the might of a Sage, the Seven Arrows Book and the Daoist rituals could kill a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal!

At the crucial moment, Li Changshou immediately changed his mind and tried to seek a way to survive. He turned the factors that were harmful to him into conditions that were beneficial to him!

He took the initiative to accept the Sea G.o.d of the South Ocean. He used his ident.i.ty as a disciple of the Ren School and his understanding of Ao Yi to implicate the dragon race.

Then, used the Dragon race as a shield to withstand the pressure exerted by the Western Sect in the future and attract the attention of everyone.

Next, Li Changshou would be reorganizing the internal affairs of the Sea G.o.d Sect, mending the details of the teachings, perfecting the management structure of the Divine Envoys, and strengthening the self-monitoring within the sect…

At the same time, he wanted the dragon race to become the best tool for manifestation. He also wanted the dragon race to protect the devotees and prevent bloodshed between them.

That way, he would be able to reach the main goal of his trip to the South Sea-to avoid being laden with negative karma.

The reward that he had given to the dragon race was the 20% of merit from incense offerings that Ao Yi had taken away.

No matter what, Li Changshou would not lose out.

What the Dragon race lacked the most now were merit and luck.

Li Changshou had predicted that although Ao Yi would face some difficulties after returning to the East Ocean Dragon Palace, he would still return on time.

Moreover, there was a high chance that Ao Yi would be stationed at the edge of the South Ocean.

He only needed to do three things before he could leave and let the Sea G.o.d Sect operate on its own.

He would use incapacitating agents to deal with the Divine Envoys of Xiong Village.

He had to think of a way to hide his face from the various statues.

He had to restrict the development of the Sea G.o.d Sect in the South Ocean so that they could only pa.s.s the Dao within a certain area along the sea and not touch the Dao Sect’s interests.

That was the first major part of Li Changshou’s plan…

He could not say that he was being proactive. He had been forced to the edge of the cliff by those people. He could only take the risk and retaliate.

He had to prepare for the worst-case scenario and alter the most number of details possible!

Li Changshou’s paper Daoist immediately rushed to Xiong Village and used the only thing he could do using the statue—appear in the dreams of others.

Coupled with the incapacitating agent, he continued to make his presence known in Xiong Village. He had turned most of those fools who were probably married to their relatives, into followers of the Sea G.o.d.

Would an expert amongst the witches pursue this matter?

How would they go about it?

A Divine Envoy of the Sea G.o.d Sect had improved the lives of those Magihumans and allowed them to obtain benefits.

Moreover, the Sea G.o.d Sect was established by those Magihumans in the first place. Li Changshou was originally a “victim”.

Half a month pa.s.sed quickly.

Li Changshou had a lot of fun at the border of the South Ocean. He had even secretly sent a batch of paper effigies over because he had expended too much immortal power.

He had put in all his effort to plan and eliminate any mistakes.

Hard work does not disappoint.

In half a month’s time, more than half of the 1,700 statues had been covered up. The new statue’s face was deliberately a little blurred.

In the beginning, the statue indeed needed a clear face. That was the only way to determine where the merit from the incense offerings would go to.

However, the Sea G.o.d Sect had developed to a major scale and no longer needed to reveal its true appearance.

Ao Yi did not disappoint Li Changshou.

Initially, Ao Yi brought back three hundred Immortal Flood Dragon troops and a few experts of the Heaven Immortal realm.

However, Li Changshou secretly ordered the Divine Envoys of Xiong Village to gather the devotees. He then announced that Ao Yi was the Second Sect Master and the Azure Dragon Guardian. Ao Yi was also a little stunned.

After that, Li Changshou gave Ao Yi an explanation and reason that he had already prepared beforehand.

The South Ocean was remote, and Li Changshou could not care much about it. The dragon race might have to put in more effort, so it was reasonable for him to give Ao Yi more merit.

Ao Yi could not refuse. He used the messenger talisman to call for help again.

The dragon race was also suspicious of that matter. However, the experts in their race took turns to deduce the whereabouts of the Sect Master of the Sea G.o.d Sect in the South Ocean. However, the result that they all got… was that there was no such person. However, Ao Yi swore that he would communicate directly with the Sect Master of the Sea G.o.d Sect.

They reckoned that he must be some expert and also confirmed that the Sea G.o.d Sect had the background of Ren School…

Therefore, the East Ocean Dragon Palace sent six experts and a thousand Immortal Flood Dragon troops. They were stationed at the edge of the South Ocean and could be deployed at any time.

Since Ao Yi wanted to return to Golden Ao Island to cultivate, he could not stay in the mortal world for long. 118.

Ao Yi received permission from Li Changshou to arrange a few experts from the dragon race to be the True Dragon Guardians of the Sea G.o.d Sect. At the same time, they could earn a small amount of merit from incense offerings.

Those Guardians would usually patrol the area and protect the devotees of the Sea G.o.d Sect who were in the territory of the ocean.

Ao Yi, on the other hand, was full of energy. He continuously planned the next steps of the plan for preaching and spreading the doctrine of the Sea G.o.d Sect. He wanted to develop it in thirty years and spread it around the borders of the South Sea in three hundred years!

Li Changshou and Ao Yi had also talked about Xiong Village in detail. He told Ao Yi not to be too deeply involved with Xiong Village.

Ao Yi did not obey Li Changshou entirely, but he was also very grateful towards the latter and trusted him.

He no longer addressed him as Brother Changshou. Instead, he addressed him as ‘Brother Sect Master’…

That made them seem closer to each other!

Li Changshou held back the right to complain at any time. He was glad that he was only addressed as ‘Brother Sect Master’ and not ‘Royal Brother’.

Although he could escape from that place, how could Li Changshou not worry? Li Changshou continued to take action secretly. Three months later, most of the paper effigies used up their immortal powers and were destroyed by Li Changshou.

He had left two paper effigies at the edge of the South Ocean so that they could react according to the changes.

At this point, Li Changshou’s basic plan was achieved.

He took the merit and pushed the blame to the dragons.

Furthermore, the dragon race had taken the initiative to join the Sea G.o.d Sect. They owed him karma and would have to repay him in the future.

Of course, Li Changshou would not do such a thing. He would just work together with them and reap mutual benefits.

The South Sea G.o.d Sect had also gotten on the right track. The sect’s habits of flaunting their wealth were stopped. The Divine Envoys of Xiong Village had also been recognized by the Sea G.o.d.

As the True Dragons continued to appear and protect the sect, the number of devotees increased rapidly every day.

However, Li Changshou could not completely relax. He continued to plan carefully for a few months and deduced the possible problems that might occur. He was also prepared to react to the situations that might crop up…

Half a year later.

Li Changshou finally came out of the secret underground chamber. He decided to tell his master and junior sister that the problem had been resolved temporarily and that there was no need to be overly worried.

However, the moment he saw Ling’e, he gave her a shock.

“Senior Brother, what’s wrong with you!?! Why do you look so haggard!?!”.

In the straw hut, Ling’e hurriedly stopped her needlework and stood up to welcome him. She looked worriedly at Li Changshou’s slightly faint face.

What’s wrong?

I had been busy for half a year and deduced the possibilities for such a long time. I’m just mentally exhausted.

After all, these are related to existences like Saints and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals…

Li Changshou yawned and carried two paper effigies in his hands. He floated to his junior sister’s bed and lay down.

“I’ll sleep here for a while to recover my energy. I’ll have to trouble you to protect me, Junior Sister. Later, I’ll tell Master that I’m fine for now. I’ll tell him not to worry…”

After saying that, he closed his eyes and rested. He still kept a portion of his mind active, and he was subconsciously keeping his guard up.

Ling’e blinked. Senior Brother…

He took the initiative to climb onto my bed…

Ling’e said softly, “It’s fine as long as the matter is settled. Senior Brother, lie down.”

She slowly walked forward and lifted her senior brother’s legs that were hanging outside the bed.

Ling’e lowered her head and looked at Li Changshou’s tired face. She pursed her lips, her eyes filled with pity…

However, she could not let go of such a rare opportunity!

Ling’e licked her lips, and a plan came to her mind. She tiptoed to the part.i.tion and looked for a thin chiffon dress to change into. Her fair skin was vaguely visible.

Of course, she did not dare to do anything to her senior brother.

However, she decided that while Li Changshou was asleep, she would hide beside him and secretly remind her master to come and take a look at that scene…

As long as he begged her master to make a decision, her marriage with her senior brother would be settled…

She had long thought of that plan, but Li Changshou had not revealed any loopholes.


Heaven bestowed a good opportunity. We’re a match made in Heaven, and we’re going to form a marriage blessed by Heaven!

I must muster the courage and take him down at once…

“Are there any disciples in the Little Qiong Peak who have yet to enter seclusion? I’m the disciple in charge of guarding the sect today. Someone outside the sect is looking for someone from Little Qiong Peak.”

An exclamation came from outside. A figure had already entered the outer isolation array.

Li Changshou had already opened his eyes and was slowly sitting up on the bed.


The part.i.tion was broken by a small fist that punched through it. “What’s wrong?” Li Changshou yawned and asked. “N-nothing. I’m hitting mosquitoes!” Mosquitoes?

Li Changshou shivered and no longer felt sleepy.


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