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Chapter 222 Hehe

Sometimes, a thousand lies would not be as sincere as one’s heart.

Although a thousand genuine hearts could not beat a trick…

Li Changshou carefully pondered over the matter regarding the enlightenment of the rich and powerful. He realized that no matter what excuse he used, it would be better for him to tell Uncle-Master Jiu Wu about it and implicate Uncle-Master Jiu Wu.

Thus, a messenger paper crane flew to the Heaven-Breaking Peak. Uncle-Master Jiu Wu arrived at the Heaven-Breaking Peak on a cloud.

Li Changshou waited in front of the Pill Chamber.

Looking at Uncle-Master Jiu Wu’s beaming face, Li Changshou could not help but feel much better. He started to sing the common tune that he had heard in his previous life…

Ah ha, give me a cup of water to forget my feelings. I want to forget that my name is w.a.n.g Fugui! Aye, aye~

Ahem, I must be serious and calm.

Perhaps it was because he had not received instructions from Li Changshou for a long time, Uncle-Master Jiu Wu became much less vigilant. He rode a cloud and landed in front of Li Changshou. Jiu Wu smiled and said, “Changshou, how has your cultivation been recently? Are you already at the seventh-stage Dao Requital realm? Not bad, not bad. The immortal seedlings in front of you have already begun preparing to transcend the Heavenly Tribulation. You should be more careful earlier.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Indeed, transcending the tribulation is a big matter.”

With the two Nine Revolutions Golden Pills as the foundation, Li Changshou had deduced that he would be able to transcend the Golden Immortal Tribulation in another two to three hundred years. “Changshou, why are you looking for me?”

“Uncle-Master, let’s talk inside.”

Li Changshou made an inviting gesture. Jiu Wu did not doubt him and jumped into the Pill Chamber with his hands behind his back.

Li Changshou activated the array formation around the Pill Chamber and pulled two prayer mats over. After inviting Jiu Wu to take a seat, he muttered…

He hid the matter regarding the Love Water and told Jiu Wu about the awkwardness between Exalted w.a.n.g Qing and his Grandmaster.

“Is that true?” Jiu Wu widened his eyes and asked.

“Yes.” Li Changshou nodded. “The two of them stayed under the tree for an entire afternoon. My grandmaster clearly expressed that she wanted to take another step forward, and he also agreed to it. Then… there was nothing else.”


Jiu Wu took a deep breath, his eyes filled with shock.

“No wonder Master looked for me last night and asked me a question that I couldn’t figure out even after thinking about it for a long time. I finally understand now!”

“Oh?” Li Changshou’s eyes lit up. “Uncle-Master, what did you ask?”

“Master asked, hehe.” Jiu Wu shrugged and smiled. His expression was slightly cheap. He continued, “He asked about what I usually do with Shi Shi.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Uncle-Master, how did you answer?”

“I definitely couldn’t… Hehe, I couldn’t say things that are not presentable.”

Jiu Wu sighed and said, “I just talked about how we communicate normally. I didn’t… Hehe. At that time, I didn’t understand what Master meant. However, even if I knew that he was talking about this, I wouldn’t dare to guide him. I never expected Master to be so focused on cultivation all these years. He really makes me feel embarra.s.sed.”

Jiu Wu paused and asked again, “Changshou, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. Do you have a solution for this?”

“Yes.” Li Changshou took out the ‘Newlyweds Collection’ and handed it to Jiu Wu. “Uncle-Master, take a look.”

“Is this an erotic painting?”

“No, this technique is stronger. The details are not adequate… ahem!”

As Li Changshou spoke, he could not help but blush.

It was one thing for him to ponder over it, but when he showed it to others, it was another mentality.

Jiu Wu opened the book of ill.u.s.trations solemnly and squinted to take a look.

“Changshou, you actually know so much! It’s very detailed and clear at a glance. It’s a treasure. It’s a treasure. Hehe.”

Li Changshou said seriously, “This is a serious item. Uncle-Master, don’t laugh.”

“We’re already thousands of years old. Do you still not understand these things?”

Jiu Wu paused and smiled bitterly. “Sigh, I almost forgot. My master doesn’t understand this.

Speaking of which, although this item is good, it should only be an initial-stage version… Hehe, do you have any follow-up versions?” Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

“I only created this item because of the matter between Grandmaster and Uncle-Grandmaster,” Li Changshou said seriously. “Now that I’m about to transcend the tribulation, I shouldn’t be distracted.”

“I understand, I understand.” Jiu Wu hurriedly nodded. “You’re right. Just focus on preparing for the tribulation. Then, I’ll take this back and hand it to Master.”

Li Changshou reminded Jiu Wu to not tell him that he had drawn it. Jiu Wu was confused.

“If you let Uncle-Grandmaster know that this was done by me, he will definitely misunderstand something,” Li Changshou said. “My Grandmaster has only heard of this matter…”

Jiu Wu muttered to himself for a while and said, “Changshou, don’t worry. I’ll tell him that this item was given to me by the elders in the sect.”

Li Changshou gave him a thumbs up. Jiu Wu chuckled and immediately returned to Heaven-Breaking Peak.

Although Jiu Wu had left, his laughter was lingering. It lasted for three hours, and Li Changshou could not help but chuckle as well.

Half a day later, Jiu Wu rushed back on a cloud and winked at Li Changshou. “Done.”

“Has Uncle-Grandmaster seen it?”

“Yes,” Jiu Wu said happily. “I saw Master open the book of ill.u.s.trations with my own eyes. At the same time, I also gave Master the erotic painting that you gave me so that he can look at it on his own.”

Li Changshou slowly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he exchanged glances with Jiu Wu. The two of them were old friends. Immediately… he chuckled.

The laughter meant his well wishes for the two elders.

The laughter was filled with their wonderful wishes for a relationship.

As long as everyone offered some laughter, the Primordial World would have a beautiful tomorrow.

After sending the painting out, Li Changshou had originally planned to stop interfering with that matter. What else could he do?

He couldn’t possibly be like his mother in some place in the mortal world and command others at the scene of the wedding night, right?

He sent a voice transmission to Lingle and reminded her not to return to the straw hut for the next few days. He told her to cultivate in the chess room beside the spiritual beast enclosure, lest she affects their Little Grandmaster’s performance.

Li Changshou focused his attention on the Dragon Palace banquet and paid attention to the changes in Little Qiong Peak.

However, what Li Changshou did not expect was… three to four days later, he did not see Exalted w.a.n.g Qing.

Another three to four days later, he still did not see the figure of Exalted w.a.n.g Qing. When the wedding banquet in the Dragon Palace was nearing its end, the guests began to leave the venue. On the side of Exalted w.a.n.g Qing…

He still did not move.

Could it be that his treasure painting had embarra.s.sed Exalted w.a.n.g Qing?


Li Changshou did not know what was going on. He was also a little depressed. He had put in a lot of effort, and he could not let them go in vain without knowing why.

Li Changshou waited patiently for another two days, but Exalted w.a.n.g Qing and his Grandmaster still did not meet.

Jiang Lin’er was still a little puzzled. She thought that the incident last time had upset Exalted w.a.n.g Qing, so she went to the Heaven-Breaking Peak personally.

In the end, she was informed by Exalted w.a.n.g Qing’s eldest disciple, Jiu Yiyi, that Exalted w.a.n.g Qing had realized something and entered seclusion.

He was in seclusion…

He was in seclusion…

Could it be that he’s in seclusion to study the treasure? Isn’t that something that even mortals can understand?

This possibility surfaced in Li Changshou’s heart. He could not help but support his forehead with one hand, filled with mixed emotions.

“Fellow Daoist Sea G.o.d, should we leave as


Elder Moon asked via voice transmission.

Li Changshou gathered his spirits and looked around. The banquet was almost empty.

“Yes, it’s time to go back.”

Li Changshou sent a few instructions to Elder Moon and told him what to say to the people at the Dragon Palace who were sending them off.

Every word that Elder Moon said there represented the Heavenly Court’s att.i.tude. He had to pay attention to those details.

For example, Li Changshou and Elder Moon had addressed the Dragon King respectfully. Those were the details that Li Changshou had previously instructed.

The Heavenly Courts and Li Changshou, the Sea G.o.d of the South Ocean, stood up together.

At the side, a sea maiden immediately transmitted her voice to the back. Two dragon-headed elders and a white-haired Immortal Turtle rushed over with a smile.

Elder Moon smiled and said “In the blink of an eye, I’ve been away from the Marriage Affinity Hall for more than a month. I’m afraid that the matters I have to do have piled up like a mountain. I’ll take my leave now. I would like to congratulate Ao Yi on getting married to his virtuous wife.”

“Thank you, Elder Moon. Thank you, Elder Moon.” The East Ocean Dragon King’s Turtle Prime Minister cupped his hands and smiled. “His Majesty, the Dragon King still has guests to entertain. I shall send everyone out of the Crystal Palace.”

“Alright.” Elder Moon nodded with a smile. The Heavenly Generals behind him also cupped their hands and bowed. The two dragon-headed elders and Immortal Turtle returned their greetings.

The group left the main hall and walked through the Pearl Corridor. They pa.s.sed by the front yard filled with various treasures and headed for the door of the Crystal Palace.

From afar, Elder Moon saw that familiar figure.

This time, Elder Moon did not look up. Instead, he frowned and focused. There was a hint of pity in his eyes.

Li Changshou immediately sent a voice transmission. “Elder Moon, don’t expose this matter. I will deal with Bian Zhuang later.”

Elder Moon blinked calmly. Li Changshou nodded with a smile and did not say anything else.

Finally, Elder Moon restrained himself and did not look at Bian Zhuang.

Elder Moon left the Crystal Palace and exchanged a few words with the three people from the Dragon Palace who had sent them off. The dozens of Heavenly Soldiers that were following, rushed over to meet up and fled towards the sea.

Li Changshou looked at Elder Moon and the Jade Emperor’s departing figure and sighed in his heart.

Old Friend, hold on.

I hope that your outstanding performance this time will be able to repay the Jade Emperor for teaching him a lesson previously.

If His Majesty, the Jade Emperor, were to accuse you, don’t blame me for not stopping you at that time…

I really did not stop you.

Then, Li Changshou turned around and smiled at the Turtle Immortal. “Third Prime Minister, the East Ocean’s event has come to an end. It’s time for me to return.”

“Why don’t you stay in the Dragon Palace for a few days, Sea G.o.d?”

The prime minister quickly said, “His Majesty, the Dragon King still wants to talk to you for a night. He also instructed me to let you stay in the Dragon Palace for two more days.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “I’m in the Sea G.o.d Temple. If there’s anything you need, just come to the Sea G.o.d Temple and look for me.”

“Then can you wait for half a day?” Prime Minister Turtle pulled Li Changshou’s arm. “Your Majesty will give you a great gift.”

“There’s no need for that,” Li Changshou said seriously. “Brother Yi is the Second Sect Master of the Sea G.o.d Sect. I came here to plan for the Dragon Palace because I was worried about you. I’m also touched about the dragon race protecting the Sea G.o.d Sect usually.

There’s no harm in sending gifts to Anshui City.”

Prime Minister Turtle blinked and almost swayed his waist. She hurriedly nodded.

Li Changshou performed Dao salute and used Water Escape to head towards the southwest.

Before he left, Li Changshou did not forget to look at the dejected Bian Zhuang.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He pulled out a paper effigy that was hidden near the East Ocean Crystal Palace and made it move towards the ends of the earth.

Naturally, he would wait for Bian Zhuang to leave the Crystal Palace before dealing with the subsequent matters.

Uh, would Ao Yi send someone to beat this guy up?

I don’t think so. Bian Zhuang is just a little infatuated with Ke Le’er…

If I’m Ao Yi, or if I’m a female paper effigy who is being fancied by someone, what will I do?

Li Changshou was used to thinking and he quickly shook his head.

Firstly, he would never wear a female outfit.

Secondly, if his paper effigy had gotten embroiled with such a thing, he could just destroy it.

As the saying goes, one would rather die than become bent!

“Sigh, let’s just think about what exactly happened to Exalted w.a.n.g Qing.”

Li Changshou was mult.i.tasking. As he made the paper effigy who looked like a young Qi Refinement cultivator flee towards the South Ocean, he thought about how he should investigate Exalted w.a.n.g Qing’s condition.

Should I ask the Sect Leader to come out and look for Exalted w.a.n.g Qing?

This isn’t too good. It would be better to invite Elder Wan Linyun over and use the pretext of gifting pills to see if Exalted w.a.n.g Qing is really in seclusion or deliberately avoiding Grandmaster.

Li Changshou knew that Exalted w.a.n.g Qing was secretly l.u.s.tful. However, it did not make sense for him to be so pure.

However, just as that thought surfaced in Li Changshou’s mind, he suddenly felt a faint warning.

He looked at the Sensing Stone tied to the paper effigy’s wrist. The Sensing Stone, which had not been shining, was now glowing with a deep purple light. Li Changshou changed his direction without a trace. Two small paper-cut fish flew out of his palm.

Not long after, he found more than ten figures following him through the power of the essence soul that the paper fish carried…

Perfected Immortals, Heaven Immortals, and two peak-stage Heaven Immortals?

It seemed to be the Sea Clan rebel army…

These Sea race rebels actually targeted the Sea G.o.d of the South Ocean. Could it be that they did not know that he was just an incarnation?

Li Changshou thought about it for a while and dispelled the thought of ‘Let’s see what the other party’s motive is.’

He should not have any contact with the Sea Clan rebels.

If the other party ambushed him, he could collect remnant souls and see what happened.

At that moment, he continued to use Water Escape in the seawater without batting an eyelid. Then, he urgently mobilized the paper effigies hidden in the East Ocean.

The other party came to find trouble with him. He probably… would not mobilize more than 100,000 troops.


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