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Read My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication Chapter 100 – Seven Top Tier, Ultimate Treasures

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Chapter 100: Seven Top Tier, Ultimate Treasures

As soon as the Rainbow Snake appeared, it exuded a dazzling rainbow color and dazzled the entire room.

With a wave of his hand, the Rainbow Snake obediently flew over to him.

Immediately afterward, the camp commandant grabbed and pulled a few times as the Rainbow Snake came apart in an instant, transforming into seven different materials!

“This is the true face of the seven special substances!” The camp commandant said with a smile.

Ling Jiu’s eyes widened, and the seven substances that were suspended before him were a piece of silver metal, a piece of scarlet wood, a blue water orb, a purple flame, yellow soil, a bolt of black lightning, and a white light orb.


Ling Jiu could not help but marvel at them. When they were still in the form of the Rainbow Snake, they were just seven colored lights and were far different from what they were now.

“Special substances are the essence of nature!” The camp commandant smiled. “We’ll look at them one by one!”

“First of all, the silver metal!”

The camp commandant took the silver metal in his hand and squeezed it lightly and the metal did not even move.

The camp commandant nodded slightly. “Very high hardness, and is not much weaker than the hardest Zanderman Alloy, and its flexibility is also good!”

“Level: Top-tier Treasure of Heaven and Earth!”

Top-tier Treasure of Heaven and Earth!

Ling Jiu was shocked. How valuable was a Top-tier treasure of heaven and earth again? If he sold it to the company, he could sell it for 100 billion and 1000 contribution points.

One hundred billion!

One thousand contribution points!

That was just outrageous!

“Then there’s this piece of wood!”

The camp commandant took up the scarlet wood and kneaded it gently as a look of surprise appeared on his face. “Its lifeforce is very abundant, and…”

He did not know what the camp commandant did, and the scarlet wood that was originally the size of an apple grew at a speed visible to the eye.

“It could also absorb Gene Arcana to hasten its growth. This is very impressive, an excellent wood-type cold weapon!”

The camp commandant then exclaimed, “Also, the hardness of this wood is very high and is not much weaker than the Zanderman Alloy. It is also very dense!”

“Level: Top-tier Treasure of Heaven and Earth!”

Another top-tier treasure of heaven and earth!

Ling Jiu was beyond excited!

“Then this blob of liquid!”

The camp commandant put down the scarlet wood, and then picked up the blue liquid to appraise it.

“It’s dense and very heavy, and also highly corrosive. Its corrosive ability is even more terrifying than aqua regia. It is strong enough to melt most of the substances in the world, very dangerous!”

“Level: Top-notch heaven and earth treasure!”

“The temperature of this flame is very high, and the color has reached purple and is close to being transparent, this reflects the extreme temperature, and is about 7000℃!”

“Normally, the temperature of a fire is determined by its color.”

“A red-orange flame is about 3000°C, a yellow-white flame is about 4000°C, while a cyan-blue flame is about 5000 to 6000°C, and a purple flame is generally above 7000°C!”

“A flame that’s above 7000°C is already a top-tier treasure of heaven and earth!”

“Look at this soil then…”

As all of the materials were appraised one by one, even Ling Jiu got a little numb from his excitement. All seven items were all top-tier treasures of heaven and earth!

Seven hundred billion yuan plus seven thousand contribution points!

It was just too incredible!

“Ling Jiu, even I have to envy your luck. All seven of these special substances are top-tier treasures of heaven and earth!”

The camp commandant exclaimed, “Moreover, all of them have one common characteristic: growth!”

“In other words, as long as they are infused with Gene Arcana, they can grow!”

“Growth, for a weapon, is a very rare attribute. That means it could grow from small to large, weak to strong, which will be of great convenience to its owner!”

“All right! All of them have been appraised. Keep them safe. As for what you want to do with them, that’s your problem!”

“Whether you keep it for your own collection, or to sell to the company, do as you please!”

“Thank you, Sir!”

Ling Jiu thanked him sincerely.

“But I have to remind you!”

The camp commandant suddenly looked serious. “Obviously, this is a set of heavenly and earthly treasures, and their value is totally comparable to an ultimate treasure of heaven and earth!”

“An ultimate treasure of heaven and earth is something even a Level 7 or Level 8 Arcanists will be tempted with.”

“So, try not to expose them, or else it will bring you no end of trouble!”

“Understood?” the camp commandant said solemnly.

“Understood, Sir!”

Ling Jiu nodded quickly.

“You may leave!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Coming out from the camp commandant’s office, the sky was already dark. The stars in the sky were shining bright as Ling Jiu could not help but breathe a long sigh.

The sky in this world is really nice, and the stars so beautiful!

“Wahahaha! I’ve struck the jackpot!”

“Ultimate treasure of heaven and earth! Those are stuff worth tens of thousands of contribution points!”

“I’m so d.a.m.n lucky!”

Ling Jiu wished that he could just laugh out loud. Each of these seven special substances is a top-tier treasure of heaven and earth. If sold separately, each would net him at least 700 billion and 7000 contribution points.

However, if put together, that was the ultimate treasure of heaven and earth, and its value was over one trillion with tens of thousands of contribution points. Ling Jiu had just struck a proverbial windfall!

“Hahaha, forget training tonight. Time to sleep!”

Time pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye and it was time for the weekly leaderboard update, so all of the students gathered in the central square again.

“Ling Jiu, you’re sure to get first place this time!”

Shi Gang said with an envious look. “Just the reward for completing the ad-hoc mission alone is 2 million points, so first place is definitely yours!”

“I’m screwed tho, although I found a new teammate, and my score had improved compared to last week, but… it’s still not enough!”

“Just gotta work hard!”

Ling Jiu patted Shi Gang on the shoulder.

At this moment, many students were watching the rankings while also observing Ling Jiu at the same time.

Ling Jiu did not have a particularly eye-catching reputation, even if he was ranked ninth the first time, and third the second time, not many paid attention to him.

After all, everyone’s eyes were on the first and second place, who would care about the third?

However, in the Battle of Murray River, Ling Jiu had decisively defeated Christopher Adam and completed the mission by taking the Rainbow Snake, thus, he became completely famous!

“He is Ling Jiu?”

“A very ordinary-looking guy, how did he beat Christopher?”

“He actually got the Rainbow Snake, d.a.m.n his dogsh*t luck!”

“Hmph, even if he gets first place, it’s because of that Rainbow Snake. He’ll be beaten down next time, and overtaken by Zhou Ji and Christopher Adam again!”

“It’s been updated!

“The leaderboard has been updated!”

Someone yelled and all of the students looked at the leaderboard at the same time.

“Sure enough, Ling Jiu is number one!”

“d.a.m.n, his score is just d.a.m.n high!”

“Just a lucky b*stard, what’s there to hype anyway?”

“No, look carefully, his result is just ridiculous!”

“Isn’t it 2 million-odd? What’s there to see?”

“What? Four million? You gotta be kidding me!”


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