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Read My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication Chapter 231 – Rich Rewards, New Arcana

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Chapter 231: Rich Rewards, New Arcana

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The amount of life force this time… was unprecedented as Ling Jiu felt his entire person was about to explode.

The surging life energies rushed at his body, and in order to better absorb it, Ling Jiu straightaway unleashed the maximum gravity to suppress himself.

He was now a Level 7 Arcanist, and could control up to 140 times the gravity. Plus the 10 times buff given by his Arcana Field, he can control up to 1,400 times the gravity!


Gravity up to a thousand times stronger crashed down upon him, crushing every cell in his body.

Ling Jiu did not idle either as he performed various exercises under the gravitational force.




For a time, his cells consumed energy much faster, and the speed of devouring the life energies also sped up.

And the result was… his body was being enhanced at the speed visible to the naked eye.

No one knew how long had pa.s.sed when Ling Jiu stopped after he felt that his body was no longer absorbing life energies.

At this moment, he felt his body was unprecedentedly strong as a steady stream of power rushed out from his body, seemingly trying to burst him apart.

“This power…”

Ling Jiu muttered to himself as he suddenly swiped his hand and with a crash, a dark rift was instantly ripped open before him.

A Dimension Rift!

“Ripping the void apart with my bare hands!”

Ling Jiu was shocked. “Is my strength now enough to rip the void apart? This is something only a stellar lifeform can do!”

“In other words…”

Ling Jiu was extremely excited as he waved his hand again.


Another dimensional rift appeared.



Ling Jiu attempted it again and again, tirelessly. He found that the incomparably tough void was now like paper that he could rip apart easily…

This all pointed to a single fact that his body had broken Level 10, and was comparable to a stellar lifeform.

“A stellar lifeform seemed to be able to fly freely, without the need to use their Arcana Field.”

As he thought of that, Ling Jiu dispelled the gravity and his Arcana Field. He suddenly felt his body had lost all gravitational pull as he slowly floated up.

“Only a stellar lifeform can truly fly!”

“No need for Arcana!”

“No need for Arcana Field!”

“Just like a fish swimming in the water.”

“Flight… had become completely instinctual.”

Ling Jiu lay quietly in midair as he felt his body slowly move, and he broke into a smile. This time his haul was great, unprecedentedly great.

The 28 corpses had allowed his body to break through Level 10 in a single go. From now on, he was also considered a stellar lifeform.

“However, I cannot be overconfident.”

Ling Jiu opened his eyes. “My physical body had reached this level, and it will be very difficult to continue to improve it. So I need to focus my energy on my Arcana.”

“My Arcana is only Level 7.”

“A little too far behind!”

In the next period of time, Ling Jiu split out 10 duplicates as he drew upon the Dark Bio-energy in the void to cultivate.

Three days pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye, and someone finally came to the dinosaur planet again.

“Brother Ling, we’ll take over the wormhole. You can leave now.”


Ling Jiu left the dinosaur planet and returned to Earth. The moment he arrived at the matriculation camp, he was summoned by the camp commandant.

“Ling Jiu, your reward is here.”

The camp commandant wore a smile on her face. “The reward this time is very generous. To be honest, I’m a little envious myself.”


Ling Jiu scratched his head, revealing his front teeth as a flash of antic.i.p.ation appeared in his eyes.

“First, a stellar-level Life Enhancement Liquid worth 1 million contribution points.”

“Second, a stellar-level Gene Arcana elixir worth 1 million contribution points.”

“Third, three Stellar-level treasures of heaven and earth worth 1 million contribution points each, for which are Gene Arcana enhancement, Deep Awakening, and Awakening new Arcanas.”

“Fourth, a cold weapon worth 1 million contribution points.”

“Fifth, a Stellar-level airship worth 1 million contribution points.”

“Sixth, a housing spot in the Heavenstar.”

“Seventh, one month’s cultivation time in Poseidon.”

After saying all that in one breath did the camp commandant heaved a sigh of relief. “This is the reward given to you by humanity’s top echelon. How about it? Isn’t it generous?”

“Generous, very generous indeed!”

Ling Jiu nodded hurriedly and immediately asked, “Commandant, I understand the first five rewards, but what are the sixth and seventh about?”

The camp commandant smiled, with envy in her eyes. “The Heavenstar and Poseidon are like the Pandora star you discovered. Both of them are also planets of life.”

“The Heavenstar is beautiful, just like heaven on earth, and its Gene Arcana is extremely rich. Looking at Earth, aside from the head of the major powers, only stellar lifeforms are eligible to live there.”

“Oh, I see!”

Ling Jiu nodded repeatedly.

“As for Poseidon…”

A look of yearning flashed past the camp commandant’s eyes. “Poseidon was originally a small planet of life rich in Gene Arcana. Later on, we had planted a large number of Arcana Trees there, so the mysterious energy on the planet is very rich.”

“Cultivating on Poseidon not only allows you to get twice the results with half the effort, but also absorb the mysterious energies. So the rights to enter Poseidon is very much sought-after!”

“Even a stellar lifeform like me does not have the right to enter. Only those talented aces who have made great contributions and are about to break into Level 10 have the opportunity to enter Poseidon.”

“Oh, I see!”

Ling Jiu was greatly disappointed. No matter how awesome Poseidon was, it was just mysterious energy, which was of no use to him.

A pity…

Ling Jiu, the first two rewards are here. You can check them yourself after you head back.”

The camp commandant handed over a Dimensional Bag. “The last two rewards had also been approved, so you can go to Heavenstar and Poseidon at any time. But…”

“What’s wrong? Commandant?”

Ling Jiu was puzzled.

“Before you go to Poseidon, I hope you can open up a wormhole between Mars and Europa.” The camp commandant said to Ling Jiu.

“No problem, Ma’am!”

Ling Jiu nodded repeatedly.

“Okay, you may leave now.”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Back on Mars, Ling Jiu quietly returned to the Ares Plain.

It was now nighttime, and Bai Ya was in the woods absorbing the mysterious energy to train while Wukong was snoring away in the airship. While no one was disturbing him, Ling Jiu took out the day’s reward.

The Life Enhancement Liquid and Arcana Elixir are useless to me. Gonna let Bai Ya have them instead. That Arcana enhancement treasure of heaven and earth is also useless to me.”

“The Deep Awakening one is however useful.”

Ling Jiu took out that treasure of heaven and earth and consumed it. A burst of fatigue hit him as Ling Jiu fell asleep. By the time he woke up again, no one knew how long had pa.s.sed.

Ling Jiu touched his head and looked out the window. The sky was just getting bright.

“Has my Arcana underwent a deep awakening? I have two main Arcanas now, and I don’t know which one underwent the deep awakening. Is it the Replication one or the Plunderer one? Or have both of them undergone deep awakening?

“I’m gonna test it out properly.”

The Replication Arcana had undergone four deep awakenings, and it could detect, as well as replicate, Arcanas in a radius of 100 meters. The cooldown period had also been reduced to 10 days.

He had only recently awakened the Plunder Arcana, and he could only Plunder his opponent’s Arcana through contact. Plus, the cooldown period was as long as two months.

If possible, Ling Jiu hoped that it was the Plunder Arcana that would undergo the deep awakening.

Of course, which one that would undergo the deep awakening was out of Ling Jiu’s control.

“What’s next is the treasure of heaven and earth for awakening new Arcana.”

Ling Jiu looked at the sky, and it was still dark. Since there was still time, Ling Jiu consumed the treasure of heaven and earth and once again fell into a deep sleep.

No one knew how much time pa.s.sed. By the time Ling Jiu woke up again, Bai Ya was already busy in the kitchen while Wukong still had not woken up yet.

Ling Jiu rubbed his temple. “Have I awakened a new Arcana? If yes, what is it?”

Ling Jiu entered that mysterious world again.

Sure enough, the star system had increased from the previous two to three:

A golden star system representing the Replication Arcana, the black hole system symbolizing the Plunder Arcana, and a brand new lonely star system.

It was a white sphere of light that suspended quietly around the two-star systems, radiating a steady stream of light and heat. It looked very lonely.

“Sure enough, I’ve awakened a new Arcana!”

“But I wonder what Arcana is it?”

Ling Jiu hurriedly studied it.

“My dear, breakfast’s ready!”

Bai Ya’s voice sounded.


Ling Jiu shook his head helplessly as he woke up to wash up. Wukong was still snoring away but was grabbed up from bed by Bai Ya anyway.

At the table, Ling Jiu took out the first three treasures and handed them to Bai Ya. “Honey, these are treasures I’ve just gotten, take them later.”

“What are these?”

Bai Ya had a confused look.

“A Life-enhancing liquid, a gene elixir, and a Gene Arcana strengthening elixir,” Ling Jiu said casually.

“Just normal treasures of heaven and earth. Use them after this, should be of some use to you.”


“Thank you, dear!”

Hearing that they are just normal treasures of heaven and earth, Bai Ya did not doubt him and agreed.

After breakfast, Ling Jiu split into ten duplicates, five of them planting trees while the other five trained as he continued to study his new Arcana.

Bai Ya also split into three duplicates and got them to plant trees as she took the treasures of heaven and earth Ling Jiu gave her into the room.

In the blink of an eye, a day pa.s.sed and Ling Jiu finally figured out this mysterious new Arcana, and the result made Ling Jiu speechless.

“I totally did not expect this Arcana!”

“A little weaksauce, though.”


What was the new Arcana?


Simply put, Ling Jiu can bestow his current Arcanas to someone else. For example, he could bestow his Dimension Arcana to Bai Ya.


To be able to bestow Arcanas was perfect for his friends and family, but for Ling Jiu, it was extremely weaksauce.

“But, better than nothing I guess.”

Ling Jiu did not continue to dwell on the new Arcana but instead looked at stellar-level the cold weapon worth 1 million contribution points.

It was a black water orb, about the size of a basketball. It was as black as ink, making one unable to see what was inside it.

“Name: The Long River”

“Level: Stellar-level treasure of heaven and earth.”

“Effect: The Long River is extremely dense, far heavier than metals of the same size but with all of the characteristics of water. It is both tough and soft at the same time, and can absorb Gene Arcana to grow…”

“Not bad.”

Ling Jiu was very satisfied with the power of the Long River, and was ready to study it when Bai Ya suddenly pushed the door open. “Honey, what was it that you gave me earlier?”



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