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My Summons Are All Gods is a web novel produced by Zhang Qing Tian Xia.
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Chapter 129: The Landers’ Concerns

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In order to survive the next world upgrade,

many people began to make corresponding preparations,

some were strengthening their training,

they were preparing to nurture a group of powerful troops and elites when the world upgraded.

To deal with the challenges that came next.

Some sealed off their borders, cutting off all communication with the outside world.

As long as they did not take the initiative to show themselves, others would not know their true strength.

Then, when others wanted to make a move against them, they had to carefully consider their own strength.

Of course, there was no need for considering with someone like the Sky Emperor.

They could just directly overthrow him.

However, if it was really the Sky Dynasty, there was no need for the Sky Emperor to personally make a move.

They would just charge forward and voluntarily become va.s.sals.

“Is this Sky Emperor a monster? I just reached the late-stage of rank three, and he already has more than 20 late-stage rank three subordinates. When did the late-stage of rank three become so worthless?”

“And he has already unified the world.”

In the public area, a white-haired elder sighed helplessly.

“That’s right. After all, according to the setting of the level three world, Emperors like us have to reach the late stage of level three within a year. Only then can we hope to get by in this world.”

“After that, we have to stabilize our own territory, develop our own strength, train the army, and nurture the strong. Finally, we will complete the final three promotion missions.”

“Finally, we will advance to legend dynasty and raise our world level.”

“That’s right. However, we have only just increased our strength. Just as we are preparing to develop, that fellow has already completed three promotion missions and is preparing to advance to G.o.d dynasty.”

Another old man with a white beard and hair complained angrily,

they were actually the other invaders of the empire.

Most of them were seniors who were even older than Emperor Dongning.

After all, the Empire Era had been on Earth for more than a hundred years.

How could Emperor Dongning be the only one of his like in such a long time!

The earth was so big, and there were many people who were older and more talented than Emperor Dongning.

However, at this moment, they were all extremely worried about their future.

“What should we do next? It’s still fine when the world level is three, but for the emperor, he only needs a year to become one of the strongest in the world.”

“But it’s hard to say if the world level is four. Although the world level four corresponds to the legend dynasty, everyone’s cultivation speed will greatly increase.”

“But who among us has the confidence to increase in strength and become one of the strongest within a year?”

The few people present had bitter expressions on their faces as they shook their heads helplessly,

it was impossible. They knew their own strength.

Although their cultivation speed had increased,

but the further they advanced, the more difficult it became to raise their own strength.

This was something that they felt the most after advancing from the mid-stage of rank three to rank three.

The gap between each level after that was like a natural moat.

Wanting to make another breakthrough within a year?

This was basically impossible.

After all, they had focused all of the empire’s resources on themselves,

that was how they had been able to advance to late-stage rank three within a year,

however, the Sky Empire did not follow common sense at all.

In a year’s time, the Sky Emperor Jerry had advanced to late-stage rank three,

however, together with his subordinates, he had nurtured an army of nearly 70 million level two elites.

Not only that, there were also nearly 20 late-stage level three elites.

What kind of concept was this?

This meant that in just a year, the Sky Dynasty had nurtured nearly 20 Emperors.

Where did he get so many resources?

If resources could be barely explained,

then where did he get so many talented experts from.

One had to know that it was easy to obtain millions of wealth,

but the number of experts who could advance to late-stage rank three was 10,000,

no, it might not even be one in a million.

But even if they had a thousand doubts and were extremely puzzled…

There was nothing they could do. There was nothing they could do…

it was impossible for them to run up to the Sky Emperor and ask him,

“h.e.l.lo, may I ask how you managed to level up so quickly?”

Then they were not the rulers of the imperial dynasty,

they were the pigs of the imperial dynasty.

The huge gap between the two sides was obvious. If you foolishly ran over now, wouldn’t that be the same as throwing your life away?

Although they did not want to admit it, although they were both rulers of the imperial dynasty,

they were no longer qualified to be compared to Sky Emperor Jerry.

The gap between them was as huge as that between heaven and earth. There was simply no way to compare.

“What can we do now? We can only take it one step at a time,”someone said self-deprecatingly.

“That’s true, but I feel that the Empire Era should make some corresponding responses to this matter.”

“That’s right. If it continues to develop like this, the speed of the world’s level will increase rapidly, directly breaking the previous record.”

“It has already broken the record now! But if it continues to develop like this, at that time, all the landers will become his cannon fodder.”

A ruler of the empire said worriedly. Although the Empire Era had always followed the rule of the strong devouring the weak.

But everyone knew that in the early stages of the world’s level rise,

in fact, for a very long period of time to come..,

the invaders’opponents were not other humans who were also invaders, but the natives of this world.

Compared to other factions who were also invaders, the natives of this world were the most difficult to deal with,

because in the early stages of the world’s level rise, although the invaders’ factions were different in strength,

the difference between them would not be too great.

Of course, the Sky Empire was an exception. That guy was a monster, a complete monster.

Hence, the aborigines that existed during the Empire Era were the strongest,

among the aborigines, there were countless empires and countless elites.

This was also the reason why these Empire Lords knew each other,

before the appearance of the public area,

they had used some means to get to know each other,

in the real world,

of course, after the appearance of the public area, their communication became more convenient.

Their cooperation became even closer.

If it weren’t for their mutual help,

they wouldn’t have been able to survive for so long in the Empire Era.

They would not have been able to reach this point

They even suspected that this public area was used to cooperate with each other to deal with the natives of that world.

According to everyone’s estimates, if the invaders started fighting each other,

at least until everyone stood at the peak of the age of Empire Era,

at that time, there would be no other natives in the Empire Era.

At that time, civil war would break out between the landers.

However, the Sky Empire just so happened to produce the Sky Emperor Jerry.

Constantly increasing the level of the world,

causing all the landers to be unable to keep up with the world level.

However, the natives within the Empire Era were getting stronger and stronger.

Back when the world level was still at three..,

most of them were still at rank one, or the early stage of rank two.

During the Empire Era, how many aborigines were already at late-stage rank two or early-stage rank three,

there were even some who had already reached mid-stage rank three.

Back then, there were countless landings who were defeated by these aborigines.

Then, they were forced to leave this world.


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