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Read My Summons Are All Gods Chapter 218 – Collin And Eleanor’s Inner Schemes

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Chapter 218: Collin and Eleanor’s Inner Schemes

After hearing Jerry’s words, Collin was more and more shocked. He said in surprise, “This swamp actually has a consciousness?”

“Since you’re not going to tell the truth, then let’s go!”J erry was too lazy to waste his breath on this woman.

He got up, signaled Athena and Alice to follow, and turned to leave.

Although Athena was a little confused, she had always obeyed Jerry’s words and never had any objections.

“Hey! Why are you leaving? Don’t you care about this person anymore?” Although Alice felt that this was not good, when she saw Jerry and Athena’s actions, she only shouted and ran after them.

Seeing that the three of them left her here alone, Colleen Eleanor panicked.

She didn’t expect them to be so heartless. They left without any hesitation.

At this moment, seeing that the figures were getting further and further away, Crane gritted her teeth. There was no longer any panic in her eyes. She became determined in an instant.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. I’ll tell you everything. As long as you can save my sister, I’ll tell you everything,” Crane shouted.

“I’ll give you one last chance. My patience is very limited. I hope you won’t miss this last chance.”

A voice suddenly sounded from behind her, giving Crane a fright.

She turned around and saw that the three people who had left in front of her had suddenly appeared behind her.

She did not feel anything at all. She raised her head and met Jerry’s cold and merciless gaze.

Crane instantly understood what he meant. Jerry was trying to tell her not to play any more tricks.

Otherwise, if Jerry could appear behind her when she did not feel anything at all, it meant that he could kill her without anyone knowing.

From the coldness in his eyes, Crane Elinor sensed a strong killing intent for the first time. It made her hair stand on end!

It was as if she had fallen into a bone-chilling ice cellar.

At this moment, she did not dare to hide anything anymore. She quickly said, “You’re right. In fact, you’re not the first person to try to save me, but those who saved me were all swallowed up by that swamp.”

“But I can’t do anything about it. I just want to live. My sister is still waiting for me to save her! I can’t die here!”

“So you kept asking for help, but when others saved you, did you warn them about the dangers in the swamp?” A dangerous look flashed in Jerry’s eyes, then he said, “If I’m not wrong, you didn’t. Because you were afraid that once you said it, those people would leave you. They wouldn’t save you at all! Am I right?”

Crane could clearly feel a cold murderous intent approaching her neck, giving her gooseb.u.mps all over.

At this moment, she could only lower her head and not say anything. Everything was as the man had said, just like when he was there. Yes, Crane knew that she was trapped in this swamp.

But she still acted as a trap because only in this way could she survive. What if someone was strong or lucky enough to save her from the swamp?

Seeing that Crane did not say a word, Jerry knew that his guess was probably right.

Athena’s eyes revealed a deep disgust. It turned out that this guy had long known about the dangers in the swamp.

But when Jerry went to save her, she did not warn him at all.

If Her Majesty wasn’t strong enough, she would have been completely devoured by the swamp.

Athena could not help but feel a lingering fear when she thought of this. She stared at Crane again, and a trace of killing intent appeared in her eyes.

Alice was much more straightforward. She directly questioned, “We saved you because we felt sorry for you. I didn’t expect you to have evil intentions. You’re simply saving an ungrateful wretch. To think that you’re so shameless!”

At this time, Crane was not willing to be outdone. She responded strongly, “What do you know? Do you know the feeling of waiting for death slowly? I just don’t want to die. Is it wrong for me not to want to die?”

“Alright! That’s right!” Jerry directly interrupted their argument,

“Your Majesty?” Athena still wanted to say something, but Jerry stretched out his hand to indicate that there was no need to say anything. He knew everything in his heart.

Seeing this, Athena did not say anything more, but secretly increased her vigilance against Crane.

“What you did was not wrong, but it was also not wrong for us to choose not to help you! Remember, this is your last chance. May I ask why I should help you find your sister, and why should I save your sister? I’ll give you five minutes, give me a reason to save your sister!” Jerry bent down, his eyes were fixed on her.

Crane was frightened by Jerry’s gaze. He subconsciously turned his head and averted his gaze. In the end, he made up his mind, he took a deep breath and said, “In fact, my sister is a lord of the dynasty. If you can save her, it will bring unimaginable benefits to you! Maybe it’s not impossible for my sister to marry you!”

After saying that, Crane stared at the number on the back of Jerry’s hand and glanced at it a few times. From the time Jerry saved her, she had found out that he was a lord of the dynasty just like her sister.

He had already obtained the recognition of the Empire Era fragment!

Presumably, this news should be able to give him a shock, but he did not expect that he was still calm!

Moreover, the expressions of the two people next to her became more and more unfriendly.

This reaction was out of Crane’s expectations. According to her plan, once the other party heard this idea, she would naturally be a little surprised and then arouse the other party’s curiosity.

Only then would she be able to lure the other party into her plan step by step.

But after the other party heard the news, her face remained unmoved,

“You have one more minute!” Jerry said calmly. Was it important to her sister or to other people whether she was the Lord of the dynasty?

It was not important at all. So what if it was, so what if it was not!

Who here was not a lord of a dynasty? A dynasty might be a very rare thing in the Empire Era.

But in this training field, there were many lords of dynasties.

No one would notice if one was gone.

As for those unimaginable benefits!

HMPH! Who wouldn’t say that without proof.

Who would be an easy target if they were all lords of dynasties! It’d be d.a.m.ned if these people’s words could be trusted.

Seeing Jerry’s expression, Crane knew that Jerry’s patience had really reached its limit. If he didn’t say something valuable, then it was very likely that not only would Jerry not save her, he might even throw her back into the swamp.

“I can guarantee that if you can save my sister, we can give you the fragment of the Empire Era!”


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