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Read My Summons Are All Gods Chapter 326 – My Subordinates Are Also Very Busy

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Chapter 326: My Subordinates Are Also Very Busy

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although both Jerry and Stobeck were smiling and looked rather amiable, the trial-takers in the hall had completely exploded.

There was no doubt that in that short period of time, the Sky Dynasty and Nebula Dynasty had already engaged in a silent battle, even though the two dynasty lords did not personally take action.

However, everything was reflected through the confrontation between the followers. From the final result, it turned out that Jerry’s Sky Dynasty had the upper hand.

After all, it was Stobek who cleaned up the mess in the end, while Jerry did not take action from the beginning to the end. From this point of view, the Nebula Dynasty had lost slightly.

That was obviously unfair, for Jerry’s side was three against one, and it was not a real battle. It was purely dependent on the cultivation level of each person.

No matter how high the cultivation level of that n.o.ble young master was, due to the existence of the endless tower’s rules, he could only reach the peak of the third level divine king, and it was impossible for him to break through to the fourth level.

Naturally, he would not be a match for Apollo and the other two combined.

Therefore, no one would think that the nebula dynasty’s strength was weaker than the Sky dynasty’s. However, the people present were indeed shocked by the strength displayed by the Sky Dynasty.

Ignoring the fact that there were more people, the sky dynasty did not only withstand the pressure from the nebula dynasty, but they were also slightly stronger than the Nebula Dynasty.

“This new Sky Dynasty is not to be underestimated! Their strength is actually on par with the Nebula Dynasty.”

“Hey! Don’t talk nonsense. The Sky Dynasty is three against one, so they can barely fight. Why are they on par?”

“Yeah, three against one, it’s not fair to begin with!”

“You can’t say that!”! “Three against one is indeed unfair, but don’t forget that the Sky Dynasty has only just stepped into the second level of the Tower of Infinity, and the Nebula Dynasty has already been on the second level for how long? The Sky Dynasty didn’t even get a single ranking reward, and the Nebula Dynasty has already gotten so many rewards.”

“That’s right. If we really talk about fairness, it should be the nebula dynasty standing still and giving the Sky dynasty the same amount of time to develop before they compete again.”

Although some people said so, everyone knew that it was impossible.

No one would really wait for others to develop for the so-called fair match. The world was unfair to begin with, and in fact, there were quite a number of cultivators who had relied on sinister moves to survive until now.

What fairness? In their eyes, it was completely worthless. It was not even important whether they won or lost. The most important thing was who could live until the end.

Therefore, most people still acknowledged the strength of the Sky Dynasty. Furthermore, many people even placed their gazes on Apollo and the others. After all, from the strength they had displayed just now, they were even stronger than most of the cultivators present.

This could not help but cause these people to feel a deep fear.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault for not disciplining my subordinates properly. I’ve let the Emperor of the sky see this as a joke.” Stobek bowed slightly in apology, but there was not the slightest hint of apology in his words. Everything was just a formality.

“It’s alright. You can let my subordinates discipline you, but you will need to strengthen your butler properly when you return. Otherwise, you can’t always let my subordinates discipline them. My subordinates are also very busy,” Jerry replied with a smile.

However, as soon as Jerry finished speaking, the noisy hall instantly fell into a dead silence. They really did not expect this new guy to be so arrogant. In fact, everyone in the hall had witnessed the situation just now.

On the surface, it seemed that the nebula dynasty had suffered a bit, but no one thought that the nebula dynasty was weaker than the Sky dynasty, not to mention that the two sides were only fighting purely in terms of cultivation. Moreover, Sky Dynasty relied on their numbers to gain the upper hand.

If they really fought, even if the three people from Sky Dynasty attacked together, they might not really be able to defeat Nebula Dynasty,

but at this time, Jerry’s words seemed like Nebula dynasty was defeated by him directly. Initially, Stobek only answered politely, but Jerry actually took it seriously and even thought that it was Stobek’s concession.

“This guy really doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

“Sigh! Now I finally understand why Lu Zian died at the hands of this guy. He was too young and impulsive. Lu Zian foolishly crashing into him was not a suicidal act.”

“It’s good to be young!” Some people sighed. After all, they were not young anymore. Although they had seen through many things, they also lacked the drive to be young and impulsive.

“That guy is not only young, he also has some strength.”

“So what if he has strength? There are at least 800 people who have died like this. Such an arrogant guy is destined to not go far.”

It was not strange for these people in the hall to have such thoughts. After all, only those who had stayed in the second level of the Endless Tower for a long time knew how powerful Stobek and his Nebula dynasty were.

All along, Stobeck had been occupying the first place on the second floor of the endless tower. He had never gone down. Some people said that with his strength, he could have gone to the third floor of the endless tower a long time ago, but for some unknown reason, he had always stayed on the second floor of the endless tower.

But no matter what the reason was, Stobeck’s strength was publicly recognized. There was no doubt that even the arrogant Lu Zian had to take a detour when he saw Stobeck. He did not dare to provoke Stobeck at all, or else even his brother would not be able to save him.

At this moment, the number one expert on the second floor of the tower had a somewhat stiff expression on his face. His words were originally just polite words, but he did not expect that this guy in front of him would actually take him seriously and took advantage of the situation to get off the donkey.

It was good to be young! Stobeck sighed in his heart, but he did not get angry because of Jerry’s words. After all, it was his subordinates who made the first move.

Initially, he came here to test the strength of this newcomer, but now, not only did he not test the strength of this newcomer, but he also showed his strength in front of this newcomer.

Nevertheless, Stobek wasn’t worried at all, for the strength manifested was just the tip of the iceberg. After all, the strongest person on the second floor of the endless tower wasn’t just a bluff.

He had always had absolute confidence in his own strength.

“Interesting! You’re really too interesting. Newbie, I look forward to your performance on the second floor of the Tower of Infinity. Work hard!”


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