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My Summons Are All Gods is a web novel produced by Zhang Qing Tian Xia.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 45: The Eighteen Arhats Make Their Move!


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

 “Ah! ! !”

In the center of the million-strong army, not far from the generals’ camp, the soldiers were screaming in pain. Something unexpected had happened!

“What’s going on?”?

Marquis Anyang was extremely shocked!

He stood up and looked toward the source of the commotion.

Immediately, he saw the 50,000 Byzantine armored cavalry that had suddenly appeared before them.

“What happened?”

“Why did those cavalrymen attack us?”

Marquis Anyang roared.

“We, we, we don’t know either!”

The other generals in the barracks didn’t know what had happened, either.

“Then, which kingdom did they come from? Which king’s army? !”

Marquis Anyang’s face was livid, furious that at the most critical moment of the battle, such a thing had actually happened.

It was a disgrace for him as the supreme commander.

“That, that is…the empress of the Great Cloud Dynasty, Christine!”

Finally, a general recognized whom this army belonged to.

“Hiss, she…she is actually a spy. She is one of Jerry’s people!”

“d.a.m.n it, we’re finished.”

“We’re no match for the Macedonian Phalanx troops, and to make it worse, there’s a traitor among us!”

Everyone cried out in shock an fear.

They could not believe that there was actually Jerry’s troop among them.

“Christine, you actually dare to betray us!”

Marquis Anyang roared.

He wanted nothing more than to kill Christine with his sword.

Christine rode on her war horse and looked at the generals of the various kingdoms on the high platform in the distance. She said coldly, “We are doing all this for the sake of our respective masters. Blame your own stupidity. You can’t blame me.”

After saying that, Christine broke through the encirclement.

The Byzantine armored cavalry was like a sharp arrow, piercing through the allied army.

Under the pincer attack from the inside and outside, the allied army started to collapse!

On the battlefield, hundreds of thousands of troops were chasing and killing millions of troops.

Obviously, the allied army had no chance of winning.

The only option for them was to retreat!

However, they were being attacked from both inside and outside. If they chose to retreat, they would definitely be chased by the enemy.

They were no match for Jerry’s army when they were in their prime state; if they tried to escape, their situation would be even worse.

“Marquis Anyang, what should we do now?”

Everyone looked at Marquis Anyang. As the number one warrior in the Great Peace Dynasty, he was the only hope in everyone’s hearts.

However, everyone knew that they would lose the battle.

Still they were not willing to end it just like that.

Marquis Anyang looked at the battlefield with a sinking heart.

Then he looked in Jerry’s direction. A glimmer of hope rose in his eyes.

“We still have one last glimmer of hope,” Marquis Anyang said in a deep voice. Everyone was stunned. Then, they suddenly understood.

That’s right! They had prepared a backup plan, but they hadn’t thought that they would actually have to use this backup plan.

But they had no choice now. If this still didn’t work, then after today, their kingdoms would be destroyed!

Marquis Anyang suddenly erupted, his battlefield killing aura piercing through the sky like a pillar.

The Peak Level One General’s battlefield killing aura shocked all the people on the battleground.

“Guys, what are you waiting for?!” Marquis Anyang threw his head back and roared angrily. In an instant, different auras rose from all directions of the battlefield.

“En, these are…?”

Jerry raised his eyebrows, surprised that there would be so many powerful Level One warriors hidden around the battlefield.

Obviously, they had used some secret technique to hide their auras.

After all, Jerry was only half a step into Level Two and half a step over Level One.

It was impossible for him to detect everything.

Level One warriors rose one after another.

Outside the battlefield, there were actually over a hundred Level One warriors who had been in hiding.

They were Marquis Anyang’s trump card.

They were all the Level One warriors from different kingdoms of Qingzhou!

Some were civilian warriors while the others were generals from the army.

But without exception, they were all Level One warriors, the greatest masters in the world!

“Jerry, even if we have to die here today with our one million strong army, we still have to kill you first!”

“We won’t die in vain if we can kill you here on this south border battlefield!”

“Jerry, die!”

The auras of over a hundred Level One warriors rose up and charged straight at Jerry.

Their mission was to kill Jerry at all costs!

If Jerry was dead, his dynasty would fall!


Jerry stood up and prepared to fight these one hundred Level One warriors alone!

Jerry was about to attack, but Alexander stopped him.

“Your Majesty, you are our emperor. Although your strength is great, It is beneath your dignity to deal with such a small matter in person,” Alexander said.

He was right. As the empire prospered, Jerry’s position was very high.

If he dealt with every small matter in person, his officials would look useless.

Jerry pondered for a moment, then nodded.

Looking at the 100 Level One warriors who were charging toward him with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, Jerry sneered.

“Alright, then let’s show the world the terrifying strength of the Eighteen Arhats!”

According to the Eternal Roster, the Eighteen Arhats were able to kill any Level Two masters when they joined hands!

In the current Level 1 world, it was very rare for a half-step Level 2 master like Jerry to appear.

Therefore, the Eighteen Arhats were invincible!

Once the Eighteen Arhats made a move, they would sweep across the entire battlefield because they wouldn’t stop until they killed every enemy they saw.

Buddha was merciful, but the arhats were in charge of killing!

Probably today, no one from the million-strong army would be able to leave the place alive.

“Where are the Eighteen Arhats?”

Jerry sat high on the Dragon Throne, holding the Sky Sword with one hand.

“Here! Here! Here!”

Eighteen figures instantly appeared in front of Jerry, kneeling on one knee.


Jerry pulled out his sword and pointed it at the sky, saying in a deep voice, “Eighteen Arhats, listen up!

“Kill all the enemies you see!”

Killing intent filled the sky.

Once the Eighteen Arhats attacked, they would not stop until all the enemies were dead!


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