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Chapter 5: Head to The Barracks, Athena In Charge!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The barracks were in the north of the city.

Although Sky City was not big, the rules were complete.

All buildings were put into their positions after careful consideration.

The north of the city were the barracks, the south of the city was the residential area, and the east of the city was the location of all kinds of inst.i.tutions.

As they got close to the military camp, they heard the shouts of killing.

“What’s that? Could it be a fight?”

When Jerry heard the sounds, he thought that it was a fight.

But at second thought, it was normal for the military camp to be raucous.

Moreover, if they were to cause trouble in the military camp, they would be beheaded.

No one would be so stupid, so they must be training.

When he walked in and took a look, it was just as Jerry had thought.

Seeing that the sounds came from the soldiers training, Jerry nodded to himself. These 3,000 soldiers were not bad since they trained without being told.

Jerry felt that his luck was pretty good; after all, many people entered the Empire Era with a mess in their hands.

The management of the army was lax, and their combat ability was low.

Even a.s.sembling them into a battle team was difficult.

As for attacking other cities?

Needless to day, they were going to die in the battle.

The army that he got was pretty good.

Just as he reached the entrance of the military camp, the soldier guarding the door saw Jerry and immediately knelt down on one knee.

“Greetings, my Lord!”

Their att.i.tude and loyalty seemed to be pretty good. One had to know that the soldiers in the Empire Era had their own free mind.

They were all living people, but because of the Empire Era’s power, the Earthlings took over some of the local people’s places and became city lords.

Many people entered the Empire Era and found it was exactly the same as reality, so they started to fool around.

They bullied the local people and had fun with women every day, having a great time.

The consequence was obvious. All of them were overthrown by their subordinates, and in the end, they were killed and then exited from the Empire Era.

Therefore, Jerry was quite satisfied when he saw that his soldiers were very loyal.

He wasn’t that kind of sc.u.m and wouldn’t make his soldiers hate him.

Thus, as long as their current loyalty to him was high, it would be fine. In the future, it would be mythical figures who managed the city and the soldiers for him.

As for the abilities of the mythical figures, there was no need to elaborate, right?

With their management and guidance, Jerry’s prestige would grow in the future.

As they entered the military camp, the 3,000 soldiers in the military camp had already gathered.

2,000 infantry, 500 archers, and 500 cavalrymen! Among them, the most precious was probably the 500 cavalrymen.

Because in the era of cold weapons, the cavalrymen were a strategic force.

A small city like Sky City had 500 cavalry, which was a sign of unbelievable riches!

And these 500 cavalry looked like they were well trained.

“What do you think?”

Jerry looked at Athena and asked.

He wanted to hear Athena’s opinion.

Athena carefully observed for a while and finally said to Jerry.

“It’s not bad. This is a regular army, but compared to the elites, it’s still has a long way to go.”

She was right. Sky City was only this big. All these years, it had only experienced a few small battles as they raided bandits.

Furthermore, they had never been trained by war talents. He was satisfied with their current force.

Of course, it was only good compared to small and weak cities.

Facing those huge empires, this army was as weak as a chicken.

It could be devoured by the huge beast-like army instantly.


Jerry walked forward and shouted.

“Greetings, my Lord!”

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Everyone responded in unison and knelt down on one knee, looking at Jerry with extreme respect.

In an instant, Jerry felt that adrenaline coursing through his veins. This feeling was really wonderful.

The 3,000 armored soldiers all knelt down on one knee in front of him, calling greetings to their lord. This feeling was incredible.

No wonder in the history, no matter what dynasty it was, countless heroes dreamed of conquering the land and ascending to the top of the world! No words could describe this feeling!

Jerry thought to himself, but at the same time, he became more determined to achieve something big!

The city lord of a small city was not enough! He wanted to become the ruler of a kingdom. He wanted to create a supreme empire, or something bigger!

“Soldiers, this is Athena!

“She is the general whom I selected for you. From now on, she will be the general of Sky City, commanding the Army of Sky City!” Jerry said.

 He didn’t say the t.i.tle of Great General or something like that, because this was just a small city. It would be shameful to say that .

But he believed that with Athena by his side, he would get stronger rapidly!

After occupying more than a dozen cities, he would be qualified to establish a kingdom!

Although a kingdom with a dozen cities was small, it was still something.

According to the Empire Era’s settings, the owners of twelve cities could establish a kingdom!

However, the empire above the kingdom had a minimum requirement of occupying a state!

A state here was much bigger than the United States or other huge countries on Earth.

It was how big a state was!

Although he didn’t know much about the state Qinzhou that he was in, he was sure it had more than a hundred cities!

There were even a few kingdoms in it! Therefore, to occupy the entire state of Qinzhou and establish an empire was h.e.l.lish difficult.


Looking at the beautiful and aggressive-looking Athena beside him, Jerry’s lips curled up into a smile.

But that was for others!

As long as he occupied other cities and expanded his territory, Jerry would be able to obtain more summoning opportunities.

The more mythical characters he had, the stronger he would become! He could expand endlessly by conquering other cities!

All the soldiers looked at Athena. Some of the veterans’ eyes were filled with displeasure. This young woman was actually going to become their commander-in-chief?

It was not their fault to think this. After all, they were all veterans. As for Athena, she looked to be only in her twenties. It was normal for them to not trust her.

Who would have thought that this beautiful woman in her twenties was actually a G.o.ddess?!

Moreover, she was the G.o.ddess of war!

She was the daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology.

She was one of the most powerful women in Greek mythology.

Don’t be fooled by her appearance.

Jerry looked at the expressions of the soldiers and smiled to himself.


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