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Chapter 1394: Skeptical

Another doctor had already brought all the medicine that Nuannuan requested from the ambulance and placed them on a tray.

After grabbing a pair of sterile gloves from the tray and putting them on, she picked up a large syringe and inserted it into the saline bottle, sucking out the liquid inside.

“Wait, what are you doing?” The doctor stopped her immediately.

“Concocting my medicine.” Nuannuan fiddled with the liquid in the bottle and kept removing the liquid using the syringe before pouring it outside.

If the doctor had been intimidated by Nangong Nuannuan’s words before, they were now completely speechless.

“The amount of saline solution is fixed. If you want to add anti-inflammatory drugs, you need to use the same amount of saline solution. Otherwise, highly concentrated drugs might be really bad for patients, especially those with kidney failure.”

“His kidneys are already failing, so he can’t use too much of the medicine. Therefore, even if it’s the new generation of cephalosporins, we have to use the smallest amount. Otherwise, not only will it have no affect on improving his conditions, but it will also increase the burden on his kidneys,” Nuannuan replied.

“Doctor, I believe her,” Chi Zeyao suddenly said.

The doctor saw that the patient had spoken up for Nangong Nuannuan, and Old Marshal Chi trusted her unconditionally. Even a senior professional like Elder Hong did not speak up, so he could only shut up.

They would love to see what the girl would do to suppress the effects of critical kidney failure.

Nuannuan used a large syringe to draw out more than half of the saline solution. She then looked at the quant.i.ty of the medicine and the manufacturer. Then, she used the syringe to draw out the corresponding amount and injected it into the bag of saline solution.

After mixing the five types of drugs, the volume was still less than a bottle of saline solution.

Finally, Nuannuan shook the liquid to make sure they were evenly mixed and retrieved the IV tube.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, before applying disinfectant and iodophor, they would tie a piece of rubber at the hand so that the vein could bulge, making it easier to insert the needle.

However, Nuannuan did not even do that. After disinfecting a patch of skin on Chi Zeyao’s hand, she inserted the needle into the back of Chi Zeyao’s hand.

The doctor at the side wanted to cover his face, unable to make himself look.

However, in the next moment, he realized that Nangong Nuannuan had already started to fix the IV needle with a piece of plaster.

Chi Zeyao did not seem to possess hands with bulging veins. His hand was slender and fair, and the blood vessels were not protruding from his skin. It would be harder to locate his blood vessels.

However, Nangong Nuannuan had inserted the needle so simply, yet she was accurate.

This time, the skeptical doctors were now at least rea.s.sured that Nangong Nuannuan was not bad in this aspect.

After all, after being in the industry for so many years, this was still an impossible feat.

After the injection, Nuannuan began to perform acupuncture on Chi Zeyao.

Everyone was watching from inside the room.

Nuannuan glanced at everyone. Thinking that Second Uncle would not stop going to the toilet later, she immediately chased everyone out. “Everyone, why don’t you leave us? I just need one person to a.s.sist Second Uncle to urinate later.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately dispersed. Only Chi Yang stayed behind.

The acupuncture took almost two hours. Chi Yang watched as his Second Uncle peed blood at the start until his urine became clear. In these two hours, he went to the toilet seven times. However, Chi Yang realized that every time Second Uncle Chi went to the toilet, the swelling on his body would decrease.


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