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If You Became Bald

After contemplating for a while, Yang Chen asked, “Darling, is being with me really all that stressful? Please be honest.”

An Xin blinked a few times. “Stressful? Of course, it is.”

Yang Chen’s face fell. “I see. I suppose Ruoxi isn’t the only one who feels that way.”

“Hmm? Why would Sister Ruoxi be stressed? She’s already your legal wife. As your lover, I worry about you being with other women and whether or not you remember me.” An Xin was filled with jealousy. “If I were to be with you every day, I wouldn’t need to stress.”

Yang Chen was puzzled at her reply. “Was that what you meant by stress?”

“What else?” An Xin got confused.

Yang Chen smiled. “You silly woman, why wouldn’t I spend time with you? You never call me when you’re busy. And It’s not like you don’t know how free I am.”

An Xin stuck out her tongue. “Hehe, hubby you haven’t told me. What were you referring to?”

Yang Chen said, slightly embarra.s.sed by it, “Ruoxi told me earlier that she feels pain from the fact that we come from two separate worlds. So I don’t know what to say to her. I thought you would feel the same.”

An Xin tilted her head in confusion at first but she giggled afterwards. “Hubby, did she really say that?”

“Yeah… more or less. It’s more complicated,” Yang Chen said in frustration.

An Xin chuckled and pecked his cheeks.

“How is that stressful? Men are supposed to be stronger than women. I don’t know about others but I definitely want my man to be the strongest one of all. It’s not like I’m his opponent, so why would I be stressed? It’s fine as long as your feelings for me are genuine,” An Xin said nonchalantly.

Yang Chen was unconvinced. “Really?”

An Xin nodded. “Yeah. Think about this, I might not be filthy rich but my family’s net worth is in the billions. Why would I want a guy who only has a hundred million? It’s not that I’m materialistic, but we wouldn’t have anything in common. Average people have to take everyday expenses into account. But here we are spending millions on cars and mansions like it’s nothing. Money is just a number. They live in two different worlds which is why they can’t be together. But you’re rich and powerful, stronger than me, that’s why I feel comfortable with you.”

Yang Chen was still not buying it. “No way… then why did you agree to follow me when you first met me? You didn’t even know what kind of person I was.”

An Xin felt shy. “Actually… if you didn’t show me how powerful you were…I don’t think I would have agreed to be with you.”

“What?” Yang Chen widened his eyes. “Are you asking for a spanking?”

“Hubby don’t be angry!” An Xin covered her b.u.t.t. “It’s not that I’m being shallow. You wouldn’t have saved me if I was. It was destined to happen. Plus, if you had less money than me, wouldn’t you be completely dependant on me?”

Yang Chen thought about it and felt that it made sense. If he wasn’t strong enough, Lin Ruoxi would’ve died ages ago. He couldn’t have saved her from the pub back then. It was better to be taken by him than to be raped by a bunch of people.

As cruel as it sounded, it was the reality of it.

So why did she suddenly talk about being unworthy! What nonsense! he thought.

Yang Chen felt much better and continued to ask, “Then darling, tell me, are you okay with me killing people?”

An Xin hesitated before answering with a soft voice, “Killing isn’t right but I know you have your reasons for it. I can understand if you killed someone to protect us. It’s not like you do it for sport. You only do it when provoked”

Yang Chen thought she was too cute! She’s right, it’s not like I started it first. If they hadn’t messed with my life and my friends, I wouldn’t have done anything. What other reason would I have to go to Russia and kill a whole family for? My methods may have been cruel but it was necessary.

An Xin caressed his cheeks. “Plus, I know you hate killing people too. You wouldn’t have tried to lead a peaceful life otherwise. But certain things are inevitable. I just hope for you to be happy when you’re with me.”

Yang Chen grinned suggestively. “Darling let’s do it again as a reward for you.”

An Xin tried to hide as she chided, “I want to continue sleeping, I’m tired!”

“You won’t be sleepy later.” Yang Chen licked his lips.

An Xin shook her head and punched his chest while pouting. “I deserve to have my own rights, even as a lover!”

Yang Chen gave in eventually.

He sat up to let An Xin lie on his lap, “Alright you can sleep. I’ll take you out for lunch when you wake.”

An Xin relaxed and nodded. Her eyes closed and she went into deep sleep minutes later out of exhaustion.

Yang Chen caressed her hair.

An Xin’s breathing settled into a rhythmic pattern. “Hubby… if you keep stroking my hair like that I’ll turn bald…”

“I’ll leave you if you become bald,” Yang Chen joked.

An Xin pouted. “Don’t leave me… I’ll still love you even if you become fat and old…”

Yang Chen’s hand paused when he heard that, his eyes filled with affection.

An Xin woke up several hours later. It was already twelve in the afternoon.

An Xin decided to skip work since Yang Chen said they would go out for lunch together. It’s not like anyone could control her.

Yang Chen became her only ‘family’ ever since she had a falling out with her real family.

Yang Chen had already texted Guo Xuehua to inform them that they didn’t have to wait for him. He took An Xin out to a restaurant for lunch after she got ready.

Although he was worried about Lin Ruoxi, he knew that the best remedy for many things was time. So he tried to talk about the interesting experiences he had encountered overseas, as an attempt to get closer to her.

They walked around the mall hand-in-hand. As they pa.s.sed the cinemas, An Xin said, “Hubby, Spider-Man 4 is just released, isn’t it? Let’s go watch it!”

Yang Chen frowned. He was never really a fan of sci-fi action movies. His life was more interesting and filled with real-life people with superpowers.

“What’s so interesting about watching a guy swing here and there? If you want I can carry you and fly.” Yang Chen wasn’t amused.

An Xin pouted. “Oh… Do you think I’m childish?”

Yang Chen was stunned for a while and replied, “No, let’s go watch it.”

“Hmm?” An Xin couldn’t understand why he changed his mind.

Yang Chen explained. “I always force my opinion on you guys. You reminded me how hurtful my actions can be. That’s why I want to take the initiative and do things that you guys might enjoy. I’ll watch Spider-Man with you and then I’ll watch Korean dramas with Ruoxi at night when I get home. That way you can say that we have more in common.”

An Xin beamed and kissed his cheeks. “That’s great, but don’t turn into a sissy from watching Korean dramas!”

Yang Chen smiled and said nothing. He had An Xin wait for him while he queued up for tickets.

Because the movie was a new release, many people were already waiting in line for the movie. Yang Chen wasn’t in a hurry anyway so he just stood and waited.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar silhouette that he had almost forgotten from the corner of his eye…

Lynic’s notes:

Chapter 4/6

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