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Read My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 493 – Where Is Gu Mang?

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Read WebNovel My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 493 – Where Is Gu Mang?

Chapter 493: Where Is Gu Mang?

On the first floor of the office building.

With both hands in her pocket, Gu Mang walked out of the lift, still wearing her mask. She scanned her surroundings once before looking in the direction of the rest area.

Yu Mufeng was sitting on the sofa comfortably and frivolously with crossed legs. Both his arms were on the arm rests. Under his arms, there were two leather folders.

Gu Mang approached the single-person sofa and sat down next to him.

As soon as Yu Mufeng saw her, he put down both his legs and sat up straight. “Little grandmaster.”

Gu Mang looked at him. “Yes?”

Yu Mufeng nodded and pa.s.sed her the folders he had. “I need the higher-ups signatures on these two doc.u.ments. The inspection process is very slow and troublesome, so my dad is hoping Lu Chengzhou can help us out.”

Gu Mang unraveled the red string holding the folder closed and took out the doc.u.ment. She looked at it.

After a while, she said slowly, “He’s quite good at using people.”

Yu Mufeng was well aware of how shameless his Dad was. Yu Zhongjing was someone who was capable of such things.

Feeling slightly embarra.s.sed, he looked at her with much difficulty. “Little grandmaster, what about this doc.u.ment?”

Gu Mang asked carelessly, “Why didn’t you look for Lu Chengzhou yourself?”

Yu Mufeng scratched his cheeks and mumbled, “If not for the Lu family wanting something from my dad, we would never have been able to establish connections with the Lu family. Even though I call him ‘Brother Cheng,’ the most we do is drink and play games together.”

Who would dare trouble Lu Chengzhou? In the past, n.o.body could have. However, now that there was a big boss next to him, nothing was impossible.

Gu Mang was silent for a few seconds before she stuffed the doc.u.ment back into the folder, sealed it, and placed it under her arms.

Yu Mufeng kept watching her. Noticing that she remained silent, he knew that she had agreed to help him.

“Little grandmaster, what are you busy with upstairs?” He scanned the surroundings of the office building.

When he called thie big boss and heard that she was here, he was slightly confused.

Gu Mang glanced at her watch. There was some time left until the interview.

She lowered her voice and said, “The company is recruiting today. You can come and take a look.”

“Oh… Huh?” Shocked, Yu Mufeng looked at her. “Company? You are running a company here? What company?”

Gu Mang raised her exquisite brows. “X Voice Factory.”

Yu Mufeng was silent for a moment before forcing out the sentence, “You are really serious about a.s.set acquisition. The scope is very broad too.”

However, he was used to this and was still considered relatively composed.

Gu Mang did not reply.

“Wait.” Yu Mufeng suddenly realized something and his tone became higher uncontrollably. “You are not… the Bai Ye that Jiang Qi likes, are you?”

Taking into consideration where they were, Yu Mufeng suppressed the words ‘Bai Ye’ while saying them.

Gu Mang smiled slightly. She dragged her voice languidly, “I am. Is there a problem with that?”

Afraid, Yu Mufeng said, “N-No.”

The air conditioning was really doing its job. The room was quite cold.

Gu Mang was not interested in staying any longer, so she got up with the doc.u.ments. “I’m leaving.”

Yu Mufeng also got up and asked casually, “Are you the interviewer?”

Gu Mang acknowledged with a hum.

“Little grandmaster, can I visit your office for fun?” Yu Mufeng had never visited a voice acting company. He was quite interested. “I’ll just go and take a look.”

“Anything.” After saying that, Gu Mang walked towards the lift.

Yu Mufeng followed her shamelessly.

Xin Yue walked out of the washroom. She was still holding onto the bag tightly, thinking about what she should do.

Suddenly, she saw the woman who had asked Gu Mang for her signature earlier. There was a glimmer in her eyes.

She approached the woman. “Sister.”

When the woman heard Xin Yue’s voice, she stopped and looked at her hesitantly. “Are you talking to me?”

Xin Yue nodded and asked with a courteous smile, “Sister, do you know where Gu Mang is?”


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