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Read My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 711 – Apology, Invited to Observe the Surgery

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Chapter 711: Apology, Invited to Observe the Surgery

After ensuring the study’s door had been closed, Ye Junci finally answered the call with an indifferent voice. “What’s the matter?”

On the other end, Lu Zhan froze for two seconds when he suddenly heard her voice. He remembered that the last time he had called her was last year.

After regaining his senses, he said, “Chengzhou wants to act on the Elders’ a.s.sociation.”

Ye Junci frowned. “Why?”

Lu Zhan answered concisely, “For the medicine.”

4 PM in the afternoon.

Professor Tang made a trip to the research lab. “Everyone follow me to the university hospital. There is a surgery I want you all to see.”

The students stood up. “Okay, teacher.”

Professor Tang scanned the research lab and asked, “Where’s Gu Mang?”

Senior Feng pointed his thumb towards the room next door. “Junior Gu is in the test lab next door.”

Professor Tang nodded. He took out a logbook from the drawer and said without looking up, “Ask her to come along.”

Senior Feng was hesitant about what to say. He did not expect Professor Tang to bring this up on his own. He smiled and said, “I will get her now.”

Wearing a blue surgical gown, Gu Mang was conducting a simulated experiment in the test lab. Just then, the door opened.

Senior Feng rushed in as if he had good news. “Junior Gu, there’s a surgery at the university hospital. Professor Tang is asking you to come along.”

Hearing this, Gu Mang looked up with slightly pursed lips. She said, “Senior, can I not go?”

“You don’t want to go?” Senior Feng’s smile froze. He thought that she was still angry about the fact that Professor Tang did not bring her along previously. He took a few steps forward. “Junior, such opportunities are rare. We only get to visit the university hospital two to three times a month at most. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because of past slights.”

Gu Mang placed the scalpel on the white tray and picked up the hemostat. “It’s not because of that. It’s due to personal reasons.”

Senior Feng did not understand what she meant by that, so he was about to probe further.

However, Gu Mang interrupted him. “Help me thank Professor Tang.”

Senior Feng could only accept her decision. Then, he turned around and left. Upon returning to the research lab, he told Professor Tang what had happened.

“Gu Mang is not going?” Professor Tang did not expect Gu Mang to pa.s.s up on such a rare opportunity.

Senior Feng nodded. “Junior said it’s because of personal reasons.”

Professor Tang thought about his att.i.tude towards Gu Mang up to now for a bit. “I’ll get her.”

Senior Feng’s eyes widened in surprise. “Are you going to talk to Junior Gu personally?”

Professor Tang did not answer him. He put down the things in his hands, turned around, and headed next door. Gu Mang was operating the machine arm, finis.h.i.+ng up some st.i.tching. Seeing someone walk in, there was a trace of annoyance on her face.

She looked up and saw that it was Professor Tang. She stopped what she was doing.

Professor Tang walked to the operating table. He glanced at Gu Mang’s surgical procedure and asked, “Why don’t you want to go to the university hospital?”

Gu Mang finished up the st.i.tching by fastening a knot. “I’m still not familiar with some places. Maybe some other time.”

Professor Tang asked directly, “Is it because I didn’t ask you to come along last time?” Then, he added, “If it’s because of that, I apologize.”

It was true that he had not been the nicest to Gu Mang in the past month or so. He could understand if she held a grudge against him.

In the forensic and medical fields, everyone knew about the first female chief forensic doctor of the Criminal Division. They heard that her computing skills were very outstanding too. This “gm” was extremely talented.

If she were to join the Medical Informatics specialty, she would be able to catch up with the lessons as long as she put in a little more effort than others.

Hearing this, Gu Mang raised her exquisite eyebrows slightly. She put down the surgical tools in her hands and stood up straight. She said politely, “It’s not because of you.”

“Then come and observe the surgery at the university hospital.” Professor Tang’s expression remained cold.

Gu Mang removed her mask. After two seconds of silence, she explained, “The robot here does minimally invasive surgeries. I think I can guarantee a 100 percent success rate for every surgery. I don’t have to go see the robot surgery.”


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