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Read My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 74 – : Doubt

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Read WebNovel My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 74 – : Doubt

Chapter 74: Doubt

“Gu Mang,” he shouted.

Gu Mang poked the brim of her hat up with a finger, revealing her beautiful eyebrows. The raised corner of her eyes were so wild and wickedly charming and her voice was articulate and light. “Uncle Lu.”

Meng Jinyang also greeted them politely. “Uncle Lu.”

Lu Shangjin smiled amicably and greeted Lu Chengzhou and Jiang Shenyuan.

Wearing a black punk jacket, Lu Chengzhou had a hand in his pocket, half-squinting at the inflatable arch not far away. “Parents and students have to walk through the arch on the red carpet together and leave their signatures on the stage?”

Lu Yang nodded, curled his lips, and sneered, “I don’t know who planned this a.s.sembly. It’s overdone.”

Jiang Shenyuan raised his brows and said with interest, “I think this plan is pretty interesting. It’s like a coming-of-age ceremony for you guys.”

Gu Mang stood nonchalantly as she played games on her phone quietly.

Suddenly, Lu Shangjin saw a half inch sized wound on the back of Gu Mang’s hand and he was startled. “What happened to your hand?”

Gu Mang turned her hand around and looked at the dry wound indifferently. “A tree branch scratched me.”

Lu Shangjin heaved a breath of relief. “Be careful next time. Lu Yang, go buy a band-aid.”

The corner of Lu Yang’s mouth twitched. He was beginning to wonder if he was really his son. Thinking back when he was younger, his father didn’t appear so anxious even when he broke his leg after falling from a tree.

Besides, Gu Mang didn’t even need a band-aid. Dumbstruck, he said, “Pa, it’s not needed. It’s already dry. What’s the point of getting a band-aid?”

Lu Shangjin was speechless.

As Lu Chengzhou stared at Lu Shangjin, the blacks of his eyes were bottomless.

Gu Mang looked up, her red eyes giving off a chilly warning.

Lu Shangjin realized that his behavior was too unusual and felt quite guilty. He cleared his throat and started changing the topic haphazardly.

“Did they consult the almanac when planning the parent-teacher meeting? What a great day for it. The weather is really good. The sun is s.h.i.+ning brightly…”

Lei Xiao came to attend the meeting for Gu Yin. When he arrived, upon hearing that Gu Yin wasn’t the top student this time, his expression became a little grim. The parent of the top scorer would get a lot of limelight from this event. It was such a good opportunity but Gu Yin was only third place.

Looking at the crowd of people in front of him, impatience grew in his eyes. If he had known that it would turn out like this he wouldn’t have come.

As he looked over to the cla.s.s at the end, a striking face caught his attention. He stared more intently. “Is that Gu Mang?”

Gu Yin glanced in that direction and grunted softly.

Lei Xiao frowned. “Why didn’t you tell me that Gu Mang came to Ming City High School?”

Gu Yin said sweetly, “Didn’t Uncle tell me not to care about my sister in the future?”

Lei Xiao was stumped for words. Thinking about his run-in with Gu Mang last night he puffed up in anger. “How did she get into this school?”

How could students like Gu Mang get into such a school?

Gu Yin shook her head. “I don’t know. They came in suddenly last Monday.”

“They?” Lei Xiao stared at Cla.s.s Twenty intently. “Who else?”

“And Meng Jinyang.” With that said, in case he might have forgotten who she was, Gu Yin added, “It’s Uncle Meng’s daughter who went crazy at the age of five. She’s the girl standing beside Sister.”

Hearing that, Lei Xiao stared blankly for a moment. He remembered the case in Changning County which had caused a stir across the whole country.

The child had grown up and come to this school. It seemed that she had recovered pretty well. He thought that after something like that had happened to her, the girl’s future would be ruined.

Gu Yin didn’t hide the results from him as she said bluntly, “Meng Jinyang is the top scorer this time.”

Lei Xiao pursed his lips. Just when he was about to say a few words to Gu Yin, the middle-aged man standing opposite to Gu Mang suddenly turned around. His eyes widened in surprise.

Is that… Director-General Lu?


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