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Read My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 865 – The News Reached Red Flame

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Read WebNovel My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 865 – The News Reached Red Flame

Chapter 865: The News Reached Red Flame

The matter had been decided. The Elders’ a.s.sociation left the villa.

Leng Xuan returned to the Leng residence and told Old Master Leng about the situation.

“You…” Old Master Leng disapproved of her choice. “What if Gu Mang the a.s.sessment?”

The Leng family did not get their status easily, so he did not want to take any risks.

Since Gu Mang and Gu Si had returned, the political situation among the major families had changed.

“Do you think that is possible?” Leng Xuan sat on the sofa chair in the study and she looked at Old Master Leng who was seated across from her.

We’re not talking about anything else, just her medical skills.

Leng Xuan had been on Jijing Island for so many years and had been taught using the best resources available. She refused to believe that Gu Mang would be a match for her.

“Do you think I made the decision?” Leng Xuan laughed. “The Elders’ a.s.sociation merely took advantage of the situation. They want to compare Gu Mang and Gu Si.”

This way, it’d be easier to make further arrangements.

“No matter what, just be careful of Gu Mang. She has the power of the Lu family behind her at the moment.”

Leng Xuan did not mind that. She gave a perfunctory response.

“Oh right.” Old Master Leng suddenly thought of something and asked, “Gu Mang injected toxins into you previously, were there any results?”

Speaking of this, Leng Xuan recalled the incident at Red Scorpion’s supermax prison and her face became sullen. “The experiment is still underway at the research inst.i.tute.”

“Tell them to hurry up. I can’t stop worrying when I don’t have results.”


At the same time, at Red Flame.

Qin Fang was gaming on the sofa when he suddenly received a message from Lu Si.

Lu Si was at the medical research inst.i.tute on Jijing Island. He would not have contacted them unless there was something going on.

Lu Si’s sudden contact made Qin Fang’s mind tense up. What went wrong?

He opened the message and read it. “Oh f*ck!” he exclaimed as he jumped up from his seat.

He Yidu looked at him speechlessly.

The technical team was having a discussion with Lu Chengzhou and they were shocked as well. They stared at Qin Fang with a confused look.

Qin Fang raised his phone and looked at everyone. “The Elders’ a.s.sociation asked Gu Mang for the military group and Gu Mang refused. She even said that she wants to put the military group up for auction.”

“What?!” He Yidu couldn’t stay calm either. There was no way that Gu Mang did not know about the great importance of the military group.

But the auction… They did not dare to make guesses about the big boss’s ideas…

He Yidu opened his mouth. “Has she confirmed her decision to put it up for auction?”

“Nah.” Qin Fang shook his head. “The people from the Elders’ a.s.sociation were also so shocked by what big boss said. They didn’t even dare to ask for management rights.”

He Yidu was speechless.

“But what if big boss impulsively puts it up for auction?” Qin Fang turned to Lu Chengzhou. When he thought about what he was about to say, the corner of his lips twitched. He put up a tough front and asked, “Brother Cheng, why don’t we buy it?”

There’s no way we would just sit back and watch the big boss sell the Lu Military Group to someone else…

But… the amount of money they would have to use to buy it back would take a long time to recover.

He Yidu looked over.

Lu Chengzhou rested his arms on the table and he rubbed his fingers slightly. Two seconds later, he said calmly, “Is Ms. Gu in great need of money?”

“Uhh…” Qin Fang did not know how to answer him. So, he answered tactfully, “She received a lot of money from Old Madam Lu’s inheritance, so probably not…”

They had scammed the President of Country K out of billions and the money had been deposited in Gu Mang’s account.

Big boss had a lot of her own a.s.sets as well.

He also heard that when Brother Cheng asked Gu Mang to be his personal doctor long ago, he gave her 100 million on the spot.

Also… It seems like another year has pa.s.sed since the f*cking agreement…

Then, she left.

When others get divorced, they normally split the family a.s.sets. Gu Mang broke up with Brother Cheng and yet she took away half of the Lu family’s money just like that…

Qin Fang’s mood was very complicated.

He Yidu thought about it and he cleared his throat. “Brother Cheng, Gu Mang doesn’t really do things that are within expectations. What should we do if she really puts the military group up for auction?”

As he said that, he touched his nose in a rather unnatural way. After all, it was really weird to be introducing Gu Mang to his Brother Cheng.

Lu Chengzhou tapped his fingers on the table.

In the cold white light, the man’s silhouette was sharp and defined. He looked down and his expression could not be made out.

Everyone was silent.


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