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Read My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 87 – They Didn’t Do Anything to Gu Mang, But She Just Wouldn’t Let Them Go

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Read WebNovel My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 87 – They Didn’t Do Anything to Gu Mang, But She Just Wouldn’t Let Them Go

Chapter 87: They Didn’t Do Anything to Gu Mang, But She Just Wouldn’t Let Them Go

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At the Lei residence.

Old Master Ruan and Ruan Dongsheng went together for a visit and explained the reason for their visit to Lei Xiao. Lei Xiao wondered what could be the matter that these two important people came to visit.

After hearing what they were here for, he laughed politely. “I’ll be honest. My niece was indeed notorious for her misdeeds. Getting into fights and playing truant was typical of her ever since she was young. My late sister and her husband didn’t know what to do with her. As for Yinyin, she probably mentioned her sister’s past unintentionally, which didn’t sit well with your child, thus resulting in this issue.”

There was a gleam in the Old Master Ruan’s eyes. How meticulous. He had protected Gu Yin so cleanly. This meant that he was not admitting to what Qingqing said and that Gu Yin was innocent.

He cursed Lei Xiao inwardly for playing dumb as he sighed. “We have no choice but to look for you, Division Chief Lei. Gu Mang is so clearly being a bully that she actually wanted the school to expel Qingqing

“Gu Mang is really in the wrong here. It’s not like she did anything to her. But she just wouldn’t let her go,” Lei Xiao said. “When she was young, she didn’t know how to be considerate and yield to her siblings. When her toy was broken she demanded that we adults pay for it. I never expected that after so many years she would still have her temper. She is really too insensible.”

Ruan Dongsheng said humbly, “Let’s put aside these things for now. Can you help us plead with the school? We’ll do our best to satisfy Gu Mang’s wishes in compensation.”

Lei Xiao’s eyes lit up calmly as he smiled lightly. “Don’t worry, I will talk to Gu Mang and ask her not to pursue the matter anymore. We’ll treat it as though this never happened.”

Hearing this, Ruan Dongsheng thanked Lei Xiao and shook his hand. “We’ll be counting on you, then.”

“Mr. Ruan is too polite.” Lei Xiao never expected that Gu Mang would bring him such benefit. The smile in his eyes became a little more genuine.

As soon as the Ruans left, Gu Yin came down from upstairs.

“Uncle,” Gu Yin said lightly. “I never expected my sister to be so ruthless. She actually wanted the school to expel Ruan Qingqing.”

Lei Xiao snorted as he picked up his cup of tea. “Yinyin, you are still too guileless. Although the Ruans are a nouveau riche in Ming City, their company has great prospects. They even donated a building to Ming City High School. The school has no reason not to be respectful when dealing with them. Now the school is using Gu Mang as an excuse to get more from the Ruan family. The Ruans probably didn’t want to donate again so they came looking for us.”

Gu Yin looked at Lei Xiao and gave an understanding grunt. However, she felt this matter wasn’t as simple as he was making it out to be. The image of Gu Mang chatting with Lu Yang’s father kept appearing in her mind. Was Lu Yang helping Gu Mang?

But would Boss Lu come forward just for Gu Mang? She had to be overthinking it. But it was a pity that Meng Jinyang and Gu Mang were not kicked out of school.

She thought that using Gu Mang’s past to force Meng Jinyang to talk about her shameful past would lead to them being expelled. In the end, the school valued Meng Jinyang’s academic performance more and even forced all of the parents to sign a confidentiality agreement. The impact that the incident had on them was instantly minimized.

She had really underestimated Meng Jinyang. She had no choice but to seek another opportunity.

Lei Xiao finished his cup of tea and said, “Yinyin, go call Gu Mang and ask her to come over. I have something to tell her.”

Gu Yin nodded.

Lu Shangjin took everyone back to the Lu residence.

The group sat down in the living room.

Although Lin Zhou didn’t like Gu Mang, upon hearing of what happened with Meng Jinyang her respect for Gu Mang increased a bit.


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