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Chapter 1350: Evolution 2

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He finally discovered the true function of the Enneahedron now.

It was used to acc.u.mulate killing energy to allow one’s body to fully evolve and advance to a higher grade from its foundation after that.

The White Dragon’s initial evolved level was clearly unlike Garen’s own as it would gradually develop by enlarging their physique and hardening their skin. On the contrary, perhaps it was due to Garen’s own exercises or because of certain factors that caused his evolution to fully break away from the initial and normal domain.

He currently had three pairs of wings on his back that flapped slowly and were completely covered in numerous light green eyes. Meanwhile, the numerous poisonous and unimaginably fierce snakes that were initially on his back had currently crowded together closely and were releasing soft hissing noises continuously.

Meanwhile, both of his eyes on the front of his body had enlarged while two slightly smaller eyeb.a.l.l.s had apparently grown in the middle of his original ones. It seemed like they were embedded in the center of his pupils. These two smaller eyeb.a.l.l.s could even turn and blink on their own in an unimaginably strange manner.

Garen’s entire body felt warm and incomparably comfortable.

Once the evolution was fully completed, Garen glanced at his current state. He saw that various major changes had occurred indeed. It would have been fine if the Enneahedron’s functions did not react at all as the changes that occurred the moment it activated were truly terrifying.

‘Garen— Strength 210, Agility 210, Vitality 210, Intelligence 210. Potential 2829%. Soul Limit 210.

Seven Soul Rings: Five Colorless, Red, Orange.

Level 10 Draconic Aura. Level 9 Arcane Arts.’ 10 Potential Points in one month. 10 Potential Points to upgrade one attribute.

Void Original Opus– 70%. Hind Legs– Evil Soldier, Wings– Seven Lives, Tail– Demonic Book.

Comprehensive evaluation– Level Twelve. t.i.tle– Winter Sigh.

These were still considered normal but there were tremendous changes in the sections below.

Core abilities–

Poisonous Eye (Energy Draining Spell effect): Level Fifteen.

Natural Poison Region: Those with Vitalities below 50 will automatically fall into a comatose state and lose their lives while there is a probability that those with Vitalities below 100 will appear weaker (and be demoted by 1 to 4 levels), but those with Vitalities above 130 will be immune to the effects.

Spiritual Poison: There is a certain probability that psychological disorders, weakened curses, amplified negative emotions, and other unfavorable effects will appear in beings that are below Level Fifteen after they are watched attentively by Garen’s Eye of Evil. Positive energy cannot get rid of this but those with Intelligence levels of 100 and above will be automatically immune to these effects.

These were the special abilities that he had obtained. They were simply normal skills that could be activated without needing to consume energy. Thus, they were as easy as eating and drinking to Garen. The Natural Poison Region was basically a toxic Energy Field that was naturally released by his body. It was equivalent to the biological fields that radiated out of human bodies naturally. As long as he was alive, it would release itself endlessly.

Meanwhile, the Spiritual Poison came on its own. Unless Garen suppressed it willingly, any beings that looked at him face to face would not be exempted from receiving the Spiritual Poison’s appraisal.

On the contrary, the other one was truly a great surprise to Garen.

‘Talent of a member of the Dragon Race that has evolved to the Ultimate State– Dragon’s Heart.’

When this ability appeared abruptly, Garen had yet to understand its functions clearly. However, the explanation that appeared after his gaze fell on the top immediately improved his mood tremendously at once.

‘Dragon’s Heart: An evolved ability that naturally appears when an Ultimate State member of the Dragon Race evolves to the peak level. It can only be used once. Those in the Ultimate State can choose to use the Dragon’s Heart to increase one of their body’s abilities such as Vitality, Strength, Speed, or effects of Innate Spells. (Increment effect + 2 Level)’

“An upgrade of two levels… Tch tch.” Garen naturally understood that the two levels that were being referred to here were not as simple as adding two points to his attributes.

If these two levels were differentiated according to the laws of this world instead, that would be terrifying…

His current comprehensive abilities were around Level Fifteen but these were upgraded by relying on his strongest ability, the Poisonous Eye. The Poisonous Eye could be extremely threatening towards Level Fifteen beings and could even affect them by decreasing their levels. This was the factor which had truly allowed Garen’s comprehensive evaluation to reach Level Fifteen.

He was clearly aware that his powers would only peak at Level Twelve or Thirteen if he did not have this Natural Ability.

In comparison to the upgrades of the Dragon’s Heart, the other minor increments towards his average attributes and Soul Limit were insignificant.

Garen did not hesitate at all and immediately drew the faint warm currents of the Dragon’s Heart that was entrenched in his own heart towards the position of his two eyes directly.

Several changes appeared throughout the abilities of both of his eyes quickly.

It changed into a new state immediately from ‘Poisonous Eye (Energy Draining Spell effect): Level Fifteen’.

‘Death Glare (Energy Draining effect): Terrifying poisonous attacks that are slightly bound by laws. It disregards levels but those with 2 or more Divine Personas are immune to the effects.’

“Divine Personas, huh?” Garen knew that the Great Arcanists in this world used Divine Souls to differentiate between levels. There was feeble Divine Power, weak Divine Power, average Divine Power, powerful Divine Power, and supernatural Divine Power. These five stages used minute Divine Persona digits respectively to differentiate them into ranges.

“According to the information in Ann’s book, weak Divine Power requires at least 10 Divine Persona or more while feeble Divine Power only needs 10 of that or below, which refers to the range of anything above 0. In other words, my Innate Core Spell is already sufficient to threaten G.o.ds with feeble Divine Power?”

Garen had a vague idea in his mind.

DemiG.o.ds did not have Divine Personas but only had Divinity instead. They had to complete their Divinity to form a Divine Domain before they could acc.u.mulate a large amount of Wors.h.i.+p Power and ignite the Sacred Fire. Only then could they truly fuse their Divinity, Divine Domain, and Divine Power with their own bodies as one to form Divine Personas. They would only truly be considered as G.o.ds then.

Thus, Garen had already obtained powerful abilities that could threaten DemiG.o.ds now.

Once his evolution was complete, Garen shrunk his body and descended slowly.

It appeared that the gazes of Deception Demon Master and Garen’s two other DemiG.o.d subordinates had become exceptionally sensitive at this moment. Initially, Garen could not sense the powerful extents of these three individuals but now that his strength was upgraded to its limit, he could really sense the exact details of the trio’s powers. He met the trio’s gazes before instantly feeling that his scales and skin were scorching hot and aching as if they were being pierced by needles and sliced by knives.

“Your Excellency, thanks to you, I’ve finished evolving successfully,” Garen respectfully thanked Deception Demon Master for her protection. If it was not for her, his exact ident.i.ty would probably have been fully exposed instantly.

Revealing all of one’s powers in the Abyss was an extremely and undeniably stupid thing to do.

“The Enneahedron can help evolve and upgrade the essence of living creatures. From the looks of it, the various genes and Soul Imprints that you acc.u.mulated from the very beginning are very complicated. Their current state has been influenced by your soul and your body’s breakthroughs to a certain degree. Moreover, have you still been a.n.a.lyzing Divinity recently? It should probably be related to the poisonous or corrosive types.”

Deception Demon Master could see through Garen’s current state with one look.

“Your Excellency’s insight is very perceptive,” Garen admitted calmly.

“Your powers are currently already equivalent to a DemiG.o.d’s,” said the DemiG.o.d Kunder softly.

Garen’s eyebrows knitted together briefly before he said, “But I haven’t a.n.a.lyzed Divinity completely yet?”

“But your essence has already been affected by Divinity…” Kunder was the DemiG.o.d who had protected Deception Demon Master in the very beginning and was also Proof of Deception’s Chief Leader. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have transformed into this state.”

Garen was suddenly speechless. He lowered his head and looked at his own body.

Indeed, the effects of Divinity had silently seeped into every cell of his body already. From the moment when his Poisonous Eye was strengthened, it seemed as though there was a consciousness in his body that developed in the direction towards corrosion and poison.

“Your eye makes me feel threatened. Once you finish a.n.a.lyzing Divinity successfully and fuse it into your body completely, that’ll be the time when you become a DemiG.o.d,” explained Kunder.

These people were extremely friendly towards Garen because he had initially helped them s.h.i.+eld Deception Demon Master.

“Do you still remember the method that I told you about previously?” Deception Demon Master smiled suddenly.

“I remember.” A faint glimmer flashed across Garen’s eyes.

Deception Demon Master had previously mentioned a way for him to absorb a large number of Fragments of the Inspired Soul during battle so that he could upgrade his Soul Ring.

“Despite being a Deputy Commander, it’s simply embarra.s.sing that you actually only have one Semi-Divine Weapon. I’m giving you this.” Deception Demon Master threw over a jet-black ring that was engraved with countless decorative patterns.

“I’m leaving immediately after this war. This is a reward for that period of time when you protected me,” said Deception Demon Master quietly.

Garen could feel that this black ring contained powerful distorted energy the moment he touched it.

“Divine Weapon!” He could not stop himself from making a noise.

“You may face tremendous trouble once I’m gone so I’d suggest that you s.h.i.+ft to another place immediately and leave the Abyss,” advised Deception Demon Master. “I’ve recently encountered numerous fellows that possess great powers in our surroundings. From the looks of it, they came from the Dragons of Disaster that were chasing you from behind. Thus, you should be careful.”

“Is it Ann?” Garen narrowed his eyes. “I understand.” His opponent would clearly be at the G.o.d Level at least if Deception Demon Master thought that they had great power. If they were not the G.o.ds of Heavenly Mountain, they would be the Evil G.o.ds from the Abyss itself that were living in other levels instead. However, he did not know why they were troubling Ann.

“Alright, go then. This ring can absorb the resentment, hatred, and other negative energy of the souls within a distance of over ten thousand kilometers around you. It will also transform these things into the purest Soul Fragments simultaneously. You can find the fragments that you require from it. However, it’s slightly troublesome in the end. I seized this thing from the hands of G.o.d of Death. Although I’ve changed its appearance slightly, it’s best if you conceal it somewhat when you use it. Don’t let anyone discover your specific location.”

“Understood.” Garen nodded gravely.


Suddenly, a gigantic shroud of smoke exploded in the faraway sky where the victory and defeat had finally been determined in the battle between the two Head Commanders.

The Fortress Master of w.a.n.ku Fortress suffered a painful pounding against the side of his waist by the blue Warhammer Divine Weapon. He raised his head and yelled before swinging his double sword madly towards his opponent and attempting to slice him. However, the Divine Weapon’s tremendous vibration caused him to drop his own weapon immediately.

h.e.l.l Army’s Commander sneered fiercely before numerous cold h.e.l.l Chills extended towards the Demons’ bodies madly as if they were living creatures.

“If I wasn’t being held back by two other Deputy Commanders, would you really still a.s.sume that you were my opponent?” he guffawed loudly in his h.e.l.l Language.

“No!!!” w.a.n.ku Fortress Master’s entire body exploded violently.

A gigantic terrifying red cloud that extended throughout several kilometers exploded before a delicate Demon Core shot in the direction of Garen’s group.

A popping noise could be heard when Garen caught the Demon Core precisely. He could feel the frightening soul and fiery abilities that were surging inside. It was really w.a.n.ku Fortress Master’s Origin Demon Core.

“Keep it.” Deception Demon Master seemed unconcerned. “Moving on, if you want to continue upgrading your Soul Ring through the most primitive route of acc.u.mulating True Souls, you won’t need a huge amount of Inspired Fragments. Perhaps you’ll improve faster when you’ve just started but your speed will decrease after that. Meanwhile, another method of this world allows you to thread on the path of condensing your Divine Persona. Recruiting followers will be an extremely slow process in the beginning but will become faster later, especially in a chaotic time period like this when all life forms desire more peaceful lives. It’s most suitable for recruiting disciples.”

“Understood…” Garen nodded. It appeared that the Commander of the h.e.l.l Army was one of Deception Demon Master’s people as well. It was no wonder she was so certain.

In the dark, he could sense that more of the Power of Abyss seemed to be converging in his body. His body had also started to receive subtle increments throughout his characteristics.

The Will of the Abyss was clearly proceeding by instinctually rewarding them for their chaotic essence.

Aside from slaughtering his enemies, he had even turned around and gotten rid of a Fortress Master who was actually an ally of his side. These chaotic actions had increased the Abyss’ admiration.

Garen immediately felt that the Power of Abyss in his surroundings had increased by a few times instantly.


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