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Chapter 212: Gathering 2 From the northern sky of Smoke Island, groups of tiny black dots in the distance congealed to a ma.s.sive group, slowly moving inland.
The group of dots resembled flocks of black birds soaring against the blue sky, completely uniform, lacking differentiation.
Every single black dot was a fighter aircraft. Not regular aircraft, but strange pieces of machinery with odd shapes. From the bottom of their fuselages spouted two additional boat-like long boards, which betrayed their ident.i.ty as a next-generation seaplane.
The aircraft flew past the airs.p.a.ce swiftly and, after a while, was trailed by a small plane.
Behind this aircraft following closely was a black hot air balloon with a black, rectangular wooden boat dangling below.
There were a group of men in black scattered in the boat. All of them were equipped with thick black leather s.h.i.+rts, goggles, hats and scarfs.
“Boss, is it true that the Black Smoke Pot is able to increase a human’s life span? And we can even use it to communicate with the dead?”
One of the men in black shouted as he asked the men in black who stood at the very front.
No one would be able to be heard clearly under such a windy conditions without shouting.
“They said that it has been proven! I’ve sent people to verify it’s validity. The Black Smoke Pots that appeared in the past did indeed have such an ability!” The man in the lead answer loudly. No one could see his face as it was hidden under the thick s.h.i.+rt. Only his strong body figure could be made out with that get up.
“Have you prepared the bear skin and fox skin that will be traded later?” The leader asked loudly.
“All done! You won’t be humiliated!” The underling replied loudly as well.
“Donze! Is it true that your mum has given birth again recently?” The leader shouted.
“Yeah. It’s the sixth child! How about your mum!” Donze shouted back.
“My mum isn’t as great as yours!”
“No no! My mum is definitely no match to yours!”
“Don’t say that. My mum definitely can’t give birth…”
“Back in the days, my mum…”
A group of people were standing behind feeling helpless. How embarra.s.sing! They had seen people one-upping one another with everything except their mothers’ ability to give birth…
Fortunately they were in the sky. If they were at the ground…
They might have embarra.s.sed the whole northern community!
“Is this the legendary King of North Pole?” The young guy and girl from the very back of the hot air balloon were staring at the people who were at the front.
“It’s him… That two doofuses are the strongest in the North Pole…” Another girl replied as she sighed. “Although I really don’t want to admit it, only the two of them are qualified to partic.i.p.ate in this battle.”
“I have a bad feeling about this…”
“You’ll get used to it.” The girl patted on the guy’s shoulder.
Below the balloon, on the patch of ocean.
Similar to the white fish swimming in the sea, there were multiple white yachts cutting across the water on the blue sea at high speed, leaving white trail wakes behind them.
The wake created by the yachts cutting the blue sea was clear and obvious.
A person on the yacht who had a loose hair and naked from the top of his waist shouted very loudly, and strangely as well.
“Haha! It’s those idiots from the North Pole!” There was a wretched man, dressed like a clown standing on one of the yachts. He was also naked from the top to the waist and there were strange lines of patterns of red, blue and green painted onto his black skin. His makeup was no different than the jokers on a poker card.
The joker raised his head and looked up at the hot air balloon at the top of his head. His virid eyes glowing with the intent to kill.
“Prince! Let’s give them a big present!’
On the yacht, a golden hair girl with a twi

sted smile took out a rocket launcher out of nowhere aimed at the sky.
The rocket flew soared upward and went after the hot air balloon, leaving a trail of white smoke and bright light.
“Big fireworks! Big fireworks!! Hehehe~~~” The prince was licking his wet lips as he looked at the sky with antic.i.p.ation.
The rocket suddenly self destructed as it flew half way in the air.
The prince was stunned as he looked at the pieces of steel debris falling from the sky.
“It’s raining! It’s raining!!” She started shouting in a high pitch. Her naked upper body was continuously burnt. She motioned her hand so fast that it became blur as she swatted off all of the debris to the other yachts nearby.
“You’re so bad Prince. Haha!” The joker laughed loudly as he drove the yacht away to avoid the debris sent in their direction.
As the members on the yachts did not want to be outdone by each other, they started to use the powerful steel b.a.l.l.s as a toy and shoot at each other.
One of the steel b.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t the yacht’s bow and punched a hole through the st.u.r.dy steel plate.

Smoke Island.
The small, green island was like a piece of jade sitting quietly on the blue ocean.
The island was surrounded by white smoke as if there was a white blanket covering the whole island. The island could only be seen faintly under the blanket of smoke.
The evening sun radiated its faint red light and dyed the whole sea in red.
A black shadow slowly came up to the surface of the sea near the rocky beach on the Northern part of Smoke Island.
With the splash of water, the figure emerged from the water.
It was an oddly black colored, giant submarine. The circular cover on the top of the fuselage cracked open and four human figures emerged, landing firmly onto the rocky beach.
“This is it.” One of the black figures said. “The full moon is tomorrow, and I wonder how many top fighters from each country are coming. How exciting…”
“As long as it doesn’t affect our main objective.” An old man’s voice came from another black figure. “We must obtain the Black Smoke Pot at all cost! I will let you do the arrangement, Flamingo.”
“Sure.” The third black figure nodded his head. “Sylphalan is acting up again. We are likely to be attacked since the reputation of the Immortal Palace is too well known. Hence, according to the layout of the island, I suggest we head out to the southern territory of the island first.”
“Southern territory?” The man with an old voice asked curiously. “This small island is separated into two territories?”
“The Smoke Island is much larger than you think. It’s very unlikely for anyone to run across the whole island with full speed within a day. We couldn’t determine its size because of the smoke.” Flamingo explained.” The island is separated in the southern territory and northern territory. Crossing between each is only doable at 11.40pm as the smoke is too thick to navigate in. Furthermore, there are too many unknown dangers ahead of us as well.”
The first black figure nodded in agreement: “This means that the war will be separated into two places and we won’t be in a lot of pressure. However, how would you know that they won’t pa.s.s through the smoke?”
“No one would take a risk in a fight among equals since the most dangerous thing is not of natural conditions but humans.” Flamingo calmly replied. “We have made a name for ourselves, the Immortal Palace on the Smoke Island 50 years ago and became the world’s strongest and mysterious terrorist group. It’s a burden for being so well known, especially in this circ.u.mstance.
“How should we divide the Black Smoke Pot when we got it?” The old voice asked again.
“Free for all,” Flamingo replied.
“You have no problem with this right, Sylphalan?” Flamingo looked at the last black figure.
“Can’t die from this…” Sylphalan replied with a coa.r.s.e voice. He took down his hood and revealed a face filled with scars.
“Alright then. Let’s move out.”
As soon as Flamingo finished his sentence, four of them instantly disappeared from the beach and formed 4 black lines, moving inland.

“The Smoke Island has a forest terrain, a rocky terrain and a lot of other complicated terrains that have yet to be explored.” Andrela was noting down on a small notebook as he spoke eloquently.
The four of them were on a big military s.h.i.+p heading towards the Smoke Island.
The military s.h.i.+p was surrounded by a large amount of smaller battles.h.i.+ps. All of them were blue with a stamp of the Federation’s military insignia.
Andrela looked at the remaining four people and said with a smile on his face: “It seems like the terrain in Smoke Island can change at any time. It’s constantly surrounded by smoke, vision is ineffective, have no effect and other signal instruments are unable to send out any signals as well. Hence, we can only rely on our sense of direction. This environment suits a certain someone to unleash his true strength so we have to be extra careful.”
“ I am a pract.i.tioner of Fist Technique. Let’s talk about other things.” Palosa sat on the deck with his knees as he said calmly. “What should we take note of the most?”
Andrela started smiling again.
“Alright, I will talk about what we should take note of the most.” He stopped as he saw Garen and the King of Nightmares attracted by his topic.
“The King of the gun, Nikon, who is that old man we saw previously, is most likely the best gunner. There is also the King of North Pole…” He started to give out the intel of the strongest people.
“Then who is the most dangerous?” Garen asked as he lean against the guardrail. “Excluding Sylphalan of the Immortal Palace.”
“It’s me.” Andrela started to smile crazily.

The few of them were stunned as they looked at Andrela in confusion. He was not an arrogant person so it was rather weird for him to say so.
“I have brought along the latest highly explosive purple bomb. I have brought 15kg of them and could blow this s.h.i.+p we’re currently on up into the sky.”
“You don’t have to be so determined.” Garen stared at him as he frowned. “I have a grudge against Sylphalan and the King of Nightmares has a grudge against Flamingo. In addition, all of us have an interest to the Black Smoke Pot. This is the reason why we are here. You don’t need to bet your own life on this.”
“No no no…” Andrela waved his hand. “I know my own situation. I am different from you. I can feel that I have already reached my peak and improving my current self is nothing but a dream. I can only break my limit and achieve a greater strength if I risk my life! Life? A life without pursuit is meaningless to me.”
“You have reached your extreme limit.” Palosa sighed.
“Perhaps. However, I am still currently not qualified to go into the extreme limit.” Andrela smiled as he replied back.


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