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Mystical Journey is a web novel produced by Get Lost, 滚开.
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Garen descended with the crow, slowly landing on the clearing next to Kid.

He jumped off the crow’s back, and stood firmly on the black soil.

“Where’re the others?”

Kid shook his head. “I just got here too. Haven’t seen anyone else. I guess they’re en route.” He pointed the giant strawberry “you want some? This tastes good.”

Garen shook his head. He then immediately saw that Kid’s hand had skillfully dug the strawberry open, reaching all the way inside, pulling a red fruit out with a whoosh.

This piece of fruit looked oddly similar to a heart, it is still beating, and were emitting heat off it.

” This is the strawberry’s heart; you can get a mild immunity to poison from this.” Kid bit down and spoke with a m.u.f.fled voice.

“A strawberry that grows hearts?” Garen can’t help but to be curious,” where did this Strawberry come from?”

“My mission waypoint was Strawberry Field, there’s plenty of this where I came from, and there’re many more produced every year.” Kid briefly explained, “I grew up here.

“You grew up here?” Garen did not expect Kid to have these experiences.

“Yeah, I ate these growing up.” Kid answered earnestly, “Strawberry Farm’s strawberries are very sweet.”

Kid had his mouth smeared with strawberry juice as red as blood.

Garen didn’t mind him, as he continued looking around.

Surrounding him were all those gigantic pumpkins, as the wind blew through the holes of the pumpkin, it made some eerie whistling tunes.

“Hey hey, Nineheads, where are you?” Old Man’s voice can be heard from the black box.

“I’m already here, at Pumpkin Farm, i’m with Kid now.”

“You, and Kid?” He suddenly stunned, which felt weird. “You, alone? With him?”

“Yeah? What’s wrong?” Garen was confused by Old Man’s intonation, something felt off.

“You stay where you are, I’ll be right there!” Old Man got anxious out of the sudden. “Please don’t talk to Kid too much!”

Garen was confused, so he turned back to look at Kid.

As if without awareness, Kid was gulping the strawberry in his hand. He kept taking things out from within the odd strawberry, there was a part that looked like liver, a piece of fruit which looked like a lung, there was even a tube that looked like a bronchus. It was all eaten by Kid with huge bites. His stomach was like a bottomless pit, as he stuffed everything inside.

Garen suddenly felt that something was off.

There was a faint scent of blood was let off from the strawberry in Kid’s hands.

He paid closer attention to the strawberry. Although it didn’t look different from a regular strawberry from the outside, but for reasons unknown to him, he could sense fear and despair from the strawberry; as if it was a living thing.

He also suddenly realized that Kid’s black box and crow was not there.

“Kid, where’s your crow?” He can’t help but to ask.

“Crow? You mean that big guy? I don’t know, he was gone once I looked away.” Kid answered honestly.

“Them, what about your black box?”

“It’s here.” Kid took out the black box like it were magic.

Garen relaxed for a while, if the black box is there, then he is not an impersonator.

He tried contacting Kid with his black box, everything was normal.

Soon, a huge crow spread its wings and dived towards them.

Old Man jumped off from the crow, black light lit up from under his feet, which helped him land.

As he hit the ground, he looked at Garen weirdly. Then he looked over to Kid who was merrily eating.

“Kid, it’s rare to see you being so honest this time around.”

Kid wiped his mouth. ” But wasn’t I always honest?”

Garen was confused as he was, judging from the way Old Man spoke, maybe being alone with Kid would be dangerous. Just that there was nothing weird about Kid.

As he saw the the old and young together, like a usual gathering, he did not want to ask further.

Soon, Kitten and Fox arrived. The last one was Red Umbrella, who flew from behind, looking sleepy with droopy eyes as he touched down.

With all six of them here, Old Man began leading the team towards Pumpkin Farm. The rest of them followed him.

The entire farm was engulfed in a thin mist, which looked like it came from the forest. Visibility was poor.

As they walked deeper for a moment, faint music could be heard from their surroundings.

The music was faintly discernible, as though if came from a faraway place. It sounded like a girl was singing in a language not comprehensible to them.

Garen’s heart s.h.i.+vered, that was Endorian, he only understood a sentence or two, since he did some self-learning, he wasn’t sure if it was correct.

The music continued to linger, giving them a clear sense of language acuity.

He began to try to a.n.a.lyze the lyrics, but he had trouble listening to the song clearly enough to make up its contents.

The song suddenly stopped, the piano piece also started getting slightly messy. It felt like a girl who just started playing piano, restarting the verse due to a single mistake.

The music started playing again, on repeat.

Garen looked at others, he realized that there was no reaction, except Kid, who was humming to the girl’s music.

“Kid, can you stop humming? What song was that? Why haven’t we heard about it?” Kitten said impatiently.

“I was humming along to little sister though?” Kid answered earnestly. “Didn’t you hear? Little sister played wrongly again.” he looked like he was listening in again.

“Here he goes.” Kitten pressed her forehead disappointedly.

“Pay no heed, Kid’s acting up again.” Old Man said quietly.

Garen had a thought. Does that mean they all couldn’t hear it? As he observed each person, he realized that the rest was indeed unable to hear the voice except Kid and him.

He now paid more attention to Kid.

The single file continued moving deeper into the farm, soon, they found the n.o.bilities hiding within one of the giant pumpkin.

The two of them were hunkering down in the pumpkin from the panic, only to relax as they saw the group, and climbed out of the pumpkin.

These two people were messy; who knew when was the last time they had a shower. A huge whiff of unbearable stench hit them as the two people approached.

“I am Duke Pratoe from White Mist Town, This is my wife, Aliya, Thank you for your rescue, we will be sure to reward you handsomely once we get back!”

The man could barely hold up his pride and calmness, as his body could not suppress his shakiness that exposed his current emotions.

“Right, shall we get back soon?” The Duke rushed.

“Nineheads, you’re responsible for them, let’s go back together.” Old man ordered.

“Right, gentlemen, we still have some things that needed to be moved back, I wonder if…” The duke smiled as he spoke.

“Nineheads, take all of it back, I can’t wait to leave, I don’t know why but this place is giving me the creeps.” Kitten said impatiently.

Garen shrugged, these people seemed to have made him the dispatch boy.

The Duke smiled at Garen and said. “I would have to trouble you then.”

Garen didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“By the looks of it, we’d better do it the usual way; the slowest one should do it.” Red Umbrella said.

“On what account?!” Kitten lashed out.

” Alright, stop fooling around, your time is the slowest, you should help pack up. It’s not like we needed you to do it; you just need to put your totem.” Old Man advised.

“The monsters on my side were much stronger than Nineheads’! Two Type 3s!! They were almost spiritualized too!” Kitten looked at Garen with an unconvinced eye.

Garen gave Kitten a smile. That made Kitten even angrier.

“Go.” Red Umbrella said coldly, looking nonchalant.

Kitten was pouting as she stood there, but she listened to the instruction at the end.

She would only listen to Red Umbrella.

Garen finally had the chance to see Kitten’s totem.

A ray of red light dashed through, it was a giant red tiger the size of an elephant appearing on top of the pumpkin, long fur covered the tiger, its limbs were all weird looking white hooves. It doesn’t seem to resemble anything.

Kitten was mumbling and scolding as she loaded the items onto the tiger. She glared at Garen from time to time, too.

“This wasn’t my fault.” Garen smiled helplessly. Putting up an innocent face, Garen proactively went ahead to try to help.

“Stand aside! Who needs your help!” Kitten lashed out again.

Garen backed off as he looked at Kitten loading the boxes of items onto the tiger alone. He didn’t know why, but he felt that teasing Kitten was an amusing thing to do; seeing her lash out was always interesting.

“There’s someone here? There’re actually people who still come here?” Red Umbrella suddenly said. His face showed a rare look of suspicion, as he looked towards the mist at the left side of the group.

“How can there be anyone here? Surrounding Pumpkin Farm are dense hordes of creatures, we were also just getting by to clear them.” Old Man was confused too.

A few people stopped their movements, while simultaneously looking at the swiftly approaching silhouette

Soon, as the opponent approached, the silhouette showed itself entirely.

It was actually a tall man wearing black robes, he was covered in black scarves, the upper half of his face covered under a silver mask, all you could see were a pair of silverish-grey eyes. Even his hair was covered by the hood.

This person walked towards them, until he stopped about ten-odd meters away from them. He took a look at the tall Crimson Fur Tiger. His gaze then fell straight towards Garen who was standing among the crowd.

“Garen Trejons. If you are willing to accept our sincerity, join us, then the next two wrongs that you commit will be given lenient treatments by us.”

“Who are you?” Old Man stood out and asked loudly.

The other party didn’t answer, only staring straight at Garen.

“What lenient treatment?” Garen laughed.

Unknowingly, The nice guy vibe on him changed slightly, as though his entire person had more of an odd vibe.

Old Man stood the nearest to him; hence he realized this clear change.

He then had an uncertain suspicion look as he stared at Garen.

“What if i did not accept your sincerity today?” Garen spoke again, a smirk was shown on his face with a hint of coldness.

“Killing two Elemental Generals back-to-back, if you refuse, then you shall die here.” the opponent smirked coldly.

” What arrogance!” Kitten who had the worst temper couldn’t hold it in, the giant Crimson GIant pounced onto him, it’s four limb actually ignited with clouds of black flames, slamming onto the opponent like a small hill.

Her fingers ignited with crimson flames, as it carried an afterimage, she quickly drew out a diamond-shaped tactic.


The Crimson Tiger exploded suddenly, turning into countless flames as it swept towards the opponent.

“Be careful!” Red Umbrella’s expression changed, he then instantaneously rushed in front of Kitten and blocked with his right arm.


A black light crashed into his arm; it was actually a black bird.

The black bird pierced straight into Red Umbrella’s arm, and came out from the other side, but its direction was also changed by the block, disappearing in a black line into the mist.

“The opponent’s a Spiritualized Totem User!! Everybody be careful!” Red Umbrella did not pay attention to the injury on his arm, the wound had automatically closed and recovered.

Kitten was scared pale at this moment, even Red Umbrella’s Totem’s Light could not block the opponent’s attack; obviously this was not something an ordinary totem user could achieve. If it wasn’t blocked, she would have been severely injured.

“Spiritualized Totem User? Haha.” The opponent laughed, the silhouette that was covered in flames stood unharmed; taking almost no damage.

His sight was fixed onto Garen again, ignoring the rest.

“Looks like a decision has to be made today.” Garen took a long sigh.

At the same time, from the group’s left, right and rear, each came a man wearing a silver mask, they all had the same appearance, each had the same unfathomably strong vibe.

“Any last words?” The silver masked man leader asked coldly.

The Crimson Team got nervous.

There are not those oddb.a.l.l.s from Obscuro which possess the crystal Derivator. These people

rely on the single strongest core totem, even though most of the team of the level of spiritualization, the weakest being Kitten with a form 3 totem. However looking at the opponent’s strength, they were also at least in the realm of spiritualization. Kitten’s attacks didn’t faze the opponent’s totem’s light; the situation seemed grave.


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