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Read Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) Chapter 156 – Worth of a heir (10)

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Read WebNovel Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) Chapter 156 – Worth of a heir (10)

Chapter 156: Worth of a heir (10)

Bakgi quickly found where the sound of metal clashes coming from. It was beyond the small building to the right after the main courtyard. Bakgi quickly tried to ran toward the place, but he had to stop in few steps. Man with blue silk clothes suddenly appeared and attacked Bakgi. It was an ambush, but Bakgi was quickly able to counter back with his kicks. After fighting against each other for one formation, two of them distanced themselves from each other. Middle aged man looked surprised at Bakgi, a young man with such power. But the young man shouted right after.

“Young man. How dare you break into this place?!”

And at that word, over fifty warriors with black clothes and arms came out of the building and tried to circle them.


Hu Bong, Ko w.a.n.ghur and Sama Chak then followed and placed their back at Bakgi’s back.

“Hmm. This is what I expected.”

Sama Chak mumbled as he pulled out his sword. He busted in, thinking Yeowun was in danger but there was no way highest ranking like Ghost Illusion Clan would not be ready for any intruder. All warriors with black clothes had two daggers in their hands with similar mask as those guards, but their faces were like distorted monsters.

“IT’s creepy.”

Hu Bong spoke as he readied in Sword of Illusion. The creepy mask made enemies to feel scared. But even without that, all of these warriors seems to be they were highly skilled warriors.

“Four of you… what clan are you from that makes you so rude?”

Middle aged man with blue silk clothes shouted with anger. If the mansion wasn’t inside the cult, they would have defeated these young men already, but this was inside the cult, where everyone was a cultist.

“You people first…”

“Wait a second.”

Bakgi, who was frustrated at these people blocking their way while their master was in danger, but Ko w.a.n.ghur stopped him.

‘We can’t make more problem.’

Ko w.a.n.ghur then brought out two medals from his pocket and showed it to them.


One was the medal that proved him as a Master rank within the cult, and one was the medal that said ‘Demon Fist’ which showed what clan he was from.

“I am Ko w.a.n.ghur from Demon Fist clan.”

“Demon Fist?”

Demon Fist clan was known for being powerful fist user and one of high ranking clan. The middle aged man spoke with frown.

“Are you son of Ko w.a.n.ghen?”

“Yes, sir.”

“A son of high ranking clan busting into another clan’s mansion at this hours? Did your father teach you to do such thing?”

It didn’t feel good to hear the man talking about his father, but Ko w.a.n.ghur responded calmly.

“I’m sorry, but we thought something had happened to our master who entered here while ago, so we had to come in.”


“It’s Prince Chun Yeowun, the 12th Elder.”

At the name, man became surprised. The name Chun Yeowun was most famous within recent days. There were no one who have not heard of the name of man who pa.s.sed 6th test of academy, and son of the Lord who was not from six clans.

‘Was the guest while ago, prince Chun Yeowun then?’

The man’s name was Ou Gung, one of leader of the Ghost Illusion clan. He thought the guest was just one of Huan Yi’s acquaintance when Huan Yi himself went out to meet him, but it seems Huan Yi, the weird leader had done something again. Ou Gung also heard the swords clas.h.i.+ng against each other. The sound was enough to prove that whoever fighting was at equals.

‘Why is the leader fighting against Prince Chun Yeowun?’

Ou Gung became curious and Ko w.a.n.ghur spoke to him.

“There is problem with our master, so how can we, as a servant just wait outside? Please allow us to see what is going on inside.”

Ko w.a.n.ghur was right, but this was home of the Ghost Illusion clan. Ko w.a.n.ghur and his friends were not allowed to walk freely.

“I’m sorry, but we cannot interfere with what our leader do.”

And when Ou Gung spoke, fifty warriors blocked the way to the guesthouse. They were given no choice. Ko w.a.n.ghur, who figured there was no time to waste, clenched his fist and readied. Ou Gung also raised his energy to ready and gave final warning.

“You are young men, so I will warn you last time. If you fall back now, I will tell our leader to not harm Prince Chun Yeowun and…”

But before Ou Gung can finish speaking, a tremendous energy that even made them become chilled came out from the guesthouse. Everyone turned to the direction and at that moment, the wall that covered the guest house struck down, with blue force qi shooting out from it, leaving clear mark even at outside of the wall.


Ou Gung and warriors of Ghost Illusion clan figured something bad had happened and quickly ran into the guest house.

“We should go too!”

Ko w.a.n.ghur, Bakgi, Sama Chak and Hu Bong then took this chance to follow into the guesthouse. And when they ran in, they saw warriors of Ghost Illusion clan standing with shock.


They gasped with astonishment. They saw Chun Yeowun standing with his White Dragon Blade, and Nhu Yayen with one of his knee on the ground, giving something to Yeowun. It was the medal that proved to be 11th elder.

“11th Elder, and Leader of Ghost Illusion clan. Huan Yi acceps Prince Chun Yeowun as the rightful heir to the throne. Please take this as my proof of allegiance.”

‘He wasn’t an advisor!’

Members who didn’t know Nhu Yayen’s true ident.i.ty was shocked. And from looking at the destroyed yard, they realized Chun Yeowun had won the duel against Huan Yi. Hu Bong grinned and spoke to Ou Gung, who was looking at his leader dumbfondedly.

“Hehe, thak you. So, I guess no harm did come to our master then.”


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