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Read Nanomancer Reborn – I’ve Become A Snow Girl? Chapter 310 – Killing The Reaper Part 2

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Seemingly displeased with her provocation, the reaper frowned.

“In this situation where you cannot do anything do me, you think things can change? I’ve seen many with your kind of att.i.tude and each one has fallen to my blade.” He frowned and slammed his sword into the ground.

“Hou? Then what about the thousands of times that you’ve been killed then?” s.h.i.+ro retorted with a grin.

“They were in party’s and their teamwork was impressive. You are but one woman. In my world, we call this foolishness.”

“Foolishness? Perhaps. But, who said that I can’t kill you alone?…” s.h.i.+ro trailed off a little before her body disappeared.

Appearing above him with lightning flickering off her body, she twisted her body and slashed at him with her sword.

Focusing on his muscle movements, she then snapped her finger and pushed her momentum to the opposite direction, catching him off guards.


Shocked at the sudden change in attack direction, the reaper widened his eyes at the deep cut on his shoulder.

“Ssss!!!” Taking a sharp breath of pain, he grabbed the sword while the lightning tried to seer his arm much like what it did to his flesh.

However, s.h.i.+ro only smiled when he grabbed her sword.

Switching the element of her sword to astral ice, she froze his wound and had it try to attack his bone.

“Annoying woman! Just die already!” The reaper growled and pulled the sword out of his body forcefully.

Letting go of Ataraxia, s.h.i.+ro flipped her body into the air and pushed her hands in front of her.

4 tier 3 magic circles expanded out from under the reaper’s feet.


A thunderstorm appeared within the magic circle and attacked the reaper’s body relentlessly, leaving faint burn marks everywhere.

But s.h.i.+ro wasn’t worried about the result since this was meant to be a distraction anyways.

Activating every path along with Hollow Deceit, 10 copies of her charged towards the reaper relentlessly.

Instantly locating the main body, the reaper sneered and swung his sword towards her.

“Aiya, never leave your back open. What if that was the true body?” s.h.i.+ro grinned.

“You can’t trick me. I see through your illusions!” He shouted out.

Narrowing her eyes, she waited until the very last moment and switched places with her illusion.


Leaving a shallow slash wound on his back, s.h.i.+ro flexed her fingers and created Genesis. Shoving the gun deep into the wound, she pulled the trigger.


The recoil forced her back as she activated her flight skill and quickly dodged his panicked swing.

Examining his body with her eyes, she saw her bullets. .h.i.t his shoulder blades and were stopped.

‘d.a.m.n his body is tough.’ She thought to herself.

Making some daggers that were enhanced with celestial path, she twisted her body and threw them towards him.

Swatting them away like flies, the reaper clasped his hands together and summoned a tier 3 magic circle.

“Infernum Sanction!” He commanded.

Fire rained down from the ceiling and created several columns of fire around the boss room. From the columns, hands were formed as fire golems slowly formed from the fire.

[Infernum Judge LVL 80 Summon]

HP: 50,000,000/50,000,000

MP: 50,000,000/50,000,000

Giving the room a quick scan, she noted down that 12 judges had sp.a.w.ned.

‘Infernum Sanction. A skill where the reaper would summon judges that would attack once you violate a rule that he has set within the area. Once you discover what this rule is, they’ll stop attacking you. Best way to solve this is to copy what the reaper does since this skill also applies to him. Limitations, he must set a ‘fair’ rule that would affect both of them or else the skill would fail to activate.’

Furrowing her brows slightly, she glanced at his health and wondered how likely it was for her to finish him off quickly.

[HP: 175,400,030/200,000,000]

‘Tch… only around 25 million damage done so far.’ s.h.i.+ro thought with a frown.

With his defence, reaction and battle experience, she would find it a little difficult to finish him off with her throne world. Not only that, the MP drain of her Throne World was rather intense and could leave her in a difficult situation when it ends.

‘The best thing to do for now is try to make him waste his MP so that he can’t use as many skills.’

Slamming her hand down, she released her killing intent and started to freeze the entire room. Since her ice had upgraded into Astral ice, the fire columns could barely melt them.

Now that she had set up her ice field, she was constantly regenerating some mana using her pa.s.sive skill.

But before she could do anything offensive, the reaper’s sword rapidly closed in on her head, forcing her to slid backwards as to avoid being decapitated.

Quickly tracing her finger along the floor, she sent ice spikes piercing towards the reaper. Unfortunately, they were deflected with ease.

“You know, I should have a punch line for this but I don’t have anything other than a really big f*cken gun coming right up.” s.h.i.+ro grinned and quickly ducked down.


Exploding out from under the floor, a giant mounted rail sniper aimed its barrel towards the reaper and fired a huge spear.

During the time that she had froze the room, she started to construct the gun underground using Destroyer as a base since the armour penetration was much needed in order for her to deal some damage to the boss.

Widening his eyes, the reaper realised that he couldn’t block this and could only grit his teeth and try to reduce the damage he took.



Piercing through his body, the spear pinned him against the wall while he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Seeing this, s.h.i.+ro saw this as a perfect opportunity.

Just as she was about to approach him, the Judge’s sprang into action and charged towards her.

‘Tch! What kind of rule did I violate?’ s.h.i.+ro thought to herself in annoyance while dodging their attacks.

However, every attack they made would send an inferno chain shooting towards her in an attempt to lock her down.

Furrowing her brows, she glanced towards the reaper that was trying to unhinge the spear from his chest.

Realising that he hasn’t used his skill yet because the spear was stuck through his body, s.h.i.+ro understood that this was a golden chance.

‘Since the spear is in him, if he used the rejuvenation skill, it would heal his flesh around the spear. It wouldn’t be able to push it out like the bullets since it has pierced him.’ She thought to herself.

Correcting her footwork a little, she dashed towards him in an attempt to pull him into her throne world. Once that happens, she’ll be able to finish him off without the worry of him regenerating everything.

Gritting his teeth, the reaper formed a knife hand and tried to cut the spear in half.

But before he could succeed, s.h.i.+ro activated her throne world and pulled everyone inside, including the judges.

Snapping her fingers, several mounted rail snipers were created and aimed towards the monsters.

“If I didn’t pin you with the first shot, you probably could have avoided this you know? But you don’t have anything in your a.r.s.enal that can help you this time.” s.h.i.+ro smiled and commanded her guns to fire at will.


Sitting on the side, s.h.i.+ro had a smile on her face while kicking her legs back and forth.

She also sacrificed Ataraxia so that she could deal as much damage as she could.

While she did want to find out why he could remember everything and see if she could learn more regarding what the dungeons are, things would get a bit annoying if he didn’t die.

Keeping an eye on his health, she only stopped once she was sure that he had died.

[Level Up!]

{Are you sure you don’t want to question him?} Nimue asked. She had stayed silent for the fight since she didn’t want to distract s.h.i.+ro at the moment. Any distraction could lead to a serious situation.

‘It’s fine. I can come back when I’ve levelled up a bit more or I can also try to find Isilia’s notes. She did do a lot of research in order to create the fake dungeon after all.’ s.h.i.+ro replied with a shrug.

Crouching near the reaper’s corpse, she was rather surprised at the armour since it was different, compared to what she had expected.  

[Ascended Inferno Lord Set]


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