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Naruto System Within Naruto is a Webnovel produced by Seion.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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at 25th of July 2019 09:15:12 PM
Chapter 166

During those further two years, he had gained from small quests around 100 . 000 Points making him have 140 . 000 in total . . .

Thank to the fact that he implored and powered up his wives by completing the hidden quest he gained 500 . 000 points and 3 more Mystery Boxes . . .

The reward, however, was double giving him 6 boxes and a million points in total bringing him close to 1 . 140 . 000 . . .

At first, he had thought it was a single reward for Tsunade but as he managed to do so with Natsuhi as well as he didn’t hear the message and he simply gained the rewards . . .

This means that the quest itself is repeatable and has a stable income for the future to come . . .

“Tab : Inventory” : Linley

17 x BloodLines Pills – 2 x Adjustable Chakra Clothes – List Of E-Rank Jutsu Manual – List Of D-Rank Jutsu Manual – List Of C-Rank Jutsu Manual – List Of B-Rank Jutsu Manual – List Of Rank Jutsu Manual – Sealed Scroll Of 10 Series – Ranking Katana – 6 x Mystery Box

System, open the 6 Boxes and let’s hope that this time I won’t break my promise to both of them, after all, i had said in 3 years back then and now 4 have pa.s.sed . . . : Linley

[Affirmative . . . Opening 6 x Mystery Boxes . . . Done]

[50 x BloodLines Pills – 6 x Random Points Gift Card – 10 x Nature Oil – Nature Poison – (Sage Art – Karmic Rebirth) – Kurama’s Flesh – Broken Flesh Of The Juubi]

Huh?? Huh?? Huh?? HUH!!!! What the f.u.c.k are those last two?? : Linley

Kurama’s Flesh?? Broken Flesh Of The Juubi??? : Linley

Unknowing to him he completely bypa.s.sed the Sage Art, as the last two were too weird to be treated like items . . .

Oi, oi system, are they what i think they are?? : Linley

[Kurama’s Flesh – Flesh from the insides of Kurama after had been eaten by Gin and Kin, it has high potency and resilience able to change the nature of a living being creating a new Jinchuriki . . . ]

[Broken Flesh Of The Juubi – Piece of flesh from the statue that is used mostly to create white Zetsu, however, combine it with different kinds of chakras it is possible to create a new Bijuu . . . ]

f.u.c.k . . . . . : Linley

Those two are so broken in their own ways . . . : Linley

Wait!!! Combine?? Then what will happen if i feed it with all types of chakras i have along with my bloodlines?? : Linley

Linley shivered just with the idea of doing that and looked at his Inventory and finally, he caught on for the last item of the Day . . .

[Sage Art – Karmic Rebirth : An art created by someone carrying the virtue of helping others, the higher his Karma the stronger the effects this Art could show . . . ]

Xmm?? What’s this?? : Linley

If i remember correctly if i reach 22-33 Tomoes wouldn’t i be able to see Karmic Points on someone?? : Linley

Is it related?? : Linley

[Host is correct it is related . . . The host can see the points of someone and when that said person dies, by activating this Sage Art the said person would come back to life while resetting his Karma Value . . . ]

[Meaning from that points on if he does good deeds for the world it would be like having a self-made plot armour . . . However, if he does evil for the world . ]

Punishment will befall on him and those around him huh . . . : Linley

Sweet i guess i can use this as a gamble by bringing them back with Edo Tensei first, i di have the body of Tobirama while for Izuna will a clone sacrifice work?? : Linley

I guess i have to find out later on . . . . : Linley

Open the Gift cards . . . : Linley

[Affirmative . . . . . Opening 6 x Random Points Gift Card . . . Done . . . . . ]

[Gained 5 . 500 . 000 Points . . . Remaining 6 . 640 . 000 . . . . ]

Holy moly mother of s.h.i.tting luck!!! : Linley


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