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Naruto System Within Naruto is a web novel created by Seion.
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at 1st of January 2019 10:32:11 AM
Chapter 58

After all of them were shocked for who knows how many minutes, they finally regained their senses back.

I think it would be best to go to the Hospital. : Pedro

Yeah, I might do that, for now, i’m shocked way too much therefore i wish to lay down. : Serena

Sure. sure, here let me help you : Pedro

Pedro already started treating her with lovely eyes and caring thoughts and actions making Serena blush from being showering with care.

Yea, Yeah Go DAD, MOM is a Bella. : Linley

When they had left the room both heard their son screaming as loud as he could which made Pedro grin and Serena read as a tomato.


Just as she was waiting for a response of despair of him what she heard made her rage from anger and embarra.s.sment.


Ai, quite a rebellious one. Since he rebelled and left and your Chakra here is starting splitting that means we might get him 2 instead of one… : Pedro

When Serena heard the Father-Son Collaboration she was speechless, and at the same time blush before making an innocent face and drawing him somewhere in hidden areas…

Linley who was out of the house could hear small sounds of here and there and new that his mom was screaming from the pleasure they were in.

He was wondering all over the place for countless hours, eating ramen, playing around here and there, he even went to the training Grounds were he saw Tsunade.

She was in deep meditation and a grin surfaced on his mouth. He hides his Chakra and walked slowly towards her, after carefully reaching behind her, he hugged her gently from behind and started fondling her normal size for now

LINLEY!!!!! let me practise and stop that!!! : Tsunade

Tsunade had long sensed him especially when he came behind her, but she still had a bit of hope he will sit there quietly and not interrupting her. When she felt her being fondled she yelled loudly as she still had her eyes closed.

If you want me to stop then give me a kiss here… : Linley

When he said that he placed his fingers in her lips and that snapped her eyes opened, she turned around and glared at him before she spoke.

Can’t you let me practice in peace… : Tsunade

Ehhh but it’s been a month since I last saw you and didn’t bother you at all did I?? : Linley

Ugh… can’t you just lay next to me and watch your big sis flower face being happy than interrupting me?? : Tsunade

So I can sit here?? : Linley

Sure, I don’t mind just please let me practise a bit more I was about to complete the 2% of Chakra and Bone Manual, now I need 3 more hours thanks to you… : Tsunade

Ugh… fine then sit down in a meditation position as you were before… : Linley

Tsunade didn’t argue as she did had that intention of sitting down, when she did and placed her hands in a seal like position in her abdomen, Linley sat down next to her with his face in her waist and he placed he had hugged her belly which stunts her.

Linley!!! : Tsunade

Don’t worry bid Sis, I won’t do anything for 3 hours except relax like this as I hug you. : Linley

Tsunade thought that’s exactly what i’m worried about, you not doing anything at all would be quite a feat on a whole worrying level.


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