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Read National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 635 – Battle of Mandatory Success!

National School Prince Is A Girl is a web novel made by Warring Young Seven, 战七少.
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Read WebNovel National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 635 – Battle of Mandatory Success!

Chapter 635: Battle of Mandatory Success!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Baby Feng rubbed his fingers, suppressing his urge to hurl insults at them.

Taking large strides behind them, both Lin Feng’s and Yun Hu’s gaze deepened.

Xue Yaoyao wished she had a paper with her or anything which could be used to wipe the youngster’s face.

Even if they were far, the heartache from Spade Z’s fans was apparent.

The truth was, protection was relative as no one would be able to endure their loved ones being treated in such a way.

Spade fans were distressed and yearned to retaliate, but at this moment, Sister Turtle came forward.

“Let them have a good match, this is the National League, they have been preparing for such a long time. There are other fans of the Supreme Alliance here as well, so let’s show them our support.”

“Banzai!” Their voices weren’t loud, but it still managed to attract attention.

Somehow, this situation made it hard for the media to report whatever they had planned.

For instance: “Spade Z humiliated by fans due to his s.e.xuality.”

“Is gaming like this worth our love?”

Both topics had to be eliminated because the youngster had submitted to the humiliation.

However, it was all because of the compet.i.tion; they had to win.

Otherwise, they would be letting down their past efforts, the antic.i.p.ation from the fans and themselves.

Cameras swept past the youngster’s face.

Even though his gaze didn’t seem to have changed, the air around him seemed to have changed.

The youngster’s face still carried stains, but he stood upright, one hand stuffed into a pocket, the other carrying the white cat as he positioned himself.

Although the other members couldn’t be filmed, there was an obvious discussion — but with Sister Turtle there to control the crowd, nothing ma.s.sive would occur.

Some fans were removed from the arena.

Of course, those who had to leave felt grievances.

Some people seemed to have forgotten that there wasn’t a liking that would cause suspicion.

It was such a pity.

Maybe they also couldn’t understand how their love had morphed into such a state.

But this was called growth.

Regardless of whether it was to those that truly adored Spade Z or Spade Z himself; they would have to experience a deep and painful training in order to grow into a stronger and undefeatable version of themselves.

“Alright, everyone, look over here, over here!”

This shoutcaster’s style seemed pretty obvious.

How should he put it, that person… seemed very feminine.

“As a shoutcaster, I want to ask where Almighty Qin is? Eh, am I seeing things or did Spade Z become the vice-captain? Supreme Alliance, is appearance a criterion for being captain? Aish, you should have mentioned it earlier, I would have tried it out.”

His words caused an uproar, but it also showed his skills as he successfully s.h.i.+fted the audience’s attention to the compet.i.tion.

“Come on! Let’s look at both teams, Supreme Alliance vs The Alliance, both great teams. I like the captain from The Alliance as well, with his mighty attacks — wait a moment, I keep wondering if I’m seeing things. Spade Z didn’t pick 1v1, but instead chose the teamfight?!”


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