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Read NEET Receives A Dating Sim System 631 Is This A Secret Garden?

NEET Receives A Dating Sim System is a web novel completed by Idle Fish Goes Ashore.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel NEET Receives A Dating Sim System 631 Is This A Secret Garden?

*Tat tat tat tat*

When the gray-haired boy noticed danger and turned around, the Spiritual Ability user already lifted his a.s.sault rifle and fired at the dragon monster!

The spiritual bullets accurately crashed into the dragon monster’s head and knocked the boss monster onto the ground.

The other three Awakened took advantage of this opportunity to unleash all their attacks. The greatsword slashed, the spear pierced, and the dagger stabbed in succession. This combination of attacks succeeded in slaying the large boss monster.

The dragon monster transformed into a thick mist which was absorbed by the Awakened’s blood-red weapons.

The gray-haired boy then looked back in the direction that he was gazing at earlier. He looked around carefully but couldn’t find anything at all.

“What’s the matter?” the Spiritual Ability user asked him.

“I feel like there was something there just now…”

The Spiritual Ability user also looked in this direction upon hearing this.

Was someone else here just now?

It wasn’t a good thing to meet other people here at all. Nirou Iwazaki, the Spiritual Ability user and team leader of this small squadron, furrowed his eyebrows.

Nirou only wanted to successfully complete the mission that the organization had given to him. He didn’t want anything unexpected to occur at all. However, he wouldn’t be able to help it if something unexpected happened.

It would still be fine if they only had a coincidental meeting with other Spiritual Ability users or Awakened. However, things would be quite troublesome if they met with others that were specifically targeting them.

Nirou indicated with a hand gesture to his team members that they should remain vigilant as they walked in the direction that the gray-haired boy sensed something from.

They soon heard some sounds as they went down this path.

Nirou immediately indicated for everyone to be on full alert and proceed cautiously.

“h.e.l.lo,” a male voice, which was obviously disguised by magic, spoke up to them.

A male figure who wore a spiritual combat uniform jacket and a full-cover helmet appeared in front of Nirou’s team!

Nirou’s gaze sharpened upon seeing this person.

This person was a Spirit-branded Retainer!

Nirou came to such a conclusion from the person’s combat uniform along with his own Astral Vision a.n.a.lysis… he was absolutely confident that this person was a Spirit-branded Retainer.

Two others stood behind the Spirit-branded Retainer, another male and a female. They were also both wearing full-cover helmets. These two both appeared to be Awakened.

The male Awakened wore a combat uniform and held a shield. The female Awakened wore a combat uniform and a dark-red cape on top which appeared to be her mystical creation.

Nirou identified these two Awakened as real Awakened that had acquired their abilities on their own, unlike his subordinates.

“We are members of the ‘True Knight Order.’ May I ask who you are?” the Spirit-branded Retainer asked Nirou in a polite manner.

The ‘True Knight Order?’ Nirou paused for a moment because he had never heard of such a faction before.

“We are the Cliff Squad,” Nirou gave them a random name and didn’t mention the name of his organization.

“The Cliff Squad… Could I ask what you guys are doing here?”

“We’re simply fighting and training here.”

“In that case, we won’t bother you any further. We shall be taking our leave down this path.”

After saying this, the jacketed Spirit-branded Retainer walked down a branching path. The two Awakened followed behind him.

Nothing happened, excellent. It was evident that these people also didn’t want any trouble.

The True Knight Order… Nirou decided to investigate them after he returned. After they left, he looked back at his own teammate, the gray-haired boy named Heita Nishizawa.

“Where should we head next?”

Heita performed some calculations on his sensory equipment.

“That way.”

He just happened to point at the path that the other three people had gone down!

Was that just a coincidence? Nirou furrowed his eyebrows once again.

It would be best if this was just a coincidence. But if not…

He indicated to his team to proceed down this path at a quick pace.

A while after Seiji met with the “Cliff Squad.”

Seiji and his friends saw two large statues.

These two statues were both wearing full-body armor. They were knights that wielded two-handed greatswords, and both were as tall as two people and had imposing manners.

This was the first time that any of them had ever seen a statue after walking around in the Forest Palace for so long. And, even more eye-catching than the statues was the giant stone door in between the two statues.

There was a large circle carved on the door. A hexagon was carved in the circle. A pentagram carved in the hexagon, a square was carved in the pentagram, a triangle was carved in the square, and finally another circle was carved into the triangle.

This was also the first time any of them had seen such a diagram here. Although this was simply the combination of some normal geometric shapes, it still had a rather mystical appearance.

Seiji confirmed that the mark on his hand indicated that they needed to travel through this stone door!

“Is Hoshi behind this door?”

‘How are we supposed to get in there…?’ Just as he started wondering, a green mist started emitting from the door. This green mist swiftly infused the two knight statues!

“Could it be that…”

Indeed, it was “that.”

Seiji, Mika, and Hisashi witnessed the two knight statues turning dark-green and then beginning to move!


The first knight statue suddenly swung its greatsword in a large arc!

Seiji and the others were already on guard against this, and dodged backwards in unison.


The second knight statue suddenly swung its greatsword in a large arc as well!

Seiji and the others dodged backwards once again.


The third knight statue… whoops, the first knight statue’s greatsword started glowing black as it swung its greatsword in a large arc once again!

It was impossible to dodge the attack this time, so Seiji used [Evolved Body-strengthening technique] on himself to transform into his golden form as he used his shield to forcibly block the attack.

*Clang!!!* The force of the blow was so powerful that Seiji barely managed to block it.

“Moving knight statues? Such a cla.s.sical type of trap.” Hisashi even made a comment while tossing out thunderbolts.


‘What would have happened if I had attacked and destroyed them before they started moving?’ Seiji couldn’t help but think this.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the free time to think any more along these lines. These two knight statues were incredibly strong! They were far stronger than ordinary boss monsters here!!

Hisashi’s Thunderboom ability had very little paralysis effect on the knight statues. Meanwhile, the knight statues were able to completely dodge every single Dimension Shattering Jade attack that Mika tossed at them!

The next moment, Mika was whacked into the air with a loud smack.


Seiji didn’t even have the spare time to take another look at Mika as he hurriedly protected Hisashi and helped him to retreat out of the battle.

A fragile crowd control mage like Hisashi wouldn’t be able to withstand even a single blow from such a powerful attack.

Although Mika managed to remain standing after taking such a direct blow, her Mashiro’s Clothes were significantly damaged.

“Just stall it! Don’t force yourself to fight it at all, just wait for me!!”

After shouting this, Seiji tossed away his shield and wielded his longsword in both hands. He used [Bullet Time] to dodge the first knight statue’s powerful sword swing, and used a martial arts technique…

Killing strike, [Shadow Cut]!

The moment that he swung his sword, his sword appeared to become distorted shadow.

*Shing! He sliced past with a single cut and a clear sound.

The cut knight was split open in half! Large amounts of green mist were emitted from its body with a strange clamorous sound.

Follow-up strike, [Ice Calamity Blade]!!

Seiji’s sword left a blue trail behind it as it slashed into the place that the knight statue had split open. Numerous spiritual blades stabbed into the knight statue’s body and froze it solid!

Finishing strike, [White Lotus]!!

Seiji then formed a long and thick white blade with his magical spell. He viciously swung his sword many times in succession…

Seiji forcefully shattered the frozen knight statue into little pieces!

One down! Seiji immediately turned to look for the second knight statue.

He saw that Mika was gliding at high speed in circles around the second knight statue. She made all sorts of fancy moves as she dodged its attacks. She also kept shooting her spiritual gun in a taunting manner at the knight statue.

Seiji was rendered speechless by the sight.

He felt that Mika was making incredibly swift progress as an ice skater.

Seiji then went over to attract the second knight statue’s attention head-on. This allowed Mika to have the time to cast Dimension Shattering Jade accurately, which helped to finish the battle quickly.

The green mist emitting from the two knight statues returned to the stone door. A green light then appeared on the door’s geometric formation, forming into highly complex runes that created a mystical spell formation.

There was then a loud rumbling as the spell formation split in half. The stone door also split apart to reveal a staircase heading downwards.

Seiji and his friends went down this staircase.

There was a corridor at the end of the staircase. Upon reaching the end of this corridor, Seiji came across an incredibly beautiful scene.

A large red-leafed tree, bright flowers, green leaves and vines everywhere, a clear stream and waterfall, a babbling brook… This all seemed ethereal in its beauty.

“Is this… a secret garden?”


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