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Kaho was the second to return to her senses after Visualization.

While still in a daze and recovering, she heard some strange sounds. Kaho turned around, only to witness Seiji lying face down on the ground with the maid Mai sitting on top of him. She was instantly astonished by the sight.

“Senpai, that’s enough now…”

“No, I’m not finished yet.”

Seiji indicated that Mai could end the ma.s.sage, but the maid absolutely insisted on continuing. She also continued to use great force with her ma.s.sage, making Seiji utter strange sounds.

Kaho didn’t know how to react to this scene. She wanted to ask what was going on, but felt too awkward to ask.

Seiji was finally “released” by Mai a few minutes later.

‘She really takes her maid work too seriously,’ Seiji thought to himself as he got up from the dojo floor and explained that Mai had been giving him a ma.s.sage. He also asked Kaho if she had successfully entered Visualization.

Kaho’s face instantly flushed red.

Seeing such a reaction out of her, Mai immediately guessed at what Kaho must have seen in her dream.

‘Such a sinful young master,’ the maid commented in her mind.

Kaho had indeed Visualized successfully, but she didn’t want to tell Seiji about what she’d experienced in her dream. As for Seiji, since he had his own Visualization experience which he felt was embarra.s.sing to talk about, he thought it was only normal to not want to talk about it, so he didn’t pry any further.

After that, everyone else gradually returned from Visualization as well.

A simple look at this Spirit Image had caused every single person here to easily enter Visualization!

Everyone’s spiritual power improved by an obvious amount. Mika had the greatest improvement, followed by Hoshi and Yukari. Judging by how much they improved, just four or five more instances of Visualization would allow them to reach the spiritual power required to be a Spirit-branded Retainer!

Was this due to the miraculous quality of the Spirit Image, or because of the Awakened’s potential?

Natsuya felt that it was a combination of both.

She no longer cared enough to calculate just how amazing all of this really was. At any rate, the knight order’s potential seemed limitless. If everyone successfully grew at their current rate, it would be impossible to imagine what they would end up like in the future. But, one thing was certain: Seiji’s knight order would definitely end up as a powerful new faction!

Apart from these real life factors, Natsuya also felt even more confidence in her a.s.sessment due to what she saw in her dream world during Visualization.

In her dream world, she was a Yin Yang Master just like in the real world. She was a couple with a Seiji whose last name was “Kamijou”, and they had pretty much the same boyfriend/girlfriend relationship they did in the real world.

However, the difference was that the Seiji Kamijou in Natsuya’s dream was far stronger than Seiji was. Not only was he incredibly strong, he even had numerous powerful Spirit-branded Retainers serving under him. This Seiji Kamijou was basically like the legendary strongest Yin Yang Master in history, Seimei Kamijou!

Even though this was only a dream she had during Visualization, which couldn’t be treated as real, Natsuya faintly felt like this was a premonition of Seiji’s possible future.

Once she leaned from Hitaka, Rana, Mai, and all the others that every single person present had dreamed about “Seiji Kamijou” during Visualization, Natsuya felt even more certain!

Seiji also mentioned that he had become “Seiji Kamijou” during his previous Visualization experience.

It was possible that everyone witnessing Seiji Kamijou during Visualization was due to an effect of this special Spirit Image. But it could also be interpreted in other ways… differing depending on the individual.

After everyone discussed their Visualization circ.u.mstances, they then tried to practice their abilities or spells in the dojo.

Everyone’s abilities and spells caused zero damage to the dojo’s walls and floor. Not even a scratch was left behind. This proved that Seiji’s dimension was highly durable.

Kazuko tried her very best, but was unable to open up the portal to her Domain here. She then tried going to the living room of Seiji’s dimension, but was still unable to do so.

Apart from Kazuko, everyone else was successful in using their abilities here. They experienced how easy it was to cultivate here, doing it with a refreshing and relaxing feeling. Soon, just like Seiji’s first cultivation attempt here, they all became unknowingly immersed in cultivation.

When it was finally time to leave Seiji’s realm, everyone had made plenty of progress.

They were all delighted with their own personal improvements. Everyone praised this location and how miraculous it was, along with the miracle worker himself, Seiji.

“Creating and using this location all requires Inner World Crystals. And, Inner World Crystals are something that everyone obtained together while fighting. So, this place is the result of everyone’s combined efforts.” Seiji smiled as he said this.

Right now, he still wasn’t certain that increasing the difficulty of monsters in Kazuko’s Domain would equal an increase in crystals dropped. He would experiment tomorrow, and if that was really the case, then he would increase the difficulty, obtain more crystals, and improve his Spirit House so that his knight order members could cultivate even longer and better here so that everyone could challenge even higher difficulties… forming a virtuous cycle.

Well, this was basically the equivalent of a mobile game, with dungeon grinding, building structures, and leveling your team!

“I have named this place the ‘Spirit House.’ From now on, this is our True Knight Order’s dimensional base.” Seiji announced the name of this place to everyone.

“That kind of name seems way too plain for such an awesome place.” Hisashi adjusted his “I recommend that this place be called the ‘Realm of the G.o.ds!'”

Seiji was rendered speechless by Hisashi’s idea.

“What does everyone think of the name?” He asked for the others’ opinions.

“‘Realm of the G.o.ds…’ Although it sounds rather mighty, it also sounds really embarra.s.sing,” Mika commented.

“Still, the name that Seiji gave this place really is rather plain. We should come up with a mightier and cooler name,” Yukari remarked.

“I hope that Senpai can come up with a cooler name,” Hoshi agreed.

“I think that ‘Realm of the G.o.ds’ is a fitting name… although it does indeed sound somewhat embarra.s.sing.” Kaho agreed with Hisashi.

“I think that ‘Spirit House’ is a fine name. It’s simple and descriptive.” Natsuya stood on Seiji’s side.

There were plenty of people that agreed with both Seiji or Hisashi’s suggestion. Seiji himself was unsure whether he should adopt Hisashi’s recommended name for the Spirit House or not. On one hand, Realm of the G.o.ds indeed sounded mightier and cooler than Spirit House, but on the other hand, Realm of the G.o.ds sounded somewhat overboard to him.

“Does anyone else have a name suggestion for this place?”

“How about ‘Harem House?'” Mai made a suggestion.

Everyone was rendered speechless.

“Tee-hee.” As the subtle atmosphere persisted, Kazuko broke the silence by giggling. “I agree with the name ‘Harem House.” She laughed while raising her hand.

“If that’s what our King wishes…” Hisashi looked towards Seiji.

“Not at all! Rejected!!”

“Why are you rejecting this name? Isn’t it quite appropriate?”

“The h.e.l.l with that!”

After retorting, Seiji had everyone vote between the names Spirit House and Realm of the G.o.ds.

In the end, the name Spirit House won the vote.

Hisashi still didn’t want to give up on the name he’d come up with. He recommended that the name Realm of the G.o.ds be used as a code name, for example when they were out in public. Seiji agreed to this proposal.

Everyone then left the Spirit House and all returned to their own homes.

Chiaki strongly requested to sleep in Seiji’s apartment tonight. She even brought over her blanket.

“There’s an unknown G.o.d watching me. It’s really scary! That’s why I have to sleep with you in your bed!” Chiaki acted like this was her only option.

*Shing!* Shika slowly unsheathed her Demon Blade Muramasa.

Chiaki was quite scared by Shika’s sudden movement. Seiji hadn’t even noticed that his adopted younger sister had been sitting there with sword equipped!

After Shika unsheathed her sword, she took out a piece of white paper, and slowly started wiping the blade… it was evident that she was doing the sword’s maintenance.

But, this was something that one would typically do in their room.

The black-haired girl who was cleaning her Demon Blade… This scene seemed quite beautiful, but also a little spine-chilling.

“…I was just joking about sleeping in Seiji’s bed. I actually want to sleep in the living room.” Chiaki gave up on her idea.

“How long do you want to stay over at my place? One night? Or a longer time?”

“Of course, forev— I mean, until this incident is over with.”

“It’s not good for you to sleep in the living room for that many days.” Seiji looked directly at her. “Why don’t you sleep on my bed, and I’ll sleep in the living room instead?”

“I’ll be fine!”

“But I’ll mind. If you want to sleep at my place, you have to sleep in my room. I won’t accept any other opinions.”


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