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Kungo stared at Seiji for quite a while before slowly nodding.

Seiji learned how to cast the spell to combine Kungo and his master from Yomi. He then told Kungo some instructions.

The samurai listened to the Yin Yang Master’s instructions as he silently resolved himself.

He was going to live together with his master. He had to survive.

Soul Society’s a.s.sault squad successfully broke into the Tendo Family’s mansion!

Dispelling the Tendo Family’s barrier… would be impossible in a short period of time, which was why Soul Society’s a.s.sault squad chose to use a forceful attack, using the most violent means possible to break through: heavy firepower!

Tremendous explosions from magic explosives shook the entire night sky. If it weren’t for a soundproof magic barrier that Soul Society had cast beforehand, the noise would have shocked the entire city!

The Tendo Family reacted swiftly to the attack, activating their defenses and fighting against the Soul Society a.s.sault squad. Both sides soon became embroiled in battle.

But, in just a short few seconds, Soul Society’s a.s.sault squad members succeeded in breaking through the Tendo Family’s defenses, entering deep into the Tendo Family mansion!

They used various locator spells to try and find their target as quickly as possible. However, the Tendo Family mansion was gigantic. The defensive spells placed in the mansion were complex and varied. It would be quite difficult to swiftly locate Sougo Tendo, the Tendo Family head. This was also where Soul Society’s ambush was most likely to fail.

Even with advantageous combat strength, it would be highly difficult invade someone’s home base and find their boss! That was because the family head might escape at any moment. Unless there was some way to absolutely ascertain Sougo’s location, or if Soul Society had absolutely dominating strength, it would be almost impossible to try and prevent Sougo from escaping. Unfortunately, Soul Society had neither such locator spells nor overwhelming strength. This was because Soul Society had too little time to prepare!

Soul Society’s biggest mistake was not having detected the Tendo Family’s scheme earlier!

If it weren’t for Yui Haruta… it was likely that Soul Society wouldn’t have discovered the scheme at all.

Meisei Sorin felt chilled as he imagined that scenario.

Meisei knew quite well that the spiritual society was filled with plots and schemes, and that it would be impossible for anyone to detect everything.

However, there were some schemes that would have severe consequences if they weren’t detected early.

And even if such a scheme was detected, catastrophe could still happen if the scheme wasn’t dealt with well.

Catastrophe would destroy the order in society. The destruction of order would cause an even greater catastrophe, with the final ending being complete destruction.

Apart from lunatics who didn’t even care about their own lives, n.o.body would want such an ending.

However, humanity had wicked traits. People would often tread the path of destruction without realizing it, all for the sake of personal benefits or desires.

Meisei Sorin believed himself to be a defender of order, someone who wanted to prevent destruction. But, just how much could he do? How much of Sakura Island’s precious order could he maintain…? He didn’t dare to think too deeply on this subject.

That would be the unknown.

That would be chaos.

That would be the deepest terror.

“It’s so lively tonight,” a voice that everyone could hear suddenly spoke up in the Tendo Family mansion.

Meisei Sorin paused in his actions as he instantly recognized whom this voice belonged to…

Sougo Tendo!

“Isn’t it rather rude of Soul Society to invade someone’s home without even so much as a greeting? Still, I can understand why you would do such a thing, so how about we temporarily stop fighting and chat a little?” Sougo spoke in an agreeable tone.

He then gave the command to the Tendo Family members to stop fighting… with the prerequisite that they were no longer being attacked, that was.

“He must be stalling for time! Don’t stop searching for him!” Meisei immediately issued this command to everyone in the Soul Society a.s.sault squad.

He then answered the Tendo Family’s head. “Sougo Tendo-san, thank you for your understanding. I apologize for our rude behavior. However, this is something that had to be done. I hope that you would be willing to personally come out and discuss some matters with us.”

Sougo replied with a chuckle. “If I come out, I highly doubt that you’ll simply talk, so I refuse. Besides, I’m very busy right now. Even if I wanted to personally greet you, I couldn’t.”

“What are you busy with?” Meisei asked in an icy tone. He had an ominous premonition. “Just what are you doing, Sougo Tendo!?”

“I’m doing exactly what you think I am… Haha, that’s a bit boring to say, so let me tell you more directly since things have come to this.” Sougo paused for a moment. “We’re currently activating the Susanoo plan. Just as you can tell from the plan’s name, this plan is to artificially create a G.o.d. We intend to create this G.o.d that will help the entire Tendo Family to evolve and ascend to another level, becoming stronger than all other factions, and rising to the peak of Sakura Island! Any other faction that has such a chance would surely make the same decision. Our Tendo Family is simply the first to do so.”

“Foolish!” Meisei retorted in an icy tone. “While it may seem wonderful to have the entire family evolve, this will cause your entire family’s destruction if any problems arise! The Nishigan Family, Asami Family, Kondoukei Family, and Yaogo Family… If you know even the slightest bit about history, you should know that countless families have destroyed themselves with such foolish desires! It’s nothing more than unmistakable idiocy to try and give a so-called evolution to your entire family without a hundred percent guarantee. And, a hundred percent guarantee is impossible!

“Not only that, you’ve made use of the Yasakani no Magatama and the Realm of Cherry Blossoms. Even if the Tendo Family has full control over the divine artifact’s power, it’s impossible to control the Realm of Cherry Blossoms, so this plan must have tremendous a.s.sociated risks! Thus, the conclusion is that you must be lying, Sougo Tendo! Or, the entire Tendo Family is filled with idiots, or has gone insane!”

“Haha, you’re absolutely correct, Meisei Sorin-san.” Sougo chuckled. “Although there are many idiots in our Tendo Family, we’re not foolish enough to gamble the entire family’s fate on such a plan. I admit that I was lying. The Susanoo plan isn’t a plan to have the entire family evolve. It’s simply an experimental plan, an experiment to have ordinary people evolve into spiritual ability users. After the past ten years, although very few results have been achieved, the results that were achieved have all been highly valuable, which is why this plan has continued all this time. But recently, the appearance of the Awakened greatly sped up the progress of this plan, and the Realm of Cherry Blossoms was an even bigger pleasant surprise.

“The Tendo Family thus started viewing this plan with much greater importance… this greatly displeased me. I had only taken charge of this plan in the beginning in order to kill it off. I never thought that it would be continued all the way until today, and even be about to produce such major results. The ironic part is that even I’ve been attracted by this plan now. My way of thinking is now different from what it was at first. The me from ten years ago would have been quite happy to cooperate with you all to end this plan, but now… Haha.

“Although the Tendo Family views this plan with great importance, it’s not to the extent of wanting to become enemies with Soul Society. If you had tried to negotiate with us, it’s highly likely that you could have convinced most of the higher-ups in the family to give up on this plan. However, you believed that there was no time left, and chose to use forceful methods.

“Your way of thinking and actions… were all correct. But, I’m sorry. You’re too late.

“Maybe I will die here. Maybe I will become a G.o.d or a demon. Maybe I can still remain a human… Haha, I’m really looking forward to what I’ll become.

“I now feel like I have waited for this moment for ten whole years…”

At this instant, Meisei Sorin suddenly sensed tremendous danger—this was the strongest warning possible from his survival instincts!

“Sougo Tendo, STOP!!!” At the same time that he shouted this, Meisei also used a communication spell to warn all Soul Society members. “Everyone! Retreat immediately!”

The next instant, a red light bloomed.

A mystical sound which resembled a song not from this world could be heard. This blinding red light dispelled all darkness as it enveloped everything in bright red. The red light then formed a pillar that shot towards the sky. An even larger and hazy gigantic gray figure then came out of the tremendous red pillar of light. This figure seemed like some type of snake or dragon.

This giant shadowy figure slowly arched its neck. The top of the red pillar of light explosively started expanding. The bright red light could be seen from far, far away.


An incomparably deep roar that sounded like it came from the ancient past or distant future could be heard from the head of the gigantic existence! This roar shook the sky! It shook the earth!!! It shook the entire city!!!


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