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Looking at the time, Kyle noted that they still had about half an hour before boarding, so he decided to tell Xing Han the itinerary for the rest of the month.

“We won’t be doing much, really,” Kyle explained, “Just checking up on two companies that have submitted proposals for a collaboration with the Smith Industries.”

“Checking up? How?” Xing Han asked.

“We’re basically going to spy on them,” Kyle said with a smile, “The files on the companies will be sent to the hotel room after we check-in, so we’ll be spending a day or two looking through them. Then, check up on the company by testing them. Like mystery shoppers.*”

“Both are restaurants. The first is a family-owned fusion-style restaurant while the other is a seafood type restaurant,” Kyle said.

“So we are going there to eat?!!” Xing Han said with a huge grin.

Kyle laughed, “Yes. I chose these two because of you, you know.”

“You’re the Man, Kyle!” Xing Han gushed, “But we won’t just be eating, right? And what do these two restaurants have to offer Smith Industries and vice versa?”

“Smith Industries basically is like a network. Our collaborations – those that are under us, that is, would help each other, so to speak,” Kyle explained.

“For example, these restaurants would be able to get their ingredients at a lower cost from the suppliers under us, or if there isn’t, then we can get them the connections for it.”

“It’s not restricted to only ingredients but anything that they want from furniture to renovation, so long as we have them. As for us, we get a % of their profits. The amount of power we have over these collaborations depends on what they want from us. Some even ask for funding, which would then mean we get shares from it.”

“Of course, all of this is only possible because we have been around for a long time so our collaborations and subsidiary companies are quite diverse,” Kyle finished his explanation.

“As for your first question … no, not just to eat. It is one of them but we must also see how the place is managed etc. Are they dying but have hope or are they a lost cause?”

“At the end of the day, we’re a business, not a charity case,” Kyle said.

“Got it,” Xing Han said, rubbing his hands in glee.

“This is all interesting and such but …” Xing Han began hesitatingly …

“But what?” Kyle asked.

“Is it me, or are people staring at us?” Xing Han asked, looking around.

Kyle tsked. In reality, he had noticed it, but was hoping it was just his imagination.

At first, it was done covertly.

Looking at them through the corner of their eye. Turning towards them while stretching. Taking a selfie with their backs to them but the phone angle was too high, indicating they were taking pictures of those behind them.

Then, it became more obvious as people starting congregating there.

Now, there were people who were openly looking towards their direction, and looking at their phone. Some even were pointing at them.

So far, no one had actually gathered enough courage to come towards them so Kyle thought this is the best time to move.

“Shall we head to the First Cla.s.s Lounge?” he said to Xing Han nonchalantly, grabbing his backpack as he stood up.

Initially, they didn’t want to hang out there for it was rather boring. They had preferred the common area in the airport which was more interesting and s.p.a.cious. Neither Xing Han nor Kyle felt the need to be segregated within that luxurious area, but now, perhaps, that hadn’t been a good idea.

Xing Han nodded, getting up and flinging his backpack over his shoulder.

However, the moment they got up, it was as if a switch was flipped.

A group of girls broke out of their ‘long-distance staring’ and started walking towards them quickly. Once that group did, another group of girls glared at them and did the same. Yet another group quickly started walking as well, wanting to be the first to reach them.

“Xing Han,” Kyle said, “Walk fast.”

The guys had long legs, so they did manage to get some distance before they came too close. Not for long, though, for the girls then started running.

It was like a ripple effect. The moment one did, all did.

Kyle and Xing Han heard the stampede of feet, looked back and then at each other. Without further ado, they ran.

“Huff-puff-Why-puff are we -huff-puff- running?” Xing Han asked after a while.

It was by pure instinct that he ran, for upon seeing that wave of girls running towards them, he had this weird thought that he was going to be flattened. Actually, he might have been since they’re most likely there for Kyle, not him.

The First Cla.s.s Lounge was across the hall, and on the first floor so there was still a distance to cover.

“Puff – maybe – huff-puff – they just – hah hah – want an autograph?” Xing Han managed to squeeze out, hoping Kyle would stop.

Kyle turned his head to look at him, and he asked, “Do you really think they’d be chasing like that just for an autograph? I’m not going to take the risk.”

Xing Han stared at him.

How on Earth is Kyle still able to talk properly while running at full speed like that?!

“You-you … huff-puff” Xing Han gasped out, stopping when his eyes widened. Just as they rounded a corner, there was this little girl just sitting there in the middle of the pathway.

Xing Han could avoid her, as she was not in his direct line of running, but she was for Kyle.

“Fu-” Kyle began but stopped himself from cursing as the girl looked up at him, frozen. She was sitting there playing with her doll when this huge person loomed suddenly in front of her.

Without skipping a beat, Kyle positioned both of his feet on the floor at a slight angle that was facing away and jumped. The powerful burst of energy allowed him to jump high and over the baby, who followed Kyle’s every movement as he sailed above her. His legs were spread open wide, missing the baby completely.

Kyle landed neatly on the other side and continued running, not missing a beat. Xing Han, on the other hand, was so surprised that he nearly stumbled. Quickly getting his momentum, he ran after Kyle.

They reached the First Cla.s.s Lounge, flas.h.i.+ng their first-cla.s.s tickets as they pa.s.sed by through the door. The receptionist’s head snapped from left to right as they whizzed by, taking note with practiced eyes the first-cla.s.s ticket.

Just as the two boys ran in, she jumped back in shock as some gasping group of girls banged right to the table.

Though shocked beyond belief, she still put on her professional welcoming smile and said, “Welcome to First-Cla.s.s Lounge. May I see your tickets please.”

It took a bit of time before the girls could stop gasping when one finally asked, “Can we just go in to see someone? We won’t stay long.”

“I’m very sorry, Miss,” the receptionist replied, “Our guests’ privacy is extremely important. Perhaps if you give me your name, and the name of the person you are looking for, I can convey that you are looking for him or her.”

“Oh, erm, he doesn’t know me,” she replied sheepishly, “But it’s really important. I just need to ask him a question.”

The receptionist smiled, not breaking out of work mode, “If you give me your message, I can pa.s.s it to him and give you his reply.”

The girls huddled together, whispering amongst themselves. The run had somehow solidified their comrades.h.i.+p. It was as if they could understand each other’s desperate feeling and desire. No longer was it a compet.i.tion.

Finally deciding on the message, they told the receptionist, “The message is for Kyle Smith. Could you please ask him if we can take pictures with him?”

Initially, they had tons of questions but they were only given one shot for this. Whether he was in John Wick movie, what role did he play and so forth wasn’t as important as being able to take pictures with him. Even if he wasn’t in the movie, he was a minor celebrity already and was too good looking not to take advantage of. It’s enough just to be able to be in the same frame as him.

Meanwhile, inside, Xing Han was panting as he sat down, “Man, that was close.”

Kyle nodded, taking a couple of bottles of mineral water from the counter. He handed one to Xing Han and opened his, drinking after he sat down.

After quenching their thirst, Xing Han turned to Kyle and looked at him strangely.

“What?” Kyle asked, “Being taken in by my handsomeness now?”

“Pffft,” Xing Han said, waving his hand in front of his face, “I’ve always been taken in by your handsomeness. That’s nothing. But what the heck was that move?!”

Kyle raised an eyebrow, “What move?”

Xing Han looked at him through narrowed eyes, “Stop playing dumb. The way you jumped over that baby earlier.”

“Oh, that?” Kyle said leaning back on the chair, “It just a basic plyometric jump.* Something I learned when I started doing parkour.”

“OOoohh,” Xing Han nodded his eyes widening as he thought about it, “That makes sense.”

Just then, the server in the room came to Kyle with a note on a tray, “Mr. Kyle Smith?”

“Yes?” Kyle said.

“This is for you,” he replied politely.

Kyle took the note, read it and cringed. He folded it back, returned it on the tray and said, “No.”

The server nodded and headed out.

Wails were heard coming through the door when the server came back in. Once the door closed, though, the sound was cut off.

Kyle sighed, leaning his head back on the chair, “My peaceful life is over.”


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