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Kyle leaned back a bit, seeing her flushed face. He then looked down, at those ample a.s.sets and could even see the faint outlines of her nipples through the material. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so it must be some breast tape at the side as such huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s wouldn’t be able to handle gravity so well.

He brazenly stared at it, studying it carefully while the girl was getting all heated up by the way he was doing so. She pushed her chest forward, nearly hitting Kyle’s face with it and he stifled a laughter at that. 

He looked up at her, giving her a very s.e.xy smile as he then groped one breast, his thumb fiddling with her nipple. She didn’t move away nor look annoyed but instead, leaned into his hand even more.

Giving her breast one final squeeze, Kyle side-stepped her and walked away. As he pa.s.sed her, he said softly but loud enough for her to hear, “Payment for groping my a*s. Do that again, and I’ll strip you and push you down the stairs.”

The girl’s smile froze on her face while her hand gripped the handrail so hard that her knuckles turned white. 

She had no doubt that he meant exactly what he said, for his voice had been so cold. She had even felt this sense of danger emitting from him and her instincts were screaming at her to run for safety. It was like facing a predator.

She turned her head slowly to look at his retreating back, the pressure on her getting less as he went further away. She gulped and quickly ran down the steps, cursing herself but being utterly glad for escaping that calamity.

No one paid any attention to the scene that had just happened, taking it as just ‘one of those things’ that happened at the club. So long as it didn’t go overboard, the security wouldn’t step in and there had been far worse things before.

There even had been rumours of a daring couple ‘doing it’ right in the club in front of everyone. They were doing it covertly, with their clothes still intact and no one had noticed at first until the guy climaxed right into the girl and she screamed in anger.

Well, it was an urban legend. No one really believed it but it was exciting enough.

Kyle rubbed his hand, thinking of the sensation of the breast on it. Nodding to himself, he was satisfied. When he had let himself go, he could feel his body already reacting to the enticing dish in front of him but it was just that.

He didn’t feel like he would lose control. So he went a step further and touched her directly, but still, no sudden primal beast raging to come out to ravage the girl at all. Kyle was immensely gratified that his two days of meditation and training was paying off.

It was really soft and nice to hold, though. That, he admitted to himself. 

Once Kyle reached the top, all eyes fell on him. 

Such a strikingly handsome young man that was alone would be the focus of anyone and they watched him as he headed towards an empty table and chair.

Their eyes nearly popped out when he took off his jacket, revealing that breathtakingly drool-worthy physique, the T-s.h.i.+rt clinging on to every well-defined muscle like it was taped there. He flung his jacket on the chair beside him and turned to face the dance floor.

He leaned back a bit on the chair, his face having this ghost of a smile that made people’s heart palpitate for some reason. 

It looked like he was presenting himself to the public and inviting anyone daring enough, to entertain him.


Jaxon was frustrated.

He had wanted to dance with the hot s.e.xy siren and take advantage by grinding his body onto hers in the name of ‘dancing’ … but there was this rather excitable, slightly plump guy blocking him all the time!

Each time he got close, that big a*s would be swinging around and getting in-between them. The girl, aggravatingly enough, was just laughing and dancing with both of them. The more she moved her hips, and the way her b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced from her dance movements, the more agitated he felt.
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He gritted his teeth and decided to be more aggressive in his ‘dancing’.

Just as he got closer, as expected, that fat blob was coming at them. He avoided it only to be met with that figure again. This happened a few times, and to others, it appeared as if they were dancing.

Finally, after one major move, Jaxon escaped and b.u.mped into Kay. He quickly grabbed her to ‘save’ her, his hands directly on her a*s.


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