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It was the day of the exchange.

Kyle looked at his laptop and did a final check. This was a delicate operation with so many unknowns that it made Kyle nervous. He had done the best that he could, and even had Sayuri double-check everything, but it didn’t mean he was confident.

Over-confidence could lead to disaster, just as he learned painfully from his elevator mishap. One wrong step and you’re going to see stars.

Kyle had the police band monitored and several MIB agents around in all the major hot-spots. He and Sayuri would be monitoring the situation at the actual location, and would only make a move if necessary.

“Ready?” Sayuri asked, coming over behind him.

“Yeah,” Kyle said, closing his laptop and turned to face her, “Time go give those peepers a show that would make them cringe in their hidden spots.”
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Sayuri laughed, took his hand and led him outside to the balcony, “The bigger the show, the more likely they’ll ignore us later on.”

Kyle stopped, spun her around and hugged her. He looked down at her and said, a twinkle in his eyes, “How big is big?”

She gave a seductive smile, tilted her head to show her neck to him and said while pressing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s to his chest, “Depends entirely on you.”

Kyle raised an eyebrow, brought his hands lower to grab her *ss and started kneading them as he lowered his head, “You’re playing with fire, young lady.”

She licked his lips and said just before he kissed her, “Then let’s burn together.”

In a hidden spot (or so they thought) some distance away in the opposite building, the guy who had to watch this scene groaned.

“They’re at it again,” Goon A complained, leaning back and rubbing his eyes in disgust, “And this time, out in the open balcony.”

His partner, Goon B, pushed him aside and looked through the telescope, saying, “If I had that girl, I would be going at it all the time as well.”

“Oh come on, it’s broad daylight! Can’t they tone it down a bit?” 

Goon B didn’t answer, as he continued to watch live p*rn … well, not really p*rn since they were just making out heavily but still. 

“Shut up,” Goon B hissed, “This is getting good. Man, what I would do to be in his position. That’s one mighty fine *ss indeed.”

After a few minutes, Goon B sighed and kicked the telescope, “Just when it was getting to the good part, they had to go back inside. Aarrgh! Just a little bit more and that bra would have gone off!”

Goon A rolled his eyes and lay his head on the desk, “They’ll be at it for a couple of hours at least.”

Goon B growled and headed to the bathroom. 

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The moment Kyle and Sayuri entered the apartment, he pressed her against the wall and gave her a deep kiss. He then kissed the top of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and growled, “Were you going to give them a striptease?!”

Sayuri gave him a slow smile, running her finger on his jawline and then smoothened the crease on his eyebrows, “It had to be convincing. Now they’ll think we’ll be out of it for a few hours or so.”

In response, Kyle bit and sucked the tender flesh just above her nipple and looked at his handiwork. Pursing his lips, he didn’t feel it was enough and gave her a few more. Then, he pulled down the bra a bit and marked another spot that would peep through the bra.

“What are you doing?” Sayuri asked breathlessly as his lips and fingers kept brus.h.i.+ng her sensitive spots, “We’re going to be late. We still have to put on our disguises.”

Giving her one final kiss on the lips, he let her go and promised, “To be continued.”

Sayuri smirked.

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Stephan clutched the briefcase handle nervously.

This was going to be easy. Yes. Easy. Nothing difficult at all. 

All he had to do was go to Kafe Bean, sit at the corner table and order a latte and wait. He didn’t know what the contents in the bag was, but he just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Stephan took a deep breath and did as was required, and waited patiently.

Sayuri, who was at a nearby table, pursed her sweet pink lips.

She was now disguised as a young boy, a short wig seamlessly covering her own long hair and a chest binder successfully downplaying her chest.

Kyle marveled at her disguise technique and all sorts of props that she had. All the latex and SFX products were mindboggling. Her skills were a wonder to watch. 

Kyle preferred to use make-up to create the disguise while Sayuri used prosthetic makeup. Her technique was superior, of course, as it created advanced cosmetic effects. He looked at the young boy in front of him.

There was no flaw at all and there was no semblance of the former Sayuri at all.

“You know, if you continue staring, people are going to think you’re gay,” Sayuri said with a small laugh.

“If we weren’t in Country M, I wouldn’t mind acting that out,” Kyle said.

To match Sayuri, Kyle was also a young teen and he merely downplayed his sharp features. He even had a scar at the side of his face (courtesy of Sayuri) and he wore brown contacts, rectangular, and buck teeth. 

With his make-up skills, he made his eyes look even smaller and added some pimples on his forehead and chin. His naturally healthy and smooth skin was also looking rather pale and rough, an indication of his constant pimple-popping exercises.

“Yeah, a cute guy like me, ending up with a crater-face like you?” Sayuri scoffed, “I doubt it.”

Kyle laughed, then stopped, “They’re here.”


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