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Marvin appeared so quickly that the two adventurers didn’t even react.

In fact, even though they were standing in an open clearing with some moonlight illuminating the place, their sight was still very lacking.

Even though the two 2nd rank fighters had the level advantage, their sight was severely restricted.

This was why Marvin didn’t hesitate to act.

Darksight made him able to see everything. He could even see the adventurer’s dandruff clearly!

The night had always been the time for Night Walkers to act.

Marvin’s surprise attack was incredibly fierce, and those two had been distracted by Kate’s strange situation.


The dagger stabbed! Fang viciously pierced that man’s waist!

The waist was a body part that didn’t have armor. Marvin chose this part because he was rus.h.i.+ng over, and if he had gone for another vital, the adventurer might have dodged!

And the reason he didn’t use [Blazing Fury] was also very simple. He needed some time to get used to the weapon and be proficient with it. Even though it was a curved dagger, the weight and size differed to some extent. Sean didn’t give Marvin much time to adapt to his new blade. Thus, in this sudden battle, Marvin still chose to use the two Fangs which were gifted to him by the red copper dragon!

The man shouted in pain. The moment Fang cut into his waist, he painfully dodged sideways!

Marvin silently let go of his right Fang and abruptly crouched, stabbing his left Fang ruthlessly at the side of the man’s kneecap!

The adventurer instinctively curled backward and Marvin added a kick, making him fall to the ground.

He then simply took out a backup dagger!

He unsheathed the Kingfisher Jade Dagger from his waist and ruthlessly nailed it through that guy’s throat!

That man’s final wail was cut short by Marvin’s dagger being stabbed in his throat. He struggled for an instant, and then never rose again.

Only three moves and Marvin had already eliminated a fighter that was at least level 7!

The most important factor was obviously darksight.

Marvin appeared like a ghost. The other adventurer wasn’t able to see what he looked like.

He couldn’t be sure, but he a.s.sumed he’d met an expert that was at least of the 2nd rank or higher.

He immediately attempted to withdraw, loudly yelling, “Mister, this might be a misunderstanding!”

After saying that, he tightly held onto his two handed greatsword and settled in a defensive posture.

Marvin took a quick glance to Kate on the side. The flames on her body had began to gradually die out. But she seemed a bit weak.

She looked at Marvin, uneasy.

She didn’t understand. How could this guy who suddenly appeared be able to identify her? That sentence “Control your power” was clearly something that only those who knew her ident.i.ty as a Fate Shaman would say!

It made her feel more worried. She didn’t know whether she should trust Marvin!

She had come alone to the Thousand Leaves Forest for a reason. She went out by herself to lessen the burden on her older sister. She got tricked by those adventurers because of her lack of experience.

And then Marvin’s sudden appearance made her even more worried.

But she also knew that if she was unable to control her strength, it would draw the wrath of the Great Elven King!

Because of the Great Elven King’s hostility toward shamans, it would most likely create troubles for her older sister.

‘Out of question! Before finding the Amethyst Rock, I have to properly control my power!’

Kate took a deep breath, no longer thinking about the other men but instead single-mindedly focusing on controlling her own blood vessels suddenly bursting with power.

Marvin sighed in relief when he saw that the situation took a turn for the better.

Attracting the Great Elven King’s attention wouldn’t be advantageous.

These two adventurers were simply courting death!

If the Great Elven King really came, Marvin would also suffer just from being close by.

Thus, he looked at the remaining man with an expression filled with killing intent.

“Misunderstanding? As an adventurer not abiding by your contract, it’s not just a misunderstanding, right?” Marvin said, as he easily pulled his Fang from the corpse on the ground.

That man kept his composure. He was actually able to stay calm after witnessing Marvin’s lightning-like execution, and even negotiate with him.

“Mister, I don’t know what you heard, but this is the Thousand Leaves Forest.”

“We can’t make too much noise or the elven iron guard would hurry here. You should know about this.”

“These trees are the elven guard’s eyes and ears.”

“It would be better if we both take a step back. You want to protect that girl. I don’t mind, I’ll leave alone, how about this?”

This man was very sly. When he saw Marvin neatly executing his companion, he knew that even if Marvin could kill him, it would also be very troublesome.

Adventurers weren’t fools. They planned before acting. They originally swindled Kate only for the money. But after going in circles in the forest for several days, perhaps it was because they hadn’t touched a woman for two days, but they devised a plan to take care of her.

But they couldn’t have expected to be so unlucky and encounter Sean, this freak able to see clearly 5 kilometers away.

His companion dying dispelled any l.u.s.t he had.

He already took her money. It was enough to get the best prost.i.tute in Oak Town.

Thus, he wanted to leave.

But Marvin didn’t intend to let him leave.

Because Sean told him very clearly to get rid of these two adventurers.

Even if sc.u.m like this was everywhere and Marvin couldn’t kill all of them, he could kill a few.

Marvin thought of it like that.

But he still pretended to be sympathetic.

“Is that true? You swear to leave and no longer have any thoughts on this woman?”

He took a step to the side, half of his body concealed in the shadow of a big tree.

The moonlight was rather dim and the flame on Kate’s body didn’t off much light. The adventurer couldn’t clearly see Marvin’s appearance.

So he also didn’t notice Marvin’s right hand quietly lowering the wishful rope.

“I swear!” he shouted.

“As long as you let me go, I’ll just walk away!” He firmly held his two handed greatsword, retreating a few steps.

“Wait!” Marvin suddenly shouted.

“What do you want?” That guy suddenly felt nervous for a moment.

His attention was on the half of Marvin’s face that was visible.

Even though it was still dark, he still looked awfully young.

The adventurer suddenly changed his mind.

‘This guy seems to be a thief, right?’

‘He already used his stealth. And he is so young, his level should definitely not be high at all. Was I too cautious?’ He changed his mind once again and began probing.

“I was already ready to leave, what do you still want? Could it be that you think you can defeat me?”

Marvin stared at him and said, “Money.”

“Return this Miss’ money.”

That man froze, before suddenly burst out laughing, “Making me return the money?”

“Little brat, you couldn’t help being greedy? You thought you could scare me into leaving?”

“To say the truth, I just thought of something less complicated. Since you are so overbearing, don’t blame me for being heartless!”

After saying this, he suddenly raised his greatsword and rushed over with a murderous look on his face!

He clearly saw that Marvin looked 14 – 15 years old with a thin and weak build!

He should be a thief for sure. He only managed to kill his companion because he caught him off guard.

Marvin would definitely not be his opponent in a direct battle!

Behind Marvin, the flames on Kate’s body had already been thoroughly extinguished.

She fell into a state of extreme weakness. Fate shaman were chosen by Fate, so she was born with perfect vision, able to see clearly during night and day.

She raised her head and saw Marvin’s somewhat thin and frail back.

This was a clear contrast with the adventurer’s st.u.r.dy body

‘This is bad!’

‘I didn’t expect that person to be younger than me… He might not be this adventurer’s match!’

‘No good! I have to use that thing my older sister gave me…’

She struggled and took out something from her bosom.

But at this time, the scene that took place startled her.

She only saw Marvin skillfully dash a few steps to the right before directly jumping on a tree branch with incomparable speed!

The adventurer couldn’t help but raise his head and turn because of Marvin movements!

He suddenly staggered!

He didn’t know when but a snake-like rope had suddenly appeared, coiling around his ankle. Under the control of Marvin’s chant, the wishful rope tripped him!

The adventurer instantly lost balance, having to stab the two handed greatsword downward to prevent himself from falling.

The corner of Marvin’s mouth rose up. ‘This trick is too effective.’ Even though the wishful rope was only an uncommon item, it was stronger than many magic items in Marvin’s hands.

He had used similar tricks countless time since he transmigrated, and it went smoothly almost every time!

This time wasn’t an exception.

He suddenly jumped down from the branch, throwing himself toward that adventurer!

The outcome had already been decided.


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