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Nightmare’s Call is a web novel completed by Get Lost, Gun Kai, 滚开.
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“Sadly, the requirement for the transfer of the Ashen Seal is so high, and its effects will decrease progressively.”

Lin Sheng was a little disheartened but was a little glad at the same time.

The Ashen Seal could indeed allow any martial artists who have reached his maximum potential to break through that limit, but this seal is only available through him,

Based on the records of the sacred tome, this was not the proper way for the technique to be pa.s.sed down, so even when Old Man Deathclaw had broken through his limit with the Ashen Seal, he would still not be able to teach it to someone else.

Should he leave Ironfist Club, as time pa.s.sed, his memory of the Ashen Seal would slowly fade away, and his ability would return to its original state.

So he would need to meditate on the seal drawn by Lin Sheng from time to time to refresh his memory. That was the key to it all.

Turning one’s back towards Ironfist Club would mean turning one’s back to strength, and to the light.

And for the Ashen Seal, the key process was the focusing of energy during the inscription, and not the diagram itself. So every time one sees an Ashen Seal, there will be mileage changes to it.

So Deathclaw would not be able to transfer the Ashen Seal to anyone else as his seal is a one-use transfer, and cannot be replicated.

As he thought about it, Lin Sheng started to get tired as his consciousness turned blurry as he sunk into slumber.

Ninghai City Special Reception Division.

The Special Reception Division in Ninghai City was the only foreign reception area in the Anduin province. And this was a division specializing in handling foreign VIPs.

While the division may only be a reception specialist on the surface, they were actually the biggest intelligence and counter-intelligence center in the entire Anduin military district.

Aside from having the usual duties to receive important dignitaries, during key moments, they would be activated for special informational warfare.

The division was based in the affluent financial district of Ninghai City and was convenient. Even the accommodation options were top-notch, not unlike most other reception centers.

At this moment, within the meeting room at the top floor of the grand reception building.

A group of special operatives in various casual wear were seated grim-faced as they looked at the images on the projector.

And in the middle of them all, was a tall blue-eyed golden-haired lady.

She was wearing a western business suit with long pants as she crossed her arms and exposed her voluptuous cleavage.

“Go ahead and speak your minds.”

Her expression was cold as she stared at the ten-odd elites there, her face unchanged.

A silence followed.

Someone wanted to speak, but as they looked at the one-eyed military guy on the projector, they shuddered and shut their mouth.”

“Major Isaac is Redwin’s special envoy this time around. His entire entourage is thirteen strong, and he is the most eye-catching one.” The golden hair lady said.

“On the way, he had already met three separate attempts by the Revival Clique, but all failed so far and no one could tell how strong he actually is.” She continued.

“So you guys are giving up now?”

The golden-haired lady sneered as she cast a disdainful gaze at all.

“Is this group of rabbles the proud elites of Anduin?”

“Ma’am, Isaac is a member of the Heaven’s Spire. You should know that.” A man rumbled.

“We are just normal people, and are totally different from the maniacs at Heaven’s Spire who l.u.s.ts for power.”

“Heh.” The golden-haired lady sneered again. “And this is the reason why you guys don’t even dare to get within a hundred meters of him?”

“Pardon my bluntness.” A lady with short green hair stood up. “Isaac is a serious crime convict that had killed hundreds with his bare hands. He is a maniac chasing pure unbridled strength, and he will use any means necessary to obtain it. We will not be able to get any information from him.”

And soon another man stood up.

“The Heaven’s Spire is Redwin’s secret experimental enhancement facility. They had studied the dark energies that had manifested in the world and after a few breakthroughs had managed to find the method to break the limit of the human body.

“The members of Heaven’s Spire, in some respect, are no longer human. With a ninety-percent elimination rate, every one of those things they had created is a twisted murder machine.”

“Fine words, but what about it?” The golden-haired lady nodded. “And just because they are strong we are supposed to let them be and do nothing?”

“They are maniacs tainted by dark energy. We shouldn’t be the ones fighting them! No normal persons can fight against the Darksiders!” Someone protested.

“Then who should do it? The Heart of the Ocean task force the people above had created?” The golden-haired lady had a chilly aura around her. “Since when did they ever succeeded?”

The entire meeting room sank into silence again.

“Both of those organizations are studying dark energies, and yet our funding is being siphoned by those corrupt s.h.i.ts above, and our annual military budget is not even five percent!” she roared.

“If we are to rely on them, we’d be dead sooner than later!!” She smashed her palm against the wall.

“And you know what information I had just gotten?” Her expression contorted.

“Redwin had come to Anduin requesting that we totally open up our protectionist measures and get rid of the import tariffs. They are even trying to entice the provincial upper echelons to secede from Xilin.”

The meeting room immediately broke into rancor as the elites showed expressions of disbelief, shock and silence.

But none showed the anger that the lady wanted to see the most.

She suddenly felt defeated.

She had already informed the capital of Redwin’s intentions, and what astounded her was that the orders from the capital was for them to delay and deal with it by themselves.

“The sky… is really falling…” The golden hair lady pushed opened the door tiredly and walked out. She could no longer be bothered with the so-called elites behind her.

She was just tired, very, very tired.


Lin Sheng was in armor holding a wooden sword and shield as he let out a long breath.

White mist appeared from his mouth and trailed away before disappearing.

He once again stood before the stairway where he had killed the cleric, and he started to move his body again.

“It took me so long to digest every bit of that memory. Time to move on I guess.”

Lin Sheng felt that he could breakthrough as a level three warrior any time soon.

Of late, every time he meditates he could feel a warmth in his abdomen as if something was there, something akin to a heater that warmed his organs.

“This is probably the effect of the paladin’s ability, Holy Power.”

Lin Sheng swung his arm as he picked up the meter-long shield and slowly walked past the already searched body of the cleric, and headed forward.

His footsteps could be heard clearly in the castle.

Tap, tap, all of it was the sound of the sport shoe making contact with the ground.

The faint yellow stairway had a circular window at a set distance to light the place up. The staircase was well lit, and it spun downward like a spiral.

Lin Sheng advanced carefully, ready to strike at any moment.

But as he had descended the stairs and reached a black arched door he had not encountered any other monsters.

As he stood in front of the door, Lin Sheng could feel warmth coming from the inside.

The warmth was life-like, as it called to the warmth in his own body.

His abdomen was feeling warmer and warmer as if something was swirling in his body.


A clack later, Lin Sheng cut the door lock open.

He pushed the door open, and inside was an arched pa.s.sageway leading towards a dark hall at the end.

And the warmth came from the hall.

Lin Sheng swept his gaze around as he held his sword and shield, and quickened his pace over.

Just as he was halfway through, a corpse suddenly appeared on the right side of the pa.s.sage.


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