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Read Nightmare’s Call Chapter 278 – Unusual Phenomenon: Part 3

Nightmare’s Call is a web novel created by Get Lost, Gun Kai, 滚开.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Nightmare’s Call Chapter 278 – Unusual Phenomenon: Part 3

Chapter 278: Unusual Phenomenon: Part 3

“These weird people cannot even be detected by professors of Darksiders, then there must be something unique with their existence,” Mylissa said coldly. “Only that we don’t know how dangerous are they.”

“No!” Selena interrupted her. “My ability tells me that if this goes on, something really bad will happen!” Her face was grim.

“When I first detected these people, I went to look for my tutor for help, and I was ambushed and attacked on the way back. I’m suspecting that everything here is a conspiracy!”

“A conspiracy?” Mylissa frowned.

“We need to find someone who will believe us, someone with influence who can help us! If it is just with our powers alone, we will not be able to stop this conspiracy!” Selena said, her tone serious.

She then looked at her two companions.

“I’m the one who dragged both of you into this. If it wasn’t for me, they would not have set their sights on you two. But we don’t have a choice now.”

“Who knew that taking out one would invite a swarm!” Felle said helplessly.

However, he did not regret it. If it had not been for Selena’s powers, they probably would not have even known if they were killed.

Those weird people were just very good at hiding.

Selena’s ability allowed them to hide their aura once every while, to avoid being detected by those people.

“But the problem is, they cannot be killed!” Selena gritted her teeth.

The other two demurred when they heard that.

Mylissa recalled what she had gone through these few days, and it felt like a dream. Every time those weird people were killed, they would resurrect about ten minutes later and bring a swarm of them in tow.

If not for Selena, she would have been…

“They are monsters that cannot be killed, but I don’t believe with so many powerful Darksiders around that no one actually noticed those monsters. Why didn’t anyone do something?” Mylissa spat.

Selena then turned mum.

“Perhaps, this is the reason why I was being pursued.”


Lin Sheng’s elbow struck like lightning in a circle as three pouncing monsters were struck in the head. They soon disappeared as they flew away.

Recomposing himself, and tidying his shirt, Lin Sheng was a little confused.

“How did these b*stards find me?”

After taking out the short fat man earlier, dozens had come after him barely ten minutes later.

They were no different than that fat man earlier, they were like mindless beasts who clawed and bite at their foes.

*Huh… hah… huh…*

Beside him a man doing his routine night jog pa.s.sed by. There was a white towel on his neck and he ranked of sweat as he just ran past the monsters that had appeared.

What surprised Lin Sheng was, that man did not seem to even notice the monster’s existence as his eyes were straight on the path as he ran.

“He can’t see them?” Lin Sheng frowned as he went on his way.

A few minutes later, though, another cl.u.s.ter of shadows appeared before him. All of them were blank-eyed, with black markings between their eyes.

Among the monsters were normal white-collar workers, students of both genders, and even elderlies. All of them were cl.u.s.tered together, at least two dozen in numbers.


A b.e.s.t.i.a.l roar later, all of the monsters straight charged at Lin Sheng.

Just as he was about to strike back, all of them disappeared.

*Bam bam bam!!*

His upper body part was suddenly grabbed by a swarm of teleporting bodies as they clamped onto him and turned into a ma.s.sive ball of flesh.

Not only that, but more monsters also appeared from the darkness as they howled in a frenzy before throwing themselves into the ball of flesh, engorging it into an even more terrifying size.


Green light burst out from the ball of flesh, and quickly following it was the second and third as compact dark power lasers blasted out from inside the ball of flesh.


A formless shockwave ripped apart the ball of flesh as countless of monsters were shredded by the force of the blast, and were reduced into black smoke in the air.

Lin Sheng stood there unharmed as he adjusted his collar.

“They cannot be killed?” He noticed that one of the monsters he took out earlier had reappeared again.

“Interesting…” Lin Sheng looked ahead, and even more figures appeared from the darkness.

The street lamp exposed their menacing faces.


A shadow leaped at Lin Sheng’s side and tried to bite his neck. Lin Sheng held his hand out and grabbed the shadow by the neck.

“If dark power can’t kill you, then try this instead.”

A white light flashed in his eyes. The monster in his arm shuddered as a white light flashed through its eyes, and it flopped over limply.

A moment later, the monster wordlessly disintegrated into gray light particles and disappeared.

Following that, Lin Sheng saw something extremely familiar among the light particles.

It was a very fine black strand.

“Oh… could that be??!” Lin Sheng squinted as he stared at the black line.


The black line flew over and entered his chest.

At the same time, a surge of memories entered his mind. He shuddered a little as he quickly closed his eyes to absorb the memories.

Thankfully, he was well experienced already, and absorbing the memories was now a simple task. And not even half a minute later, he had completed the absorption of the memory.

He had not seen the details yet, he did not have the time to do so.

However, from what he understood, the female monster he had just purified was a single mother who had worked as a clerk in a small company. At one of her friend’s behest, she had joined a mysterious religious sect called the Sect of Thousand Graces.

The sect only required their adherents to go over to their place of worship chant their scripture every day to earn some side income.

The more they chanted, the more income they got.

To improve her family’s finances, she had increased her time there to chant and pray. One day, she suddenly felt faint and decided to rest on the sofa within the building.

But that short rest became eternal.

“The Sect of Thousand Graces?” Lin Sheng looked up the new monsters that were appearing before him. “Seems like all of them were converted from living persons…”

He then checked the soul that he had just absorbed.

Compared to the souls they had absorbed in the dream, the soul that the monster provided was just a tiny smidge. Not even one-tenth of a vault guard.

“Too weak… unless I continuously kill them by the hundreds, these sort of soul is pretty much pointless.

“But the information and memories can be useful…”

As he looked at that the approaching horde, Lin Sheng now knew that his holy powers could stop them, and he was much more confident now.

He only needed to keep his holy power into a very small area, and not let it leak any auras out.

He then stepped forward and went on the offensive against the horde. His eyes lit up in white holy power.


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