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Chapter 350: Expansion: Part 3

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Based on the Holy Sanctum’s theology, the human soul is split into five main parts. And these five parts are:

 “Dynames, representing strength, courage, anger, vengeance, madness, and more.

 “Cherubim, representing intelligence, logic, memory, conclusions, rationality, and more.

 “Exusiai, representing the hidden nature in the deepest parts of a being and its desires.

 “Seraphim, the part encompa.s.sing all the positive and virtues of the soul, and finally Nephilim, the part covering the negative and the foulness of the soul.”

 “The soul conversion between the Seraphim and the Nephilim is the most efficient, the two clearly has the strongest connection, and perhaps within the five main parts, they have an even deeper and more arcane connection.

 Lin Sheng had recorded this theory down, and it was the next thing on his agenda.

 “Now, what I need to do is to take care of Basbo’s matter.”

 He then picked up his phone and sent Madillan’s number a short message.

 Madillan was now slowly recovering his ability, with his body receiving the needed healing, his strength had recovered to the peak of an Oppressor. He would under a “coincidental circ.u.mstance”, unintentionally divulge the healing powers of the holy power after Cavendian ran out of methods to save his son.

 A sect that could heal his son’s injuries, and extend his own lifespan at the same time without much requirements and restrictions was almost a perfect, salvation sect.

 The only requirement to obtain the holy light was to pray at the holy Sanctum every now and then to refresh the Ashen Seal.

 Hence, Lin Sheng started waiting.

 Days soon pa.s.sed, and on the afternoon of the fifth day, Cavendian came alone to the rented meeting room in a pre-arranged hotel as a crimson armor warrior that bore Lin Sheng’s will followed.

 The recruitment process was very smooth. The Holy Sanctum had no restrictions or requests from Cavendian. Lin Sheng declared that their only goal was to preserve the final embers of humanity in the face of the expanding Blacktide.

 The founding of the Holy Sanctum was to face the Blacktide, and not for any person or factions.

 After displaying the suppressive ability of holy power, Cavendian accepted the joining ritual while still having doubts in his mind.

 The ritual was just as simple oath alongside the acceptance of the holy power seed into his body.

 The seed was implanted by Lin Sheng in a hidden place personally as Cavendian was a proper elite Six-winger, and was one of the strongest persons in the academy.

 Aside from the and Suna, he and the other four deans were the strongest in the academy.

 As expected, Cavendian was a cautious man, and simply just shrouded the holy seed within his body and did not perform any meditation or training, instead, he only beseeched the Holy Sanctum to heal his son.

 Clearly, he did not believe that the Holy Sanctum would not implant someone with the seed of holy power without any motives.

 However, Lin Sheng did not mind that. Cavendian would believe him when he showed him the possibility of curing Basbo.

 Just as he planned to bring Cavendian into the Holy Sanctum, Madillan brought him another good news.

 The medical treatment of old dean who led the defense against the Sevenlocks Tower, Cainphas Walloon, was ineffective, and his injuries were getting worse by the day and were already beyond the point of no return.

 The current medical and dark power treatments had little to no effect now as Cainphas’ entire blood production system was failing and even his brain was showing signs of withering while his entire internal organs were showing bizarre signs of rejection.

 Cainphas was one of the influential figures of Baine University, one of the five deans beneath Suna and another A person of the same level and caliber as Cavendian.

 However, his authority and background stretched much further than Cavendian’s, and even his capabilities were at least at Six Wings.

 For someone at that level, even within Carta Blanche, or when he leaves the university, he was still a high-level elite. But now, he was dying of his injuries with no medical treatment working.

 Lin Sheng knew his chance had come.

 If he managed to get a hold of his person, at least half of the voice of the university belongs to him.

 By then, whatever resources or weapons he needed, he would be able to obtain them easily.


 *Beep, beep, beep…*

 The cardiac monitor let out continuous ECD beeps.

 Inside one of the special wards inside a first-cla.s.s hospital in the largest Migan city, Panjergray City.

 Portable intensive monitoring systems surrounded the old man on the sick bed as countless needles, sensors, and dark power detection patches were connected in dense cl.u.s.ters all over the old man’s body.

 What Cainphas needed was good, quiet rest. This was the suggestion the best specialist could give.

 By the bedside stood a pale elderly man with white hair.

 In his hand was a hat as he looked on at Cainphas with an expression of sorry.

 “Don’t look at me like that, Madillan.” Cainphas could still speak, but his health was poor, and the weakness was apparent in his speech.

 “We have been friends for many years, Cainphas. And living friends like you are too few and far between.” Madillan sighed.

 “What do you want to say? You never said anything while the juniors were still around. And now they’re gone and you are all alone. So just speak your mind.”

 Cainphas knew his friend all too well, he was not the type to speak his mind.

 “Do you want to live?” Madillan asked.

 “Nonsense.” Cainphas was speechless. “Why? Do you have a way to let me live?” He had sensed that Madillan had a way.

 As expected, Madillan nodded.

 “I don’t know whether it will work or not, but it is worth a try. Compared to such a hopeless trod to death, you might as well just go Hail Mary and give it one last go!”

 Cainphas wanted to say something, but just as his words formed up in his mouth, he stopped.

 “So what are you trying to say? Let it out if you have a way! You’ve always been like this, and jokes on you for missing out of Misha.”

 “Heh, do you believe that I can slap you to death right here and now?” Madillan sneered.

 “I dare you? I can still take down a Three-winger before I die.” Cainphas sneered back.

 “Three-winger?” Madillan sneered once again as he slowly let out his dark powers, and displayed the volume of an Oppressor that could be distinguished at first glance.

 Cainphas went silent. He knew how severe Madillan’s injuries were.

 His eyes went wide and even his already weak breathing was rushed as his eyes lit up in fire as he looked at Madillan.

 “You’ve… recovered?! You didn’t sell your a** for that didn’t you?”

 “You’re looking for a fight?!” Madillan roared. “Plus, what do my injuries have to do with that?”

 He then calmed down as he hesitated.

 He had no idea what goal the Holy Sanctum had, and what sort of effect would happen if he dragged his old friend down together.

 But he knew that without holy power, Cainphas was as good as dead.

 So regardless, living was more pertinent now.

 He then steeled his heart as he spoke.

 “Have you heard of a power called the holy power?”

 “Can it heal me?” Cainphas rumbled.

 “There’s a high chance it could! But it needs… It has some unknown risk to it.”

 “What risk?”

 “No idea.”

 “Then what am I afraid of? Cainphas let out a hearty laugh. “As long as I survive!”


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