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Chapter 313: I Will Kill You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wei Ze led Red Fox Condor into the cage and closed it with Ye Chen’s Golden Sun Condor. When Red Fox Condor had entered the cage, it raised its head haughtily and regarded the Golden Sun Condor with disdain. If the Golden Sun Condor a.s.sumed its original size, it would not be any smaller than Red Fox Condor. Right now, however, the Golden Sun Condor was less than half the size of Red Fox Condor, so it pretended to curl up in a corner of the cage.

 “Little Fox, peck it!” Upon Wei Ze’s command, the Red Fox Condor flapped its wings twice and pointed its sharp beak toward the Golden Sun Condor.

 The Golden Sun Condor evaded.

 Looking at the Golden Sun Condor’s reaction, the disciples outside the cage looked excited.

 “Look, this condor is truly not Red Fox Condor’s opponent!”

 “Peck it, peck it, quickly peck it!”

 The group of disciples was shouting excitedly as the Red Fox Condor chased the Golden Sun Condor around.

 Wei Ze snorted coldly. “Puny little Xiwu Ye Clan, you dare to look down upon the Scarlet Flame Sect. Did you think that your condor can run wild in the Scarlet Flame Sect? Today, I’ll see how your condor dies!”

 The Red Fox Condor continued to chase the Golden Sun Condor around. Just as the Golden Sun Condor was about to be cornered, a glint of excitement flashed in its eyes. Its master had ordered him to attack.

 The Golden Sun Condor released a faint wisp of energy. The Red Fox Condor was so terrified it froze in its steps.

 “What happened? Why isn’t Little Fox moving?”

 “Yeah, Senior Brother Wei, why isn’t Little Fox moving?” The group of Scarlet Flame Sect disciples looked at Wei Ze.

 “I don’t know either!” Wei Ze was baffled. Why did Little Fox look so cowered when this little golden condor was only half its size?

 At this moment, the Golden Sun Condor leaped toward the Red Fox Condor. The Red Fox Condor immediately turned and tried to escape. However, with a flying attack, the Golden Sun Condor landed on the Red Fox Condor’s back and pecked the Red Fox Condor’s head feathers with its beak.

 The Red Fox Condor whined incessantly, flapping its wings.

 “Why is this happening? Why isn’t Little Fox able to defeat this little golden condor?” The group of Scarlet Flame Sect disciples asked panickedly.

 Wei Ze was also fl.u.s.tered. His eyes widened as he mumbled, “Impossible, completely impossible! Little Fox is a top Heavenly Adept mystical beast. Why would it fear this little golden condor?”

 “Senior Brother Wei, quickly, think of something, Little Fox is about to get hurt!”

 “I’m thinking!” Wei Ze did not have any plan. Little Fox was a top Heavenly Adept mystical beast yet it could not defeat this little golden condor. Right now, both condors were battling furiously. If any of them from Earthly Venerable Rank were to enter the cage right now, they would be killed.

 “Should I get Grand Supreme Master here?”

 ‘No, if Grandfather finds out, he’ll kill me! What’s this little golden condor? Why can’t Little Fox defeat it?’ Wei Ze was anxious.

 At this moment, a few of the Scarlet Flame Sect’s female disciples squealed.

 “Too brutis.h.!.+” The female disciples covered their faces and blushed bright red, but still could not help by peering through their fingers.

 Wei Ze looked inside the cage and felt so enraged that his lungs might explode. He swore, “I’ll cut out your granny’s lungs!”

 Inside the cage, the Golden Sun Condor was mounting the Red Fox Condor. Pecking the feathers behind Red Fox Condor’s head, it was doing the unspeakable. The Red Fox Condor was struggling to break free but it could not get away. There were tears in its eyes as it chirped mournfully. It looked pitiful.

 The Red Fox Condor was female whereas the Golden Sun Condor was male!

 Wei Ze initially thought that after he put Little Fox into the cage, it would peck the Golden Sun Condor half to death. Unexpectedly, he was sending a lamb into a wolf’s den. The Red Fox Condor’s noises were mournful at first, but gradually became more distinct, like a series of low moans.

 This noise, when Wei Ze heard it, turned his face purple. It was like he had just been slapped in the face.

 Ye Chen, who was watching this scene with his Astral Body, was also struck speechless. That Golden Sun Condor was such a pervert!

 In a distance, three loud gongs sounded. The Scarlet Flame Sect’s Grand Martial Tournament was starting.

 Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. Together with Little Wingsy, he walked out of the room. Ye Zhanlong, Ye Meng, Ye Xuan, and the others also happened to be in the yard.

 “Let’s go and take a look at the martial art training ground,” Ye Chen said. He wanted to see what was going on in this Grand Martial Tournament.

 “But, the martial art training ground is one of the areas forbidden to us,” Ye Meng whispered.

 “Yes, if we go to the martial art training ground, wouldn’t it anger the Scarlet Flame Sect?” Ye Zhanlong replied. After all, the Scarlet Flame Sect was one of the five main sects of the Central Empire. He felt slightly aggrieved staying in this place. Currently, the Xiwu Ye Clan was simply too weak. With just a single thumb twiddle of the Scarlet Flame Sect, they could destroy the entire Xiwu Ye Clan.

 “Now isn’t like usual times. Is the Scarlet Flame Sect still worried that we’ll steal their martial arts techniques? There are so many outsiders in the martial arts training ground, why can’t the Xiwu Ye Clan join in?” Ye Chen frowned. The Scarlet Flame Sect looked down upon the Xiwu Ye Clan and trampled over them as much as possible!

 Thinking of the contempt and bullying that the Xiwu Ye Clan had faced from the Scarlet Flame Sect, Ye Chen could not help but feel angered.

 “Little Chen, we’re living under someone’s roof, we have no choice but to lower our pride,” Ye Zhanlong said in a helpless tone.

 “Second Uncle, Ye Meng, Ye Xuan, come with me. I’ll see if the Scarlet Flame Sect dares to block our way!” Ye Chen growled and walked out with huge strides.

 Little Wingsy followed after Ye Chen closely, running on his short legs.

 Ye Zhanlong, Ye Meng, and Ye Xuan exchanged looks and followed behind. At this point, they would be worried if Ye Chen went alone.

 Ye Chen and the others walked through a shaded trail. Looking ahead, the martial art training ground was right in front. Marching forward, they saw a team of disciples in charge of patrolling the area walk over to them. When one of the leaders saw Ye Zhanlong and the others, his face darkened and walked up to them.

 “What are you doing here? This is not a place for you!” The leader was called Ye Junzhuo and he was part of the Central Empire Ye Clan. He appeared to be thirty-six or thirty-seven years old and had reached the rank of a top Earthly Venerable One. Upon spotting Ye Zhanlong and the others, he looked unhappy.

 The tension between the Xiwu Ye Clan and Central Empire Ye Clan had a long history. The Central Empire Ye Clan looked down completely on the Xiwu Ye Clan. Back then, the Central Empire Ye Clan had managed to establish themselves despite being in the midst of a ferocious wolf pack in the Central Empire. The Xiwu Ye Clan, on the other hand, declined to such a pathetic state.

 If not for the fact that Miss Ye Rou grew up in the Xiwu Ye Clan and there was a bit of goodwill on their part, the Central Empire Ye Clan would have cast Ye Zhanlong and the others out of the sect!

 “We want to enter the martial art training ground!” Ye Chen raised his head to look straight at Ye Junzhuo and spoke in an even tone.

 “We made it very clear. The Xiwu Ye Clan isn’t allowed into the martial art training ground!” Ye Junzhuo replied coldly, “If anyone violates this rule, we’ll kill him or her!”

 Upon hearing Ye Junzhuo’s reply, Ye Chen gripped his fist and the veins on his arm bulged. The att.i.tude shown by the Central Empire Ye Clan toward the Xiwu Ye Clan was not just mere condescension but pure hatred! Ye Chen had no doubt that if he, second uncle, Ye Meng, and Ye Xuan were to force their way into the martial art training ground, Ye Junzhuo would not hesitate to kill them!

 Seeing the seething look on Ye Chen’s face, Ye Junzhuo sneered in contempt. “Are you feeling unfairly treated? You can try to enter and see whether we dare to kill you! All of you Xiwu Ye Clan think you’re so high and mighty? I tell you, in the eyes of the Central Empire Ye Clan, all of you are tras.h.!.+”

 “You!” Ye Zhanlong was also furious and thought about rus.h.i.+ng up, but for the sake of the Xiwu Ye Clan, he held it in.

 “The reason the Central Empire Ye Clan sent Miss Ye Rou to the Xiwu Ye Clan was as a show of goodwill and we promised you a reward. We already said that there we are no longer related to you from that moment onward. Just because you refused the Heavenly Quintessence Pill, do you think that the Central Empire Ye Clan owes you a favor? Are you trying to twist our arms? You sent a few straggling kittens and puppies here, and expect to join the Scarlet Flame Sect? Did you stop and consider whether you have the qualifications?” Ye Junzhuo spat scornfully. “Do you have the guts to face the Scarlet Flame Sect?”

 Upon hearing Ye Junzhuo’s words, the rest of the Scarlet Flame Sect disciples were pointing at Ye Chen and the others in derision.

 “Are these people from the Xiwu Ye Clan?”

 “Are these the people who have been shamelessly leeching off the Scarlet Flame Sect? Tsk tsk, they don’t have an ounce of self-awareness!”

 Ye Chen was completely enraged. He regarded Ye Junzhuo with a cold stare. “You think that the Xiwu Ye Clan want to stay with the Scarlet Flame Sect? You think too highly of yourself! I don’t give a d*mn about this Scarlet Flame Sect!”

 “Hmph, big words indeed. Since you don’t give a d.a.m.n, why don’t you get lost? Are you waiting for us to kick you out?” Ye Junzhuo’s lips curled. “Heck! If not for Miss Ye Rou’s protection, you’d have been kicked out of Scarlet Flame Sect a long time ago!”

 Ye Meng and Ye Xuan were so angry that they were shaking.

 “Father, Brother Ye Chen, let’s go!” Ye Meng said to Ye Zhanlong and Ye Chen. He was unwilling to endure such bullsh*t any longer.

 Ye Zhanlong looked at Ye Chen. Ye Zhanlong now understood. Since the other side had enunciated it so clearly, why would they stay here any longer?

 “I’m not leaving! Not only won’t I leave but I also want to enter the martial art training ground. I want to see what kind of place is the Scarlet Flame Sect’s martial art training ground that the Xiwu Ye Clan isn’t allowed to enter!” Ye Chen growled in rage.

 “You can try but as long as you take one single step, I’ll spill your blood at the door!” Ye Junzhuo regarded Ye Chen with obvious hatred.

 “Brother Ye Chen, let’s go,” Ye Xuan said. She was worried that Ye Chen would act rashly. After all, this was the Scarlet Flame Sect’s turf and the Scarlet Flame Sect was a gathering of masters. If Ye Chen had offended the Scarlet Flame Sect, it was almost a guaranteed death!

 At this very moment, Ye Xuan saw Ye Chen take one step forward, raise his hand and slap Ye Junzhuo right on the face.

 Ye Junzhuo was standing just two steps away from Ye Chen. Ye Chen’s movement was too fast. By the time Ye Junzhuo reacted, he was too late. He did not expect that Ye Chen would dare to lay hands on him.

 “Pak!” There was a loud smack. Fresh blood spurted from Ye Junzhuo’s face and he flew into the air for a few meters. “Thud.” He collided with a big tree and fell to the ground, vomiting blood.

 This slap was dished out without any mercy!

 For an instant, everyone from Ye Zhanlong to the Scarlet Flame Sect disciples was dumbfounded!

 Ye Chen dared to step out and even sent Ye Junzhuo flying with a single slap. This was equivalent to challenging the entire Scarlet Flame Sect!


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