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Chapter 356: Master Seal, Kill!

Ye Chen’s Astral Body tore open a portion of the Heavenly Astra Seal’s restriction. Master Lion’s energy gushed out and coalesced into a cl.u.s.ter, before charging straight toward the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast.

It could not be denied that Master Lion’s energy was immensely powerful. Although his cultivation was restricted by the Heavenly Astra Seal and was currently only on par with a top Daemon King, Master Lion had achieved a much more advanced understanding of the martial realm. Furthermore, coupled with his formidable consciousness, Master Lion was far beyond the likes of an ordinary top Daemon King. Upon sensing this extraordinary energy, everyone would flee.

The moment Master Lion’s consciousness drifted over, the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast was startled. Like a frightened bird, it took off and flew into the distance.

“Act quickly!”

With a “swoosh”, Ye Chen rushed toward the mountain in the distance. He noticed a purple ray floating about three meters in front of him. This was the Purple Demon Armor component that he was looking for!

There was a colorful flash and Ye Chen’s right hand swooped up the purple ray.

“I got it!” Ye Chen said in excitement.

In the distance, the Spirit Beast who was scared away by Master Lion appeared to have discovered Ye Chen. It immediately roared in anger. Disregarding the threatening quality of Master Lion’s energy, it turned back and rushed toward Ye Chen. This lizard-like Spirit Beast leaped forward, its body surrounded by a black energy which seemed to be corrosive.

“Go!” Ye Chen decided on the spot. He flew into the distance and fled.

The Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast was extremely fast as it chased behind Ye Chen.

“Youngling Ye Chen, you’re too slow. You’d have to find a secret technique to increase your speed,” Master Lion said.

Ye Chen fled frantically. He watched the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast got closer to him while Master Lion sprouted those unhelpful comments. Ye Chen felt like vomiting blood.

“Master Lion, so do you have any secret techniques to impart to me?”

“The secret techniques I have are mostly created for mystical beasts. I don’t have any secret techniques for humans.”

Ye Chen was speechless. He could only run as far as he could. In front, the three human-form Mystique Rank Demon Wolves were flying toward Ye Chen. When they saw Ye Chen fleeing from a ma.s.sive Spirit Beast, frightened looks appeared on their faces.

They were the three Mystique Rank Demon Wolves who had interrogated Ye Chen earlier.

“Three of you, help me!” Ye Chen yelled as he flew at them.

“Don’t come here, don’t come here!” The three Mystique Rank Demon Wolves shrieked and frantically turned back but they were not as fast as Ye Chen. Soon, Ye Chen caught up to them.

Just as the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast let out a ma.s.sive roar, Ye Chen entered the Heavenly Astra Seal with a “swoosh”.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss,” columns of fire rained down.

Three painful screams resounded. The three Mystique Rank Demon Wolves had been reduced to ashes amid the blazing flames. Most probably, they had been severely devastated right before their deaths. Who did they ever provoke that they were innocently trapped in such a catastrophe?

The Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast hovered in the air for a while. It seemed a little confused about where Ye Chen went, but since its intelligence was very limited, it could not figure out the mystery.

At this moment, a Psyche extended in this direction. It was the Blood Wolf Daemon King!

When the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast sensed the probing of this Psyche, it elicited an enraged roar. With a “swish,” it turned into a black ray and chased after the source of the Psyche. Soon, the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast disappeared into the horizon.

“My goodness, that was too dangerous. Thank G.o.d for the Heavenly Astra Seal.” Ye Chen once again exited the Heavenly Astra Seal. The Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast did not have any secret tracking techniques, so Ye Chen could easily throw it off his tail. The most innocent victims were the three Mystique Rank Demon Wolves.

“Where did it go?” Ye Chen asked.

“It discovered the Blood Wolf Daemon King and chased after him. Youngling, are you a bad luck omen? The Blood Wolf Daemon King must be vomiting blood right now at his misfortune. That Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast isn’t to be trifled with. Even if the Blood Wolf Daemon King manages to kill it, he will most likely have to pay a high price. Moreover, they just went through a ma.s.sive battle and suffered a great loss.” Master Lion seemed to be reveling in their misery.

“Let’s consider it a gift from me to them. If they manage to kill that Daemon King Rank Spirit Beast and get a secret technique jade slip, they may even have to thank me.” Ye Chen shrugged. “Master Lion, can you search and see, are there any other components of the Purple Demon Armor?”

“I’m looking.”

“Master Lion, why haven’t the two Boundless Stage powerhouses, Bi Lin and Cang Lu, enter the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da?” Ye Chen questioned.

“Do you think they don’t want to? I sensed that the Grand Supreme Stage Spirit Beasts have a unique attack streak. They will not act against any Mystique Rank, Daemon King Rank or G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatants, but if a Boundless Stage combatant were to enter, they’ll probably attack. Before this, when you were still on the sixth floor of the Soul PaG.o.da, Bi Lin and Cang Lu had already entered the seventh floor. However, they retreated worse for wear every single time.”

“Master Lion is truly omniscient.”

“Youngling, stop kissing my a.s.s.” Although Master Lion said that, he still brimmed with pompousness at Ye Chen’s words.

“Since Bi Lin isn’t here, I should be able to use my Astral Body.”

In one corner of the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da, there were twenty over Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts wandering around. None of the combatants dared to venture near this corner. Nonetheless, a figure suddenly appeared in this place. It was Ye Chen who had transformed into a middle-aged man.

“Youngling Ye Chen, why are you here? Are you trying to die?” Master Lion’s voice boomed. His consciousness told him that there were twenty-six Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts in this vicinity.

Just as Master Lion’s words fell, Ye Chen released his Astral Body and spread it in the area.

The Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts in the vicinity sensed Ye Chen’s Psyche energy and immediately roared in anger. They bl.u.s.tered furiously. How dare someone intrude their territory? “Swish, swish, swish,” herds of Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts swarmed toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was surrounded in the middle. His death was imminent under the claws of the numerous Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts.

“Youngling Ye Chen, you’re crazy.” Despite knowing what Ye Chen was about to do, Master Lion still thought that Ye Chen was too reckless to attempt such a feat. This was a dangerous feat. Just a slight lapse in control might result in death.

All four Purple Demon Armor components appeared on Ye Chen’s body, protecting his chest, thighs, and arms. Nestled inside Ye Chen’s right palm was the Heavenly Astra Master Seal. As the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts charged, Ye Chen’s Astral Body ripped a huge gash in the Heavenly Astra Master Seal.

The moment the seal was broken, an unparalleled power surged out of the Heavenly Astra Master Seal.

“Boom,” a matchless power rippled out from the Heavenly Astra Master Seal.

When the shockwave descended upon his body, Ye Chen instantly entered the Heavenly Astra Vice Seal.

Within the radius of several kilometers, all the hills and mountains were completely leveled. A huge crater measuring approximately five to six meters deep appeared in the ground. The Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts which were nearer to the Heavenly Astra Master Seal were crushed into pieces while the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts which were further away were brutally flung into the distance and were hanging on by the skin of their teeth. One or two Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts which were furthest away suffered a ma.s.sive injury and escaped with a wail.

Ye Chen was also injured but fortunately not too severely. He trans.m.u.ted some Celestial Chi and recovered. Subsequently, he exited the Heavenly Astra Seal with a “swish”.

“Youngling Ye Chen, what you’re doing is too dangerous. If you were just a second slower and got hit by the Master Seal power, you’ll definitely die. Even a G.o.d won’t be able to save you. Although the Purple Demon Amor protected your body, legs, and hands, your head is still vulnerable to that power,” Master Lion said with a chill in his heart.

“Master Lion, do you know there’s a saying called seeking treasure inside danger. After achieving beginner Mystique Venerable Rank, a person’s abilities will reach a bottleneck. They can no longer improve themselves using ordinary methods. Unless the person uses some kind of unconventional tactics, it’d be impossible to achieve mid-Mystique Venerable Rank within a few months. Personally, for me, that’s too slow,” Ye Chen explained as he flew around collecting the dead bodies of the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts. The armguard s.p.a.ce was getting full, so he had no choice but to abandon a few. He would collect the items in their heads first. The items in their heads accounted for at least eighty percent of the value of their entire body.

Master Lion rolled his eyes. Two months to level-up from beginner to mid-Mystique Venerable Rank was already considered a commendable speed. Any faster than that would be unnatural. Although the Purple-fire Astra Lion’s achievement was lightyears ahead of Ye Chen, he only attained such a level after thousands of years of cultivation! Was Ye Chen trying to fatten himself up with a single meal?

“Since cultivation is basically a rebellion against the heavens, it also means challenging fate for your life. Anyone who is too careful with their life will never achieve an outstanding outcome. I, Ye Chen, am not an insatiable or overachieving person. If something isn’t meant to be mine, I will not force it. However, if I can somehow get it, I will not give up. Using my earthly body to perform nature-defying feats, that’s the meaning of martial arts!” Ye Chen said. After he retracted the Heavenly Astra Master Seal, he quickly extracted the cores inside the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts’ heads.

Ye Chen found twilight gold and secret technique jade slips as well as other items from time to time. One of them was nephrite pearls. According to Master Lion, nephrite pearls were also a material that could be used to forge advanced spirit artifacts. Its value was similar to twilight gold.

Initially, Ye Chen thought that using the Heavenly Astra Master Seal to kill the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts would cause a huge commotion. Contrary to his expectations, all the Grand Supreme Stage Spirit Beast remained silent. Not a single Psyche came over to investigate. All the Daemon King Rank Spirit Beasts had been scared into hiding by the powerful force.

This saved Ye Chen a great deal of trouble. Thus, after looting all the items, he quickly left.

That deafening boom had caused the entire seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da to shake.

Regardless of whether it was the Thunder Cliff, Silver Moon Valley, Wolven Kingdom or any other groups who came in, everyone was scared s.h.i.+tless. They thought that one of the supreme Spirit Beasts on the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da must have been enraged. Some of them fled while wetting their pants, others dared not venture further into the seventh floor of the Soul PaG.o.da for the time being.


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