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Read Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual Chapter 49 – Displaying Their Prowess

Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual is a web novel completed by 邓天 Deng Tian.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 49 – Displaying Their Prowess

Surrounded by his fellow brothers, the youngster with the small eyes went up to Cui Ying Ying and put a single hand on her shoulder, disregarding the other people’s faces of surprise, “miss, looks like you’re quite wealthy right? Giving your lover such a precious pendant, how about you give me one as a present as well?”

Cui Ying Ying frowned, and then looked at Lei Yu. The others did not even have time to say anything before Ai Er openly scolded: “Stinking low lives, don’t ruin our appet.i.te when we’re eating!”

“Ohh? This chick is pretty bold, not bad, not bad, I like it.” After saying this, he wanted to get go mess around with her but before he could even get close to Ai Er, he felt a chilled feeling hit his back, he did not even have the chance to turn around and a “crack” sound of a beer bottle breaking and scattering all over the place could be heard. The few surrounding tables of people hurriedly jumped out of their seats and backed away a short distance watching this spectacular show.

“Agh!” The small eyed youth cried out. The back of his head was bleeding, staining the collar of his shirt. The person that made that move was Nuo Hu who was sitting nearby.

“F*cking b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, scram! Don’t invite trouble to yourselves.” Said Nuo Hu in a cold tone, slapping his hand down onto the table.

“F*cker! You dare to hit our boss? Brothers, come on out!” Cried another youth towards the two tables filled with his own people. Those people threw out their cigarette b.u.t.ts and headed over, each of them carrying a beer bottle in their hand.

The owner of the restaurant then hurriedly ran out to settle the commotion. On one side were the people with money, a small business owner like him could not afford to offend. On the other side were the scourges of society, barely any wealth at all, but they brawled and hacked up people with weapons without mercy, so he could not afford to offend them either.

“Please just settle this with words.” The restaurant boss hurriedly took out cigarettes from his pocket and tried handing it out to everyone.

With all his fellow brothers standing behind the youngster, he spoke up in defiance, “f*cker, raising your hand and hitting someone, what else is there to talk about? Fellow brothers, f*ck him up!” Shouted the youngster pointing at Nuo Hu.

Lei Yu calmly stood up, gently scratched his head, “I can’t even enjoy a quiet meal, so disappointing.”

“You! Sit the f*ck down! d.a.m.n it, don’t you dare make us even more p.i.s.sed off!” The youngster shouted at Lei Yu as he saw him standing up.

A crisp “pak” sound rang out and the youngster suddenly felt his head spinning. Shaking his head forcefully, a palm print appeared on his face, but he was unable to see who had actually hit him.

“Who? Who was it?” Looking all around, even his fellow brothers behind him did not see what exactly happened.

Lei Yu smiled and looked at his disciple asking: “Liu Hao, do you want to play a bit?”

“Sure, we’ll just consider this an appetizer before the meal.” After saying this, he loosened up his wrist and his hands, and then slowly walked towards the group of people.

“Remember, don’t break anything.” Pushing aside the small eyed youngster with the b.l.o.o.d.y head in an effortless manner, this youngster flew away like a falling meteor hitting another table a distance away, then falling to the ground crying out “ow ow” sounds.

The youngster took a step back, “brothers, we have over a dozen people, would we fear the three of them? Let’s do it!”

After the shout, everyone complied and smashed the bottles they were carrying in their hand. Sounds of gla.s.s shattering were heard everywhere, and each youngster was holding the broken bottle pointing at Lei Yu’s group like they were holding a gun.

Liu Hao pretended to roll up his sleeves that did not exist. “Ahhh!” A yellow internal energy was condensed in his hand, then focusing on the floor; he suddenly dropped down and smashed the ground. A loud “BANG” noise could be heard and felt; people in the area could only feel their bodies involuntarily jump up from the impact. A crater with a depth of about ten centimeters and a diameter of twenty centimeters appeared in front of everybody.

The youngster with the smashed beer bottle in his hand dropped it to the floor with a “clang,” his mouth was agape wider than an egg. The ruffians behind him forcefully swallowed hard, each one had their eyes round and wide in shock. Ever since they came from their mother’s womb, they had never witnessed such a scene, was this something humans were capable of?

“Not bad kiddo, upon reaching the Third Order rank, you strength has definitely improved. If you had actually struck a human body, it’s possible the force would go through three or four other people, won’t that mean you would open up a hole in all of them?” As Lei Yu said this, his eyes were looking at all the youngsters in front of him.

Lei Yu did not want to stir up trouble here, simply deterring them would be good enough, no need to make this situation bigger than necessary. It seems that Liu Hao’s actions had a certain effect, the dozen plus youngsters were standing there stupidly without moving.

*Cough cough* Liu Hao smiled while quietly coughing a bit. The group of youngsters felt a shiver go through their bodies from fear.

The crowd of people watching had wanted to pay their bills early and leave as soon as possible, but after seeing the move by Liu Hao, their eyes suddenly lit up in worship. Especially the people that were once bullied by those ruffians, their worship of him were to the max.

“Wipe the snot from your nose, take your people with you and scram! Stop disturbing others while they’re eating here!” Lei Yu said this while shaking his head.

The youngster had finally noticed that booger was coming out of his nose and dripped to his mouth already while he was unaware. These ruffians would usually only bully the very weak that could not retaliate, but once they meet someone strong; they will tuck their tails between their legs.

“Cling cling clang clang,” the sound of bottles falling on the ground. After seeing the impressive inhuman deed, who would still dare to rush forward to their deaths? One by one they dropped the bottles in their hands.

“That’s enough Liu Hao, come sit back down.”

At this moment, everyone was wondering why such a powerful person would obediently listen to the words of the guy in front of them. Liu Hao’s following words scared the daylights out of everyone present: “Master, if we don’t teach these guys here a lesson, they will continue to corrupt and ruin our society.”


A burst of noise came from the surrounding onlookers. The disciple was already this powerful, then wouldn’t the master’s strength be out of this world?

The face on those ruffians spoke a thousand words; they immediately tucked their tails between their legs and quickly ran.

Looking around, it looks like things had subsided. The boss ordered his staff to quickly sweep up the gla.s.s shards on the ground, then with a face full of smiles, “you pretty ladies and handsome men, you haven’t ordered yet, what would you like to eat?

“Five hundred slices of lamb, two hundred slices of fish, hurry it up, I’m starving!” Carelessly saying this, Liu Hao acted like the entire previous incident had nothing to do with him at all.

On the side, little Ke who had been silent the entire time was the most shocked; she had never seen such a scene in her lifetime. She was originally extremely worried for her group of friends, but did not expect Liu Hao to be so powerful, one punch from him was able to produce a crater in the ground, definitely enough to freak people out. And Liu Hao had called Lei Yu master, which shocked little Ke’s heart even more, why would such a powerful person be hospitalized? But thinking back carefully, the two wounds on Lei Yu’s body were big enough to give people a scare. Yet within the short twenty or so days, the wounds disappeared without a trace, one could see this group of people were not ordinary at all. Deep in her heart, this mysteriousness that surrounded Lei Yu actually made her want to get closer to him.

Perhaps they staff were overawed by Lei Yu’s group, those that came before them did not get their food yet but Lei Yu’s group already had all their dishes come out. Gradually, everyone began to forget the previous show and began eating and drinking, enjoying themselves immensely.

“Master.” Inside Lei Yun Tian’s office, the Elder then said: “Little Yu was released from the hospital today; it seems that he has fully recovered.”

“That fast?” Lei Yun Tian raised his eyebrows.

“That’s right, what are your plans?”

Lei Yun Tian then said: “I want us to reach out to him once more.”

After the match between Lei Yu and Cai Zhong ended, a large wave of calamity had appeared within the four major forces. Lei Yu’s super strength not only shocked Martial Sect’s Shangguan family, it also made them value Lei Yu more.

On the flip side, the Ming Sect was also greatly interested in Lei Yu. Since Cai Zhong had become a cripple in the eyes of Ming Sect, he was already useless trash and had absolutely no value to them at all. Ming Sect had to find ways to draw in Lei Yu to their side, but if they failed, they could not allow such a person to continue to exist. If s.p.a.ce was given to Lei Yu allowing him to grow, then it will be too difficult to eliminate him in the future.

(T/N: I think the author forgot to mention what happened to the crater…)

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