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Read Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual Chapter 57 – Kou Country’s Ninja

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Chapter 57 – Kou Country’s Ninja

“Something’s wrong!” Lei Yu’s heart burst. “This girl’s voice is very familiar… little Ke!”

Lei Yu felt his mind became numb as he rapidly rushed over. Lei Yu’s speed was like lightning, instantly arriving where the cries originated from.

Jumping into the air, he kicked out aiming for the man’s head.


The man’s body flew away sideways, landing heavily on the ground and smashing into some trash cans.

“Little Ke! It’s really you!” Lei Yu’s heart was trembling. He observed little Ke’s hair was disheveled; her eyes filled with fear; her clothes were messy; her white skin appeared whiter in the contrast of darkness; and the clothes on her upper body had been ripped to shreds.

That one kick by Lei Yu was enough to take the life of an ordinary person because during the desperate situation, Lei Yu could not accurately judge his target’s distance and the strength to use. But the surprising thing was this man could actually stood back up, and with a poorly accented Tenglong language, “you dare to ruin my good time?!”

“F*ck you, I’m going to f*cking kill you!” Lei Yu stared at the shameless man with blood-red eyes.

“Kill me?” The man sneered. *Clap, clap, clap* The sound of three hand claps was heard. From a side door rushed out four people, all dressed fully in black and with their faces covered. Lei Yu realized that these were Kou country’s most respected fighting elites, ninjas. But why would they appear here?

“Kill him; he dared to ruin my fun!” Once the man gave the order, the four ninjas responded in unison: “Yes, Official Nagasaka!”

Lei Yu readied his stance. He didn’t feel any oppressive atmosphere so it seems that the ninjas in front of him were lower ranked ones. In the eyes of Lei Yu, these people were nothing to him.

Not waiting for the ninjas to act, Lei Yu stepped off like an arrow. With his lightning like speed, his rapid fists were already aiming for their heads.

One could hear four “smack, smack, smack, smack” sounds, and the four ninjas were knocked to the ground.

The man that was previously kicked in the face by Lei Yu was completely shocked, “who are you?!”

At this moment, Lei Yu was only thinking about settling little Ke’s anguish for her. Inside his heart, little Ke was a cute and adorable girl, and her meticulous way of taking care of him in the hospital, Lei Yu had nothing but grat.i.tude for her. Yet for her to suffer such indignity at this moment, Lei Yu was thoroughly enraged – “I will take your life!”

a.s.suming his lightning stance, a purple lightning net appeared around Lei Yu’s fist. This powerful attack pierced through the silence of the night. A “screeching” sound like the howling of death arrived at this man’s chest.

*THUMP* The man’s eyes were round and wide, a deep crater had formed on his chest. His eyes looked like they were going to fall out of its socket from shock. The man then slowly fell to the ground, no longer able to stand ever again.

Hurriedly turning around, “little Ke, are you okay little Ke?” Lei Yu wanted to reach out and support her, but Fang Yi Ke struggled like she had gone mad. She pushed Lei Yu’s hand away and screamed: “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”

“Little Ke, it’s me little Ke, I’m Lei Yu!” Lei Yu’s mood was a bit emotional, his heart aching upon seeing Fang Yi Ke having a mental breakdown.

“Lei Yu? Lei Yu? Lei Yu… I love Lei Yu… But! No! No! I’ve already been sullied, no! I no longer dare to show my face in front of Lei Yu, I am not worthy of Lei Yu!” Fang Yi Ke’s eyes were wide open filled with fear that could not be eliminated. Lei Yu’s heart was almost shattered by her words. He wrapped his arms around little Ke with the torn up messy clothes, his heart filled with unbearable pain.

Waiting for little Ke to gradually calm down, Lei Yu took off his shirt off and draped it over her. Pulling out his cell phone, “Nuo Hu, I need you to come to my location right now, call Liu Hao as well but don’t disturb Ai Er, also don’t let Liu Hao contact Cui Ying Ying, my current location is…”

Lei Yu’s voice was very anxious, so Nuo Hu and Liu Hao did not dare to delay. Within ten minutes or so, they both arrived at the same time, and upon seeing the scene in front of them, they both sucked in a deep breath.

Lying on the ground were four people in black, and a partially unclothed middle-age man with a sunken chest. They noticed Fang Yi Ke sitting in a corner with dull unmoving eyes, tightly wrapping Lei Yu’s shirt in front of her chest.

“Little Yu, what… what is the meaning of this?”

“Master, what on earth happened?”


Lei Yu heavily slapped Liu Hao in the face, “How did you take little Ke home? She has been sullied! Why didn’t you escort her all the way to the front door?” Lei Yu’s anger made his breathing faster, this was the first time Lei Yu actually hit Liu Hao for real.

Covering his face, for a master to hit their disciple, naturally he could not say anything. But Liu Hao felt aggrieved; his tears could not help itself from dripping down. After hitting Liu Hao, Lei Yu also felt some regret.

“Master, I …… I did escort little Ke to her front door. Her house is not far from here, so I don’t know why she would come here.” Liu Hao explained.

“I’m sorry, I was too impulsive.” Lei Yu gradually calmed his emotions. “Big brother, can you help investigate and look around their bodies for their property? If my guess is correct, they are foreigners from the Kou country.”

Turning his head around, “Liu Hao, you contact your circle of friends, I think you as the son of the Governor should have some pull at the police station right? Let’s get some police raids in the surrounding areas under whatever pretense you want, see if anything suspicious crops up. But don’t disclose what happened here, it’s best that word about this doesn’t spread since I’m afraid little Ke won’t be able to handle it.

They all split up and started working; Nuo Hu searched the bodies for clues; Liu Hao started making calls; and Lei Yu went into the door that the four ninjas came out from.

The lighting inside the room was dim but there was a lot of s.p.a.ce here. Lei Yu couldn’t understand how such an alley only had one door? And such a big room had such a secretive door, if it weren’t for the four ninjas rushing out, Lei Yu would have had a difficult time finding the door.

In the middle of the room was a table surrounded by four chairs; playing cards were scattered on top of the table. Looks like the four ninjas were playing cards here to pa.s.s their time.

“Something’s not right.” Lei Yu suddenly turned around and saw a wooden crate in the corner of the room. The crate’s height was about two meters; the four sides were the same, about 1 meter wide. What could be inside the crate? In the entire room, there were only the crate, the table and the chairs… were the ninjas guarding the crate?

Filled with suspicion, Lei Yu walked towards the crate, lightly tapped it, and heard a faint hollow noise. Lei Yu thought this was weird, so relying on his strong wrist strength, he forcefully ripped apart pieces of the wooden crate and created an opening.

“Oh my G.o.d!” Lei Yu sucked in a deep breath, then called out: “Big brother, Liu Hao, come quickly!”

The two heard Lei Yu calling out and immediately rushed in. After seeing the scene in front of their eyes, they immediately froze. Liu Hao’s voice stammered a bit, “what… what… what is this thing?”

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