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Read Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2333 Seizing the Divine Rune

Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts is a web novel completed by 平凡魔术师, Ordinary Magician.
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Read WebNovel Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2333 Seizing the Divine Rune

Chapter 2333 Seizing the Divine Rune

Perhaps these old men had never encountered someone as formidable as Long Chen in their lives. Long Chen sent that old man flying back.

These old men had been looking down on them even though they recognized Dong Mingyu as the divine daughter. These were the wild fanatic Elders of the Killing G.o.d, and even if it was a divine daughter who blasphemed the G.o.d, they would still punish her.

However, these Elders were essentially cut off from everything happening in the outside world, with their only focus being waiting upon the Killing G.o.d. Hence, they hadn’t even paid any attention to Dong Mingyu’s betrayal of the Killing G.o.d.

In their eyes, Dong Mingyu was the child of the G.o.d, and after a lecture on her naughtiness, she would return to the righteous path of the G.o.d’s guidance. That was why their first thought upon seeing Dong Mingyu was that she had come to repent and cleanse herself of her sins in front of the Killing G.o.d.

Long Chen’s slap woke them up from that dream. Dong Mingyu hadn’t come to repent. She had even brought a fighter with her.

“If you don’t want to die, then scram to the side,” sneered Long Chen. These Elders were second step Netherpa.s.sage experts. Long Chen could essentially ignore them.

“This is a blasphemy against the G.o.d! You’ve insulted those who serve the G.o.d. You will-!”

Dong Mingyu waved her dagger, and those Elders were instantly killed even as they brandished their staves against them.

“I told you that they’re crazy. There’s no way to speak to them like normal people,” said Dong Mingyu. With her understanding of these Elders, she knew that there was no need to waste the effort of talking to them. Killing them was their only choice.

She walked over to the Killing G.o.d’s statue, circling around it as if looking for something.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen.

“Big sister Yueyan said that Enpuda has an extremely powerful set of techniques called the Heavenly Desolation Extinction Art. However, that technique was not in the inheritance I received. Big sister Yueyan said that my contributions to the Killing G.o.d weren’t great enough to receive it. Hence, I came to take it. Even big sister Yueyan thinks that it’s important, so I have to obtain it. Hehe, I’ve found it.” Suddenly, Dong Mingyu found a dark red speck of light on the Killing G.o.d’s forehead.

That speck of light was very well concealed. If she hadn’t pointed it out, Long Chen wouldn’t have noticed it.

However, following the first one, he suddenly realized that there were dozens of those red spots of light throughout the statue.

Dong Mingyu said that these specks represented one inheritance from the G.o.d. They were split into different grades. The initial grade could be obtained by anyone who had spent enough time in the Bloodkill Hall and done their work. Normally, around eighty years of service would automatically qualify someone for it, and there was no need to come here. Any of the statues in the other strongholds could borrow the power of this place to transmit that divine blessing.

The middle grade inheritances had a portion that required coming here to the main statue, but some of them could still be transmitted through the other strongholds. Most members of the Bloodkill Hall would never qualify for such a thing. It was usually just the hall masters who could receive such a thing.

As for the high grade inheritances, only the divine daughter was qualified. However, even she hadn’t received this inheritance, which meant it was of an even higher level, an apex inheritance.

Leng Yueyan had wanted to give her something in the Netherworld, but she was a divine daughter, and if she had transmitted anything to her, it would have silently invoked karma. However, she knew of Enpuda’s Heavenly Desolation Extinction Art and where she could find it herself.

“What are you supposed to do with this thing?” asked Long Chen.

“Big sister Yueyan said that the inheritance won’t be given to me, so I have to s.n.a.t.c.h it myself,” said Dong Mingyu.

“Can you do it?” asked Long Chen. This was a G.o.d’s inheritance. It could easily harm or even kill her.

“I definitely won’t be able to do it. But isn’t there still you?” Dong Mingyu giggled.

“Me? I don’t know anything about this.” Long Chen shook his head. He didn’t know anything about this inheritance.

“Here, you protect me from the back. Press your head against mine.” Dong Mingyu held his hand and he held her waist from behind. The two of them slowly rose into the air until they were on the same level as the Killing G.o.d’s head. Dong Mingyu pressed a finger against the red speck of light.

The two of their souls were connected by a bridge. G.o.d energy surged into Dong Mingyu’s head and also Long Chen’s head.

Long Chen’s head buzzed. He felt like he had entered another world. In this world, countless runes were flickering.

Every one of these runes was filled with G.o.d energy. He knew that they were inheritances. At the very top of these countless runes was a beautiful rune whose light eclipsed all the others.

“Big brother Long Chen, that’s the apex inheritance. I want it.” Dong Mingyu pointed.

“Alright. Since Leng Yueyan told us to come here, it should be possible. You should try it,” said Long Chen.

Dong Mingyu formed hand seals. Threads of G.o.d energy shot out of her and toward the rune. However, the rune incinerated her threads.

Those threads were G.o.d energy that belonged to the Killing G.o.d. But even that wasn’t enough to shake this rune.

“Again.” Long Chen sent his Spiritual Strength into her body, merging their powers. Together, they stretched toward the golden rune.

Just like last time, her G.o.d energy was incinerated. Long Chen also felt a burst of pain as if he had been burned.

“Did I give you too much face?” Long Chen snorted and his Spiritual Strength burst forth, forming its own net. “Get in here!”

Long Chen shouted and pulled with his Spiritual Strength. The giant rune began to shake and move toward them.

“It’s working!” Dong Mingyu was delighted, but her expression quickly changed. A sharp pain suddenly appeared in her soul.

As the rune got closer, a terrifying will also followed. Her soul was being shaken so badly that it felt like it would collapse.

Just that moment, the light from that rune erupted, and within the divine light appeared a pair of eyes. Dong Mingyu couldn’t help shuddering.

“Killing… G.o.d…”

Dong Mingyu’s voice quivered. Those were the eyes of the G.o.d staring at her. She was like a disciple who had committed a grave sin and was facing the worst punishment. She turned pale.

Long Chen also looked back at those eyes. He felt like needles were stabbing his soul, but he glared back.

He knew that these eyes weren’t looking at Dong Mingyu but at him. That sharp pain was a probe.

As the pain in his soul grew, the Divine Gate Star in his mind-sea began to quiver. Following that, the Nethergate Star also slowly lit up.

Suddenly, the eyes vanished, and the rune gave up on struggling. It instantly entered Dong Mingyu’s head.

Dong Mingyu and Long Chen opened their eyes. Long Chen saw that the red mark representing the inheritance had gone dim. Dong Mingyu’s face was filled with disbelief.

“How was it? Did it work?” asked Long Chen. He put a hand on her shoulder and investigated her body. He didn’t find anything off.

It seemed that the rune had given up on fighting and decided to merge into Dong Mingyu’s body, but he didn’t feel at ease about that.

“Big brother Long Chen, the Killing G.o.d gave me the Heavenly Desolation Extinction Art, and… he asked me not to destroy his inheritance. I…” Dong Mingyu had yet to recover from her disbelief. Just now, the rune had merged into her soul, but at the same time as she received the inheritance, she heard the Killing G.o.d’s voice: Please don’t destroy my inheritance.

The Killing G.o.d had not only forgiven her betrayal and given her the rune, but he was almost pleading with her not to destroy the Bloodkill Hall. This sudden change dumbfounded her.

Long Chen was frowning even more now. The Killing G.o.d had been probing him, but as soon as the Divine Gate Star and Nethergate Star had been provoked, he had immediately pulled back and given the rune to Dong Mingyu. What was that supposed to mean? Did he manage to test out Long Chen’s power? Or did he know something?

Dong Mingyu was delighted at obtaining the Heavenly Desolation Extinction Art. It was a truly terrifying divine art that didn’t disappoint her.

However, Long Chen was vaguely feeling uneasy, as if he had been schemed against. Did the Killing G.o.d know the secrets of the nine stars?

It had been a long time since he had heard the call of that mysterious voice. He felt some terrifying threat slowly getting closer.

This time, there was no need for that mysterious voice to warn him. He himself felt an unprecedented sense of urgency.

“Let’s go.” Long Chen walked out with Dong Mingyu. Zhong Ziyang and the others only watched as they left.

Long Chen and Dong Mingyu received some good news once they returned.


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