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Chapter 2584 One Punch One Kill

This bloodline sealing art of the Blood race was a divine ability hated by the human race. It was something that caused the circulation of their blood to become unsteady. Sometimes it would be fast, sometimes it would be slow. Without a strong enough Blood Qi, it might just stop flowing at all, and it gravely affected their fighting potential.

This technique had caused headaches in most recent skirmishes for the human race. Since it covered the world like a domain, there was no meaning in dodging.


That Blood race expert had expected Ling Weifeng to dodge and was preparing his next attack when he saw his technique easily envelop Ling Weifeng. After that, his Blood Qi exploded, and he let out a powerful punch.


Blood mist exploded, dyeing the sky red.

The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts let out startled cries. “He was killed?!”

“No, the one killed… was that Blood race expert.”

When the mist faded, it revealed Ling Weifeng, while his second opponent was gone.

“Is he not afraid of the Blood race’s bloodline sealing?”

“What terrifying power.”

The Martial Heaven Continent’s side was delighted to see this. Even an ordinary Dragonblood warrior was able to easily defeat the Blood race using one blow each.

“Is the Blood race only capable of bragging? Don’t they have any real ability?” asked Ling Weifeng disdainfully.


Another expert of the Blood race charged out, incredibly fast. He was an extremely large and powerful expert, clearly from a power-type branch of the Blood race. He immediately unleashed a fierce punch at Ling Weifeng.


This time, both sides were evenly matched and forced back a dozen steps each.

“The human race has nothing to be arrogant about. Try another punch!” Cheers burst out of the Blood race’s side, and their new challenger taunted Ling Weifeng, pouncing out once more.

Centipede-like patterns covered his entire body. At the same time, one of his arms suddenly swelled up and emitted golden light.

“I’ll smash you apart with a single punch.” The Blood race expert smiled sinisterly and unleashed his punch. Blinding light erupted.

At this moment, a dragon cry rang out, followed by exploding b.l.o.o.d.y mist. The Blood race expert’s arm was gone.

A ripple of b.l.o.o.d.y mist spread through. This fresh blood gave the sky a somewhat poignant look.

The dragon roar continued to hang in the air. Right now, Ling Weifeng’s body was covered in dragon scales. His manifestation was a flying dragon that emitted wild dragon pressure that caused the world to shake.

The dragon within his manifestation had multi-colored scales. The rainbow light was beautiful and harsh at the same time.

Everyone was startled, including the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts. “Wasn’t their dragon battle armor red before? What happened? Why is it rainbow-colored now?”

They had seen the Dragonblood warriors enter their Dragon Blood Battle Armor state multiple times, but this time it was different. It was beautiful, mighty, and tyrannical at the same time. The dragon behind him emitted a pressure that made them feel an unconscious reverence.

“The Dragonblood Legion’s power is completely ridiculous. Even an ordinary member is so powerful.” Although they all knew that the Dragonblood Legion was the continent’s number one legion, it was shocking to find that an ordinary warrior was so powerful.

“Hehe, if boss saw that our new dragon scale armor was so powerful, he would definitely be delighted,” said Li Qi.

“Exactly. I tried to go show him in the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, but he was too busy to see me. It’s a real shame,” sighed Guo Ran.

“You’re not mad at boss?” asked Gu Yang curiously.

“In this lifetime, I will never be mad at boss,” said Guo Ran.

“That’s admirable. You were able to survive seven days of torture. That’s practically a miracle,” said Gu Yang.

Amongst the ordinary Dragonblood warriors, even the strong ones had only lasted five days. But Guo Ran had endured for seven days.

That meant that Guo Ran actually had great perseverance and immense potential. Only after seven days had he reached the point that he couldn’t absorb any more essence blood.

“It’s thanks to Xia Chen’s act… Hm, but of course, it’s mainly due to my unyielding nature, hahaha!” Guo Ran laughed.

When Guo Ran realized that he had been tricked, he had almost died of vexation. He had cursed Xia Chen with his best curses, almost starting a fight with him.

Long Chen’s act had truly been good. Guo Ran had been the one encouraging Xia Chen to endure and last longer. Not only had he been forced to endure his own pain, but he had needed to encourage Xia Chen.

How could Guo Ran not be angry at such a trick? However, when he sensed the transformation of his body, his anger instantly vanished.

The current Guo Ran was now full of confidence for the future. His first thought had been to go thank Long Chen. Conveniently, he could also show off a bit of his new power. However, Long Chen had refused to see him, not realizing that Guo Ran hadn’t been wanting to complain or get revenge.

Not having a chance to show off to Long Chen, Guo Ran decided a small act for the Blood race was in order. Hence, he had led some of the Dragonblood Legion to the Yin Yang World, but he was disappointed that the Blood race didn’t meet his expectations.

A sword swung through, creating a whine in the air. Another expert of the Blood race was killed.

This was the twelfth expert that Ling Weifeng had killed. The first eight were not even qualified to make him take out his sword. As for the most recent one, he was truly powerful but had only lasted eight exchanges before dying.

An ordinary Dragonblood warrior had killed twelve of the Blood race’s experts. This fact made the Martial Heaven Continent’s side explode in cheers. In just a short time, millions of experts had gathered due to the disturbance. Youngsters and seniors mixed into the crowd and came to watch. Some leaders had also rushed over to allow their disciples, who had yet to even reach the Xiantian realm, to gain experience.

Witnessing a battle on this level was an experience that money couldn’t buy, and it could greatly affect a person. Even a casual blow from an expert had an immense depth to it. The Dragonblood Legion in particular was on the level of miracles. Being able to see their battle was practically these people’s greatest honor.

The transportation formations were limited to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s sects. Hence, smaller sects couldn’t directly come and were forced to use flying boats from the closest transportation formations that they could reach.

Because of it, Flying boats, war chariots, and Magical Beasts were rus.h.i.+ng over just to see the Dragonblood Legion fight off the experts from the Yin Yang World.

Every kill caused a chorus of cheers to erupt from the Martial Heaven Continent’s side, heating up their blood.

“Boss Guo Ran, Ling Weifeng must be tired. It’s time to switch,” said one Dragonblood warrior eagerly.

Guo Ran looked back at him contemptuously. “When you lie, try to have a conscience. Are you worried about him, or worried about yourself not getting to show off?”

Ling Weifeng’s spiritual yuan was still at maximum capacity. He was currently in his peak state.

Furthermore, the Dragonblood warriors had experienced hundreds of long battles. This was just the start.

“Boss Guo Ran, my thoughts are easily read by a wise, heroic man like you. I simply feel that all the benefits shouldn’t be taken by one person. You should spread your grace.” The Dragonblood warrior smiled charmingly.

“Give it up. Who told you to be so slow? Now you don’t get a chance. Aren’t I also bitterly enduring it? Who again sent out word of our challenge to the Blood race?” said Guo Ran.

“Fine, fine, you’re right.” The Dragonblood warrior could only retreat.

Guo Ran’s meaning was clear. This was his plot for showing off, and the important part was coming up. Did he think Guo Ran would give this opportunity to someone else?

Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan rolled their eyes at the same time.

However, they also knew that it was a good thing that Guo Ran was acting like this. He had been conned by Long Chen into a miserable torment for seven days. The reason that Xia Chen hadn’t come along this time around was precisely due to how ruthless this con had been. He still felt too embarra.s.sed. Although Guo Ran’s resentment had long since vanished, Xia Chen still felt guilty. In fact, this guilt only made Guo Ran feel awkward. However, they were all brothers, so this awkwardness would fade in a few days.

At this moment, Ling Weifeng had just killed another Blood race expert, who had endured a hundred blows before losing. His defeat had shocked the Blood race’s army, and a dozen of their experts had gone out to save him.

However, Ling Weifeng had killed him before they could arrive. The Martial Heaven Continent’s side exploded in a roar of cheers.

The Blood race’s side was shocked. It seemed that the one Ling Weifeng had just killed had an extremely high position amongst them.

“Kill him!”

The dozen Blood race experts were infuriated and charged forward, ignoring their previous agreement and using numbers.



“The Blood race really is tras.h.!.+” raged the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts.

“Wild Sky Twister!”

Ling Weifeng’s sword unleashed Sword Qi that filled the sky. In front of countless shocked gazes, those Blood race experts were cut into millions of pieces. Not even one of them survived.

However, the sky suddenly turned dark, and a giant hand slammed toward Ling Weifeng. The Heavenly Dao energy of this domain was forced out.

“It’s an expert on the level of a Sovereign sprout!”

Just as the giant hand was about to fall, a golden arrow flew through the air at it.


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