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Chapter 834

Qin Yun doesn’t want to attack because after he slaps Long Chuanwu, the Heavenly Dragon Sect people will most definitely flip out. However, him not attacking is same as him letting down his hand. Just earlier, his hand exerted all the power to obtain this opportunity.

“Motherf.u.c.ker! I will think about it after the beating!”

Qin Yun took a deep mouthful of breath, then waved his hand, promptly urging all kind of powers within his body to unleash the strongest Earthquake Divine Ability power.

“Hehehe, come, quickly hit me!” Long Chuanwu saw Qin Yun lifted up his hand, his face showed a prideful gloomy-cold expression.

“Brother Yun, don’t attack him, quickly desist!” Long Yucang shouted from the distance.

The arm Qin Yun raised also immediately suspended in the air. He turned his head to look at Long Yucang and asked : “Why?”

Long Yucang said with grave expression : “The protective cover around his body is called Body Protecting Dragon Handle.. it is very dreadful, reportedly, even Xuan tools would be severely damaged when used to attack. Moreover, Body Protecting Dragon Handle has a very special and strange properly, it can penetrate into flesh, blood and bones and rip apart flesh, blood, bones and veins. This is a supreme secret art within Heavenly Dragon Art!”

The people in this arena are all Long family people, hearing Long Yucang’s words, all of them are shocked without exception. They all heard the legend of Body Protecting Dragon Handle, according to rumor, if it is used by Immortals, it can even resist Immortal tools. All the Heavenly Dragon Sect’s people have proud smile of their faces because only they can cultivate such divine and formidable Body Protecting Dragon Handle.

“That underling, quickly attack!” that tall woman shouted.

“I won’t attack!” Qin Yun took a deep breath, retracted his power and lay down his hand.

Everyone immediately roared in laughter.

“The face was delivered to him but he still did not attack!”

“It is because of how dreadful Body Protecting Dragon Handle is! If he attacked, his hand would most likely be crippled!”

“As expected of a genius from Heavenly Dragon Sect. He mastered the core martial arts, this is might!”

Long family people in the scene are all praising one after another.

At this time, the tall woman walked over and said with sneer : “Whether or not you attack is not up to you! Chuanwu is upholding the bet, if you don’t attack then everyone will say that our Chuanwu is acting shamelessly!”

Soon many youngsters of Heavenly Dragon Sect walked over and surrounded Qin Yun.

“If you don’t attack, you are not allowed to leave!” the tall woman shouted in a cold voice filled with threat.

Everyone thinks that this is ridiculous because right now it is the Heavenly Dragon Sect people who are asking Qin Yun to beat up Long Chuanwu. Long Chuanwu is a Martial King, the Body Protecting Dragon Handle he unleashed can even damage Dao tools! The reason why Heavenly Dragon Sect people want Qin Yun to attack Long Chuanwu is to have his hand crippled. This way they can also show off Body Protecting Dragon Handle’s power to people.

“If I don’t attack, I won’t be allowed to leave? He is your fiance, you are telling me to beat up your fiance, this is not good!” Qin Yun said.

The tall woman said in cold voice : “Less nonsense, quickly attack! A lowly lackey like you will never be able to touch my Chuanwu’s handsome face!”

Qin Yun frowned, looked at Long Chuanwu who has pride written all over his face and asked : “Why did you not use Body Protecting Dragon Handle during arm wrestling? If you used it, you could have easily defeated me!”

Long Chuanwu said : “Because I wanted to compete you in an upright manner! If I used this ability, your hand would have been crippled, that kind of compet.i.tion is meaningless!”

His words are filled with devotion and righteousness that inspires reverence!

That tall woman said with smile : “As expected of my destined man, handling matters in such upright and straightforward way! If he wins, he wins in an upright manner! If he loses, he fulfills the condition!”

“Therefore, go ahead and slap him! If you say another word, I will kill you!”

Qin Yun took a deep breath, raising his hand, again urging all the power in his body. This time Ling Yuner also used Nether Sun’s power. When everyone saw Qin Yun is about to attack, they all stood up. They are seriously looking at Long Chuanwu’s face, they want to see it clearly whether or not Qin Yun’s hand would dissolve after attacking.

“I am attacking!” Qin Yun shouted and then sent a palm attack forward. Qin Yun’s palm landed on Long Chuanwu’s face and immediately the entire stage started shaking.


Trembling sound brought together vibration, violent black thunder exploded out, turbulent air wave swept out! The momentum overflew the sky, accompanying a billowing gale, shaking everyone present! Long Chuanwu screamed in pain, hit by that incomparably violent power, he looked like he was shot by a catapult. He collided with the audience seats and created a large hole.

“Chuanwu!” the tall woman immediately shouted loudly, her voice is filled with anger and heartache. She cast an angry glance at Qin Yun.

“It is you who forced me to hit him!” Qin Yun said with face filled with helplessness.

The spectators want to laugh but they dare not. Long Yucang also wants to laugh out loudly but he restrained himself, otherwise he would be beaten up by the tall woman. Everyone can see that this woman is very unreasonable. The tall woman really forced Qin Yun to hit her fiance even though Qin Yun did not want to. And now, Long Chuanwu has been sent flying with one hit. A few Heavenly Dragon Sect middle aged man promptly flew over and helped Long Chuanwu. Seeing the half dead Long Chuanwu, everyone’s spirit is shaken.

Long Chuanwu, who was just recently a handsome and callous man, many woman would just go crazy looking at his handsome face, his face has become swollen from beating, his jaw also has become crooked. Now, his eyes look like he is seeing stars, in a half conscious state. A handsome youth changed beyond recognition from beating. Long Yucang who is suppressing his laughter, saw how tragic Long Chuanwu’s face has become and wanted to laugh even more. But he held back. Holding back laughter is quite difficult to bear, he who is already injured, coughed out some blood and suffered internal injury.

“Chuanwu, how are you?” that tall woman yelled in heartache.

Qin Yun also wanted to take this opportunity to slip away but he was caught by the tall woman.

“What do you want? You also want to arm wrestle with me? You play, I won’t!” Qin Yun promptly said.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I let you injure Chuanwu!” that tall woman furiously shouted, burst of cold air wave rushed out of her body and the temperature all around dropped down. She started attacking Qin Yun with both of her fists.

Qin Yun really did not expect this woman to be so terrifying, she seems like a late stage Martial King, one stage above Long Chuanwu.

“Are all the Immortal Desolate people this kind of freak?” Qin Yun cursed his heart while continuously evading. While evading, Qin Yun suddenly discovered that very powerful ice lock appeared on his legs, making him unable to move.


That tall woman’s fist landed heavily on Qin Yun’s face. Soon a series of ice-cold fist attacks landed on Qin Yun. Qin Yun is peak Xuan Martial Realm, he merely has the power to resist, facing an Immortal Desolate late stage Martial King, he is completely unable to defeat them. Merely in a few blink of an eye, Qin Yun was. .h.i.t by a few hundred fist attacks from the tall woman, he has b.l.o.o.d.y nose and swollen face.

“Dog lackey, I will beat you to a eunuch!” the tall woman furiously shouted, her lily-white hand moved towards the area between Qin Yun’s legs.

Qin Yun’s hands are now bound by ice locks, it is hard to budge, seeing that tall woman’s hand almost grabbing his peach, a series of curses rang in his heart “f.u.c.k… f.u.c.k.. f.u.c.k your wh.o.r.e mother….”

Just when the tall woman’s jade like palm was trying to pull away, Qin Yun’s thighs unexpectedly started pressing it from both sides.. pressing in… pressing in….

All the people watching this scene became completely stunned! That tall woman is actually squeezing a man’s peach in front of so many people!

That tall woman also became stunned, she thought Qin Yun no longer has any power after the beating and she could turn him into a eunuch with her hand. She did not expect that Qin Yun’s thighs would be so powerful, they are actually firmly locking in her hand! Incomparable shame and anger rose into the tall woman’s heart and her face became beet red. She tried to pull away her hand a few times, which caused her to feel endlessly regretful because she ended up touching some embarra.s.sing things! All the people watching are completely dumbfounded, this high and lofty woman is actually committing some very crude and vulgar act in public!

“Augghhh…..” Qin Yun looked stunned and then let out a loud sharp scream.

“OHHH HEAVENS…. I protected my virginity for more than 20 years in vain, today a female gangster disgraced me in public! Someone quickly come, someone is taking advantage of an innocent young master….” Qin Yun is shouting loudly as if his heart tearing and lung rending.

The tall woman’s beautiful face became completely red. Shame and anger is written all over her face. She is unceasingly stamping her foot, she feels stupid by just listening to Qin Yun’s words.

“d.a.m.n you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” the tall woman kicked Qin Yun vigorously, finally sending him flying, she really wishes that she could cut off her own arm.

“Even though I am a follower, I still have sense of dignity! You are a woman but you did something so shameless, you have not a bit of sense of shame and honor in your heart!” after being kicked, Qin Yun vomited a mouthful of blood and started cursing loudly.

“You… you.. you.. I .. I want to kill you!” that tall woman flew into rage, took out a sword and rushed forward.

The Heavenly Dragon Sect people did not stop her because they have no idea what is going on anymore.

“Quickly come and kill me! I also don’t want to live anymore!” Qin Yun looks like he has no desire to live and said : “You touched me, I am yours anyways, you want to kill me or extort me, do as you want!”

That woman’s sword stab already arrived but it stopped above Qin Yun’s forehead. Glittering like snow and frost, the sword trembled, accompanying incomparable fury. Long Yucang is also secretly praising Qin Yun, he can actually be so lowly to the point that the woman can’t even do anything to him in shame.

“You… you just wait for me!” the tall woman said while gnashing her teeth, then stamped her feet and quickly flew away, she did not even look at her fiance Long Chuanwu. She only feels that she has lost the greatest amount of face today. She has gathered up too much anger and must go and calm herself.

5th uncle helped Qin Yun to stand up, his face is filled with admiration.

“Aiii… my clear reputation has been tarnished in one day!” Qin Yun’s face is showing a lamenting expression that makes people feel that they want to beat him up.

5th uncle left with the injured Qin Yun and Long Yucang. The spectators also dispersed, they truly did not expect Long Yucang’s follower to be so outrageous, even so strong. Not to mention slapping Long Chuanwu, he even took care of his fiancee…

Everyone wants to see what would Long Chuanwu’s reaction be after he wakes up and finds out that his fiancee took liberties with a lackey in broad daylight. They wonder whether or not he would want to kill the lackey.


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