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Chapter 402: The Heavenly Purple Lattice

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The supreme-grade flying boat Ultimate Cloud Auger was a must-get item too!

He had to get the level-seven immortal spiritual Pengyue Immortal Fruit because it could be used to refine the Yi King Elixir.

The Saber Dao Single Gleam Heaven would be useful to him too!

Di Jiu was dumbstruck after looking at the items being auctioned. He started to wonder if he was a country pumpkin, as everything seemed extremely useful to him.

There were too many things that he wanted to get at the auction. However, it was fine if he could not get those things. After all, he wondered if he would be able to make it out of the city alive if he bid on too many items.

Di Jiu wanted to enter reclusive cultivation for a month initially, but he abandoned that plan completely.

He had to make some preparations, or he would not be able to leave the Gigantic Tripod Liberal Immortal City alive.

Although one could buy anything one wished in the Gigantic Tripod Liberal Immortal City by using freedom points, this did not mean that he could take the items with him. The laws and equality of the Gigantic Tripod Liberal Immortal City were a joke to Di Jiu.

Di Jiu went to the auction venue to purchase a ticket. At first, he wanted to buy a normal ticket, but then he decided to get a room ticket instead.

The preparation time for this auction was very long and the venue was huge. In fact, the objective of the auction was to make money. Therefore, Di Jiu was still able to get a room ticket, although he arrived rather late.

However, the price was too intimidating. An ordinary room cost 1,000 to 2,000 freedom points, while slightly better rooms cost 5,000 freedom points or even 10,000 freedom points.

Di Jiu purchased a room ticket that cost 5,000 freedom points and was a second-cla.s.s room on the second floor.

After purchasing the ticket, Di Jiu spent two days walking around the Gigantic Tripod Liberal Immortal City, bought a huge amount of materials for setting up the immortal arrays and left the city.

He had spent 30 million freedom points to purchase the materials to set up the Teleportation Array even before the auction had started.

Di Jiu knew that his cultivation experience was miserably low. In a place full of top-notch experts, a Grand Zenith Immortal like him was considered a weakling.

The Spiritual Force escape technique was his only skill worth mentioning. Thanks to the sixth-stage Immortal Force, once he unleashed the Spiritual Force escape technique, even an Immortal King would not be able to catch up with him. Even ordinary early-stage Immortal Supremacies may not be able to defeat him when it came to speed.

Di Jiu was well aware of the fact that the auction would not showcase many quality items or be so large-scale if the early-stage Immortal Supremacies were the only ones coming.

Top-notch Immortal Emperors would definitely be present, and Di Jiu had to ensure that he could escape from them.

He needed an elixir to boost his cultivation experience. As a first-stage Grand Zenith Immortal, he would not be able to compete against an Immortal Supremacy, no matter how much his cultivation experience increased. The most he could do was be on par with an Immortal King.

Such elixirs did not have much of an effect on Di Jiu. Thus, he prepared it for emergencies.

The only weapon he could use against others was his array formations. With the help of the Ninth Dao law, he was now a level-eight Immortal Array Supremacy. He would have to be r.e.t.a.r.ded not to depend on his strength and compete with others using his cultivation experience.

The Gigantic Tripod Liberal Immortal City was full of people while Di Jiu stood at the city gate. He left the city quickly after confirming that his Spiritual Force could locate the position of the void.

After taking ten breaths, Di Jiu arrived at the spot in the void that he had his eyes on.

This position was the greatest distance he could reach after using the Spiritual Force escape technique at the gate of the Gigantic Tripod Immortal City. This was also the first Void Teleportation Array created by Di Jiu.

Once he was haunted by the Immortal Emperors, he would not be able to escape with the help of the Spiritual Force escape technique alone. Thus, he planned to use the Spiritual Force escape technique to escape to this place and then teleport using the Teleportation Array.

Two days later, Di Jiu set up a level-eight Teleportation Array in this place.

Teleportation arrays of the same level might teleport people across a different distance. The distance was dependent on the array master who set up the array and the grade of the materials used.

The higher the grade of the materials used, the greater the distance one could travel. However, the materials used to set up the teleportation were far more expensive than those used for blacksmithing.

Although Di Jiu had spent 30 million freedom points on different types of materials, the things he had purchased were not considered the best for teleportation arrays.

In order to facilitate his escape, the Teleportation Array built by Di Jiu, which could be activated by his breath, was hidden in the void. Once he entered the Teleportation Array, it would be activated automatically and teleport him away. These techniques were employed to make his escape easier. However, they also revealed the power of an array master.

The second point of the Teleportation Array had been selected when Di Jiu had discovered it after using the Spiritual Force escape technique for a long time. It was also the furthest point that Di Jiu could reach.

The second point was activated using his breath too, and the third point…

Di Jiu valued his life very much, so he had set up five teleportation points in the void. The fifth point was the final point, and the other four were meant to send him to the other points. He would use the Spiritual Force escape technique or the Flying Dharma Treasure after he exited the fifth teleportation point.

Judging from the speed of his Spiritual Force escape technique, teleporting four times would be akin to using it for two consecutive days. Di Jiu believed that even the Immortal Emperors would not be able to catch him if he escaped for two days using the Spiritual Force escape technique.

Di Jiu spent two full weeks setting up the Teleportation Arrays. Half a month later, he finally returned to the Gigantic Tripod Liberal City and went to the Eternal Moon Building.

Not only did the Eternal Moon Building have all kinds of top-notch immortal spiritual herbs, but it also offered a plethora of high-grade elixirs. The main immortal spiritual herb Di Jiu wanted to purchase was the Heavenly Purple Lattice, a sixth-grade immortal spiritual herb.

The Meridian Rupturing Elixir was a sixth-grade immortal elixir that had a one-time effect in boosting cultivation levels. This elixir helped increase the cultivator’s cultivation experience in a very short time by tearing their meridian. Such elixirs had huge side effects, so the cultivator’s body and meridians could break after one use.

The Meridian Rupturing Elixir was available in the Eternal Moon Inn and the price was affordable for Di Jiu, as each elixir only cost 500 freedom points. Di Jiu did not buy the Meridian Rupturing Elixir, but the Heavenly Purple Lattice was among the level-six herbs he had purchased.

Without the Ninth Dao law, Di Jiu would have just purchased one Meridian Rupturing Elixir. Now that he had the Ninth Dao law, he was confident that he could level up from a grade-five to a grade-six Immortal Pill Master within ten days.

Di Jiu could refine his own Meridian Rupturing Elixir once he became a grade-six Immortal Pill Master.

Di Jiu believed that the Meridian Rupturing Elixir he refined would be much more effective than those sold in the elixir buildings, even though he did not have a cauldron.

The side effects of the Meridian Rupturing Elixir were too severe, so Di Jiu had to be careful even though he had the Starry Sky Meridian and a very condensed Spiritual Sea. It was best for him to refine such elixirs by himself than buy them.

As the auction approached, the Gigantic Tripod Liberal Immortal City was packed with more and more cultivators. During the last few days, even inns with low price-performance ratio, like the Blue Immortal Inn Di Jiu was staying at, were full.

Di Jiu did not leave the Blue Immortal Inn after he returned to the city. His calculations were correct, so he managed to become a grade-six immortal pill master in eight days without using a cauldron.

Di Jiu’s Luminous Starry Sky was a level-eight immortal flame that managed to attain a whole new level with the help of the Ninth Dao Law. As long as his cultivation experience and Spiritual Force could catch up, Di Jiu’s Elixir Dao, Array Dao, and weapon Dao would not lag behind in the future.

After becoming a grade-six immortal pill master, Di Jiu refined a cauldron full of the Clear Drizzle Pill, a type of grade-six healing elixir, before taking out the immortal spirit herb used for making the Meridian Rupturing Elixir.

The main immortal spirit herb required to make the Meridian Rupturing Elixir was the Heavenly Purple Lattice, which was not extremely rare or that difficult to purify.

It took Di Jiu merely half an hour to purify the Heavenly Purple Lattice. However, he faintly felt that the Heavenly Purple Lattice had a unique aura while he was throwing the impurities away.

Based on Di Jiu’s experience, the Heavenly Purple Lattice was odd. After all, even though every immortal spirit herb had a main order within it, it should not be conflicting with the aura of the rest of the orders.

After one hour, Di Jiu refined a cauldron full of Meridian Rupturing Elixirs with seven pill inscriptions.

The elixirs with the seven pill inscriptions were sufficient for Di Jiu, so he did not refine more of them. Instead, he took out a Heavenly Purple Lattice again to see what the mismatching aura was.

Di Jiu believed that he would not be able to identify the unique aura radiating from the Heavenly Purple Lattice if he did not have the Ninth Dao law. Since he had noticed this, he had to check it out and find out the reason behind it.

The Heavenly Purple Lattice was purified in the cauldron before it broke down very quickly under the Luminous Starry Sky, a level-eight immortal flame. Di Jiu felt the special aura once again and realized that the aura was not due to the medicinal liquid or the impurities of the Heavenly Purple Lattice.

Just as Di Jiu was about to extract the aura from the Heavenly Purple Lattice, the medicinal liquid in the cauldron dispersed and all its medicinal properties, including the aura, disappeared into thin air. He had actually failed to refine the Heavenly Purple Lattice.


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