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Read Ninth In The World Chapter 658 – Lightning’s Powerful Origins

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Chapter 658: Lightning’s Powerful Origins

The yellow-haired woman glanced at Di Jiu and said calmly, “It’s no use even if you know because you can’t go there. Back then, if Senior Ye had not smashed the barrier and found that place, the Clan Leader of the Phoenix Clan would have been unable to go there too.”

Since the yellow-haired woman was unwilling to tell him, Di Jiu could not do anything about it. He would ask Xu Xun and maybe he would find out.

“Also, you better put away this beast companion of yours. Otherwise, you will cause more trouble. If possible, I suggest you leave the Void City and go somewhere far away. If you don’t, you will draw the top-notch experts of the Demon Clan or even other clans.” The yellow-haired woman pointed at Lightning.

Di Jiu was about to ask about Lightning’s background when he hurriedly asked, “Senior, where did my beast companion originate from?”

The yellow-haired woman looked at Di Jiu in shock. She pointed to Lightning and asked, “You don’t know its origin?”

Di Jiu answered in embarra.s.sment, “Senior, I really don’t know.”

The yellow-haired woman stroked her forehead and replied, “You should know about the Kun Peng[1], right?”

Di Jiu nodded. “I know about it.”

He did not mean that he really had met the Kun Peng. If his memory served him, according to Zhuangzi’s[2] Free and Easy Wandering, the Kun Peng originated from the North. It was described as a fish in the North called the Kun. The Kun was as big as a few hundred kilometers that transformed into a bird called the Peng. The back of the Peng was a few hundred kilometers. Amid its flying rage, its wings were like clouds draping over Heaven…

However, Lightning was worlds apart from the Kun Peng. Di Jiu would not believe that Lightning was a Kun Peng because of their huge difference in appearance.

Di Jiu had not expected the yellow-haired woman to continue. “Actually, your beast companion should be a blooded descendant of the Kun Peng…”

Without hesitation, Di Jiu said, “This is definitely impossible.”

He knew better than anyone where Lightning had come from. It had lived in an egg of a Rainbow-Winged Lightning Worm. Would the Kun Peng lay its egg inside a worm?

The yellow-haired woman, who did not mind Di Jiu’s words, said, “I believe I am right. The Kun Peng Clan is extremely hidden and does not prosper much. They rarely appear in the human world. However, they will stir the universe once each of them appears, causing the universe to lose its balance. Perhaps, you might not know the characteristics of the Kun Peng Clan. They consider their bloodline more important than anything else, even more important than their lives.

Therefore, the Kun Peng Clan’s marriages are decided within their own species and they will not marry outside their species. However, given the big number of their offspring, there can eventually be an exception. Once the offspring of the Kun Peng Clan marry someone outside their species, they are killed immediately without exception. Not only must they kill the Kun Peng offspring that marry outside their species, but they also do not allow their descendants to be born…”

After hearing this, Di Jiu seemed to somewhat understand. He glanced at Lightning. He had not expected its origin to be so terrifying.

The yellow-haired woman looked at Di Jiu and said calmly, “Once the descendants of the Kun Peng Clan marry outside their species and have their own bloodline descendants, they will not wait until the Kun Peng Clan comes to kill them. They will take the initiative to leave their blooded descendants within the body of other demon beasts. There are two necessary conditions for this. First, the demon beast they leave it with must not have very high intelligence. Second, the egg produced by this demon beast must be similar to the egg of the Kun Peng.”

Then, the yellow-haired woman pointed at Lightning and said, “Since there is a bolt of lightning on your beast companion’s head, it is clear that it was left inside the body of a thunder faculty demon beast. More importantly, even though this beast companion originates from a Kun Peng descendant, its bloodline has surpa.s.sed the bloodline of the Kun Peng. As a result, it evolved into having seven claws while the Kun Peng only has five claws. To be exact, your beast companion is a divine beast mutated from the Kun Peng, which is very impressive.”

Di Jiu gasped, as he had not expected Lightning to have such a powerful origin. It was a descendant of the Kun Peng!

The yellow-haired woman did not carry on. Instead, she stared at Di Jiu. “The bloodline of the Phoenix Clan is n.o.ble and not any weaker than the Kun Peng. The Demon Clan has all kinds of chaotic bloodlines now, so they cannot have the most top-notch experts. Do you think you will be safe in the Void City? If you encounter a Kun Peng Clan expert, you will die without a doubt. Fortunately, the few experts in the Kun Peng Clan rarely appear and they have not been to the Void City. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Di Jiu bowed. “Senior, thank you for your guidance. May I ask how many Dao Integration experts there are in the Demon Clan?”

The yellow-haired woman frowned. “There are at least three Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors in the Demon Clan but no Dao Integration experts. Even if they existed, they wouldn’t stay in this void. They would have gone to Heaven’s Beyond.”

In her opinion, there was no need for a Dao Integration expert to deal with Di Jiu. If she had not come, Qi Lai could have easily killed him.

Di Jiu wanted to say something again, but the yellow-haired woman gestured with her hands. “I’ve said my part, so it’s up to you to listen. I’m leaving.”

She did not wait for Di Jiu to answer. She immediately stepped out of his cave abode. If it was not for Senior Ye, she would not have bothered telling Di Jiu so much.

Ding Chi sighed and said, “There aren’t any Dao Integration experts here. I’m afraid that, except for that Dao fruit garden, they are inferior to the Dao World. At least in our world, we can occasionally hear about the presence of Dao Integration experts.”

Di Jiu could also sense that this place was nothing much. Even though he had heard of the Sacred Dao World more than once, he had vaguely guessed that the realm of the Sacred Dao World would be similar to the Dao World at most. It would definitely not be superior to the Dao World.

“We don’t have to bother so much. I need to enter seclusion for some time. If you are free, go out and see whether there are any good stores in the Void City. After I come out of seclusion, I will open an Alchemy and Weapon Pavilion. As for you, Lightning, don’t come out.” Since he had made a trip to the Void City after so much difficulty, Di Jiu naturally wanted to make some money.

He had obtained a few supreme-grade Dao meridians from Jiang Dai and 100 million high-grade divine crystals from the Surplus Ocean Elixir Dispensary’s Ang Yuan. These things looked like a lot but could not last very long during his cultivation.

After Di Jiu set up the inn cave abode’s restrictions again, he started to enter seclusion to stabilize his cultivation. It was not appropriate for him to use the Dao meridians here. Fortunately, the Divine Spirit Qi was rich there, so he took out a pile of divine crystals. Even though his cultivation progress was a bit slow, it was gradually rising.

After Ding Chi reached the Dao Transformation, his cultivation would not rise anytime soon. He was different from Di Jiu, as he did not cultivate the Nomological Dao. If his cultivation rose too quickly in a short time, it would mean that there were problems with his foundation.

While Di Jiu went into seclusion and stabilized his cultivation, Ding Chi planned to do what Di Jiu had said. He would wander around the Void City and ask around if there was a store to rent.

As soon as Ding Chi walked out of the inn, he saw Xu Xun standing outside. At the same time, Xu Xun also saw Ding Chi.

“Where’s your partner? I have some matters to discuss with him,” Xu Xun said hurriedly.

“What’s the matter?” Ding Chi looked at Xu Xun cautiously. When the Demon Clan’s expert had come earlier, Xu Xun had been the first to escape. It was obvious that this fellow was not friends with them.

“He he…” Xu Xun chuckled. “You guys came here for the Dao Fruit PaG.o.da that will be held in a few years, right? There are Dao fruits everywhere in the Dao Fruit PaG.o.da. Once you enter that place, I a.s.sure you that you will obtain a pile of Dao fruits.”

“How do we go in?” Ding Chi’s curiosity was aroused immediately.

Xu Xun answered in a low voice, “Since Senior Tang came, there should be no problem if you guys stay in the Void City temporarily. Brother Di’s strength is probably unusual. If he can barge into the Divine Dao Roll, he can enter the Dao Fruit PaG.o.da.”

“The Divine Dao Roll?” While Ding Chi was questioning him, a mournful scream was heard. Then, a middle-aged woman was sent flying over and hit the inn restriction beside Ding Chi, causing it to rock.

“It’s you?” Ding Chi recognized the middle-aged woman. Previously, Di Jiu had told him that she had sent a voice transmission with kind intentions. She was probably worried about them being deceived by the people of the Demon Clan. Technically, she should be very cautious. Why had she been wounded on the streets?

[1] The Kun Peng is a mythical beast in ancient Chinese legends. Kun refers to a big fish living in the Northern Sea that can transform into a bird called Peng.

[2] Zhuangzi was a Chinese philosopher during the Warring States’ period.


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